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I Need a New House ...

That Will Fit All My Kids!

2/11/2012 9:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is finally in the market for a new house and among her list of criteria ... enough room to fit her 14 children. Size really does matter sometimes. 

As TMZ first reported, Octo put her La Habra home on the market back in September. So far she's received a few offers ... but none good enough to accept.

According to our sources, Octo has three main criteria for her new pad. First, she wants to find a place in a gated community to cut down on all the unwanted attention she gets.

Secondly, we're told Octo would like to find a place she can really afford (novel concept) since her last pad went into foreclosure.

And lastly, of course ... a place big enough for her brood. 

Perhaps a shoe would do the trick?


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Shes Octomom, she doesn't do crazy things like paying.

I'd like to live in a gated community, too, but I can't afford it. Oh, wait....neither can Octomom. Who, exactly, does she want to pay for this latest scheme/dream?

985 days ago


Words to live by "Watch what you wish For"

985 days ago


Goodness, is she still trying for her 5 minutes of fame? lol

985 days ago


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985 days ago

Jay W.     

"I Need a New House ... That Will Fit All My Kids!"

Good luck with that.

985 days ago


If she was serious she'd look in Arizona. Prices are way low and she could be left alone. Check honey - you could get what you need for under $200 K.

985 days ago


She could join the FLDS and have plenty of room for the kids, plus extra Moms. Their community is gated too.

985 days ago


Um, yah. Good luck with that. Gated communities cost bucks, which she doesn't have. She doesn't have a job, so no house loans. And short of strapping a couple of double-wides together, there isn't anything big enough for her monstrous litter.

985 days ago


She needs to move out of California to an affordable state with affordable housing.

985 days ago


I don't pity this nutcase at all! She has mooched off the working folks for far too long. She faked disability to receive checks from the taxpayers. How does one with "an injured back" that is too severe to continue working keep pumping out babies? Pregnancy (especially with litters) is hard on the back so there was nothing wrong with her but her mental illness. She mooches for handouts everywhere she goes. She is one who chose to have all those kids so she should be the one to support them. Not me! Another thing is how can she so easily buy a house with foreclosures on record,bad credit and no job? Could the rest of us do that? Not a chance. Someone needs to remove those kids from her care (or lack there of) and press fraud charges on this psycho and institutionalize her. No other person would be given so many chances and handouts. She doesn't even own the house she has now how is she going to sell it? SMH

985 days ago


Ummm, didn't someone buy this house FOR her in the first place. How can she sell a house that she doesn't own?? Where's that rich sugar daddy who has been buying her house after house and keeping her in the lifestyle she has become accustomed. I heard that the doctor who inserted all the embryo's died recently. MMMM, makes you think. He's dead and now she is selling the house.

985 days ago


Why doesn't she just move to Utah?! She can find it all there: a house for 14+, it's affordable, A great welfare system, she can find a man who will take her and her 14 kids (as long she doesn't mind sharing), plenty of gated communities, and they will accept her lips as a gift from god...
just saying!

985 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

How can this woman afford anything? I don't think she brings home any income. And has anyone asked her why she had so many kids if she said in an interview she doesn't like kids? Her dad is the one, or at least was, paying for her La Habra home.

985 days ago


I also was going to say for Octo to move to Utah or wherever the Mormons that still believe in many wives and lots and lots of children reside. Or an old hippie commune, they need new members and everyone raises the children. They are very resourceful and what's 14 more kids to add to the mix. Those are your only options Octo unless you want to destroy those kids by keeping them. But there is one option that trumps all the rest. Give those poor babies up for adoption and maybe you and your kids will have a chance for a future.

984 days ago

Andre Martinez    

I live right next to Octomom and I don't know what she means by she needs to be in a gated community because of all the "unwanted attention". No one is ever at her house or hanging around, she is delusional.

984 days ago
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