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Gayle King

Victorious in Matchmaker Lawsuit

2/11/2012 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gayle King no longer has to worry about that pesky matchmaker lawsuit -- because a judge in California agreed with her side of things ... and tossed the lawsuit out. 

As TMZ first reported, King was sued last year by a matchmaker named Orly Hadida, who claimed she rendered her services to King for free in exchange for an appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show (which never happened). 

But King fought back, claiming California law states that oral contracts -- which is what Orly claims they had -- involving "dating services" are void and unenforceable.

A judge agreed, ruling earlier this month in King's favor and dismissing Hadida's lawsuit.

Just in time for Valentine's Day ...


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Real classy there Gayle! Nice for people to know your word means NOTHING!

948 days ago


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nusox n draws    

baby please buy a girdle

948 days ago


no talent parasite...if not for oprah we would have no idea who she is...

948 days ago


Of course it's no surprise that the California celebrity courts ruled in Gayle's favour, that's a given. What's disgusting is that the bitch outright lied to get a freebee. Now don't get too excite and think that if you're in California you can promise someone anything and they can't sue you... that only applies to celebrities. Don't bring up the Galye situation--the judge will just charge you with contempt, as if you shouldn't have contempt for the Californian judicial system.

948 days ago



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948 days ago

who cares    

This Orly lady is nothing more then a fraud She was sued and lost 2 million dollars after having a 60 year ol;d widow lady pay her $150.000 in dating service fees to meet a billionare. When she went on her date she met a retired firefighter who also paid a fee to meet a middle aged woman

948 days ago


Being Oprah's "best friend" for years, she picked up tips on how to screw people and get away with it. It has the ring of truth to it. Gayle no doubt did just that. I never did like her or Oprah anyway. Oprah thought she knew EVERYTHING and all her sheeple that followed her and practically had convulsions on her giveway days made me want to puke.
Gayle has ruined CBS now that she is on the morning show. She cusses way too much for morning tv. At least she doesn't tell people what to read, what to wear, what to buy like Oprah did.

948 days ago


So, an oral agreement for dating services doesn't hold up in court, but an oral agreement for film service, a la Kim Bassinger, does. Remember the case where a film maker sued and won against Kim Bassinger because she off handedly agreed, during a social gathering, to work with him on his latest film. I believe he got $1M outta Kim. But Gayle King? Her BFF is Oprah and they are untouchable. I would imagine Gayle knew exactly what she was doing and what CA law stated when she made the verbal agreement in the first place. Goes right along with Oprah expecting free gifts from expensive clothing, shoe, purse, etc lines and throwing lavish parties for herself and expecting expensive gifts from attendees. Reprehensible!!!

948 days ago


So Gayle is a pimp,like Sarah Ferguson.

948 days ago


Who wants to date this b now, raise your hands. *crick* *crick*

948 days ago
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