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Chloe Grace Moretz

'Hugo's' Poor Ticket Sales

Cost Her Money!

2/11/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you didn't go see "Hugo" in the theaters this holiday season, congratulations ... you took money right out of the pocket of the adorable Chloë Grace Moretz ... at least according to the details of her contract.

According to Chloë's minors contract for the movie "Hugo," her deal for the flick was filled with all sorts of different incentives. In addition to getting paid a $225,000 base salary, she would have gotten $25,000 if she had been nominated for a Golden Globe or Oscar (she was not) and $25k and $50k respectively had she won. 

In addition, Chloë's contract calls for her to get a $25,000 bonus if the movie makes between $150 and $225 million domestically ... and $50,000 if it tops $250 million.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has only made $61 mil so far.

With five movies listed as either in, pre, or post-production ... Chloë should be just fine. 


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That's a really crappy contract.

oh and First.

983 days ago


What a horrible contract. A measely $50k for hundreds of millions in additional revenue? She should forever reject any similar contracts in the future. What an outrage.

983 days ago


Chloe is also the subject of a blind item that says she is already drinking and possibly drugging it up, so get used to seeing her on TMZ.

983 days ago


uh this title is misleading.she didnt lose money from her pocket.she just didnt get the bonus's tmz needs to quit trying to make a story when there isnt one.

983 days ago


Yo Phreaky, she's not the subject of anything. That's nothing more than internet imbeciles throwing her name out in a comment section and people like you running with it as if it's some sort of fact. Quit peddling garbage.

983 days ago

Honey Badger Don't Care    

Chloë Grace Moretz is a phenomenal actress! This talented girl is going to be around for a long time. Check her out in "Let Me In" and "Kick Ass"... both great movies.
This Honey Badger is a big fan of Chloë Moretz.

983 days ago


she has a reese witherspoon chin

983 days ago


I am surprised that she has such a low base salary.

983 days ago


Sounds like Chloe needs to find a new agent and maybe act her age and not worry about money right now.

983 days ago


The contract wasn't great, but when you're offered a Scorsese movie you don't say no, especially if you are a young emerging actress.

983 days ago

Josh Alpert    

Joke's on whoever spent the millions to make HUGO. Apparently, Chloe is a shoe-in for best actress in HICK.
(Along with up-and-comer Eddie Redmayne.)
The rotten tomatoes "want to see" for HICK is 98%.
(Sucks cause it ain't coming out til spring.)
I heard this film puts SHAME to shame in terms of controversy.
(Not to mention Blake Lively as a hot con-artist.)
I don't know about you, but count me in!
Word on the street is that Miss Moretz also just landed the lead role in BABYFACE, a shoot'em up with a not-to-be-mentioned ubercool English director.
Yeah, I'm sure she'll be fine...
Although, it's true, maybe she should fire her manager.
(And make a 3 pic deal with the Weinstein Company.)

983 days ago


Sorry I saw the previews and it just did not interest me.

983 days ago

Chloe Lover    

Awwwwwwwww i really really wanted to see it but couldnt because of being sooo busy because she made me want to make an acting career myself and i feel bad now:( love you Chloè Grace Moretz 😊

981 days ago


Except you haven't seen it. And it's rad.

I live in Toronto. I saw it. (HICK) With 5 of my friends. Maybe because we aren't old farts we didn't hate it.

There were 3 of us that liked it better than anything else there. And, just so you know, all the girls were crying at the end of the movie. Chloe is amazing. Blake is hot and really good in it. None of us had ever seen of or even heard of Eddie Redmayne, but 2 of the girls went back to see it, just to see him.
(Because I guess now they're in love with him.)

Trust me, you gotta see it. Also, there's this scene in it with some guy in a white suit that is like completely insane. I still think about it and start laughing.

Maybe you're right and the Oscar crowd will be too fuddy-duddy to get it. I mean, they are an old bunch. But I'm telling you, it's gonna ruffle feathers. Believe dat.

980 days ago


Do you know Ingrid K. by any chance? Just curious.

979 days ago
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