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Katy & Russell

No Prenup, No Regrets

2/11/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry and Russell Brand never entertained the idea of signing a prenup
Katy Perry
and Russell Brand never entertained the idea of signing a prenup -- and if they could do it all over again ... they wouldn't have changed a thing, sources close to the couple tell TMZ.

According to sources, Katy and Russell's marriage happened so fast, they never really had the opportunity to summon their lawyers and hash out a prenup ... nor did either really believe they needed one.

We’re told both felt comfortable one wouldn’t screw the other in the event of a divorce -- they both knew where the other person stood on money, life, religion ... everything.

TMZ broke the story ... Russell refused to accept $20 million of Katy's money he was entitled to as part of the divorce -- exactly half the money she made during the course of their marriage.

Sources tell us, Russell was never a materialistic person and never spent much -- he never got into entertainment for the money.

As one source put it, "Russell is a very simple person who doesn’t need much to make him happy."

The source adds, “He would never take money that [Katy] earned. That’s not Russell. And if it was the other way around, Katy wouldn’t have taken it either. They respect each other too much."

Where is Hollywood and what have you done with it?!?!


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that's actually pretty amazing. shouldn't be, but it is.

948 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

I think it was just one big publicity stunt and it worked for both of them

948 days ago


I remember that Deryck Whibley not "refused to accept millions" from Lavigne and everybody sad "everybody would not"

948 days ago


He's acting on a noble whim. He'll regret not taking the money when she does something that really pisses him off.

948 days ago


Russell is a multi-millionaire in his own right! Yes, right now, Katy is making more, but you've got to stop running these stories where you make him sound like he was making 30k a year or something and hit the jackpot by marrying her. That's more of the situation with Julia Roberts and her husband or Matt Damon and his wife, NOT Katy and Russell.

948 days ago

nusox n draws    

gimme dat

948 days ago


Russell has a few movies about to come out like "Rock of Ages" with Tom Cruise. He'd going to be the host of a talk show on FX Network.

He might be in a big budget movie playing "Worzel Gummidge" soon. That's a leading role where he gets top billing on the movie poster as well as a really big paycheck.

Russell might have about $10 million or so in the bank now. He's going to be just fine financially. Katy and Russell both will continue to be big stars.

Katy is probably going to be shining a good bit brighter though. I bet Katy might be a superstar like Madonna for another 20+ years. She's a fantastic musician. If she can continue to make the magic hit songs in the studio she'll do it.

She might be doing a bunch of TV shows and movies before long too. Maybe she'll be a guest star on the hit show "New Girl" playing Zooey Deschanel's sister since they look a lot alike.

948 days ago


Jim in Cali, you're a complete idiot. This isn't some other century where marriages are arranged. Moron. Your comment is ridiculous. They're actually normal people who got married too fast and have enough common sense to recognize that and not screw up the other person by taking money that while legally theirs to take, wasn't the right thing to take. To Russell Brand in particular, who made less during the marriage: winning.

948 days ago

Sam Karr    

Who gives a flying f*#k?? Her music sucks, his movies suck, so why should their marriage be any different? Another Hollywood divorce ... surprise, surprise.

948 days ago


I have a lot of respect for him

948 days ago


Oksana are you reading this?

948 days ago


Men are so stupid and women know that. She would have taken him to the cleaners if he had been the one with more money. He is a dumbass.

948 days ago


Trust me, if he had more than pocket change rattling around, she'd be going after it faster than his movie career fizzled out. They're both a couple of fools not to sign prenups - also the divorce ain't over yet.

948 days ago


He is a stupid ass for not taking the money from his whore wife. She would have taken as much as she could if he had been richer. Men are sooooo stupid and women know that.

948 days ago


What cool people they are!! :)

948 days ago
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