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Dionne Warwick & Cissy Houston

Whitney Seemed Fine

Just Before Death

2/11/2012 6:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dionne Warwick
 and Cissy Houston spoke with Whitney Houston by phone just before she died and say Whitney seemed fine ... TMZ has learned.

Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston, spoke with her daughter 25-30 minutes before she died and nothing seemed unusual ... sources tell TMZ. We're told they talked about attending the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party.

Dionne Warwick, Whitney's cousin, called as well ... several hours before Whitney died ... to make sure they were sitting at the same table at Clive's party. And again ... there were no signs of trouble. 

The people in touch with Dionne say she is inconsolable adding, "She is an absolute mess."

As for Cissy, we're told she is "hysterical."


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Damn, Whitney looks older than Dionne! Good thing she didn't do crack since it's whack because then it would have made her look even older...

902 days ago


Whitney was an addict and she inadvertently did herself in.

902 days ago


Why do you guys insist on using ellipses CONSTANTLY? It's such a poor form of writing.

902 days ago

Cindy Warren    

My heart goes out to the family, I have a very heavy heart. I have loved whitney's music for along time. Her music was very inspiring,uplifting, through her music she has helped me many times have the strength to get through single motherhood and my divorce. She is an amazing artist, she is gorgeous and god truly has an amazing angel. I love her dearly and will miss her.

902 days ago


all what we have heard by know, that all sounds pretty much just like the Michael Jackson death story. From the emergency call to the phone call to her mother the heart still stand. Bot the were found in the bath .As far as I understood she was still alive as paramedics or fire dpeartement people tried due to L.A Times- to make GPR on her( revive her) !! But it failed same with Jackson. Images show she was pretty well as the she suddenly drowned in tha bath. Then all these drug rumours . Nobody could really sing under those drugs But even a bit too much alcohol can bring you out of tune same as barbiturates and more even any kinds of opiates. Its hard for a mother if her child dies and none really understands how. and why. so what is causing these peoples death is still some unclear. With opiates s.o wouldm die not on a heart stillstand but on breath stillstand. Was she at any Botox treatment before ) would leave some needle sticks in her face)maybe it was just like with MJJ all together. drugs alcohol xenox and botox? we will see.
Or Is there a serial killer going around?

902 days ago

brenda owens    

it would be so nice if ppl. would let the houston grieve for whitney i know everyone wants to know what happened but i know the family wants to know also but its a time for everything nows the time to let these people grieve put urselves in their shoes u wouldn't want speculations when u just lost ur mother, daughter, cousin or any family member

902 days ago


What a beautiful and talented lady.
Unfortunately she met Bobby Brown, he took her down a path of drugs and self-destruction and ruined her career.
(anyone else hear something about her being found in the bathtub? also something about blood on her hands and legs the day before?)
RIP Whitney...gone too soon

902 days ago


Just heard on HLN Bobbi Kristina has been rushed to the hospital. Thats all the details they know. So sad for her. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. RIP Whitney.

902 days ago


They all say that its called DENIAL

902 days ago


This was Whiney's life not ours bless her family and her loved ones they need our prayers and most of all all our kind words you are loved Ms. Whitney by many.....

902 days ago


a great voice my prayers go to her daughter and her family sorry for your lost. rip whitney

902 days ago

marquita kennedy    

you will be miss God be with you and your family may you find peace now

902 days ago

marquita kennedy    

you will be miss God be with you and your family may you find peace now

902 days ago


I feel so bad for her mother, my prayers are for you today. God gave your daughter a beautiful talent, just as he did you Cissy Houston, one used it for his glory, and the other got lost in it. It's a waste, it's a shame, but we chose the paths we take. Some veer onto the wrong road, some veer but turn back around. Whitney traveled alone without hearing the voice of the co-pilot trying to turn her around. I hope she said a prayer of repentance before she died. I hope. Lord please comfort her mother, and put your hand upon her daughter.

902 days ago


or did she maybe receive an electric shock when she was in the bathtub?
However: I dont say the best, as music is a matter of taste.. But: within one year, the world has lost two of the most successful singers of all times,likely widely believed also to be very rich and wealthy . Just three years ago sWitneay had her last Nr 1 album.
and again. I am musician too: Generally drugs are all poison for musicians . one gotta be very concentrated. None can perform anything under those drugs, neither with some too much of alcohol or anything else. When consuming any kind of opiates ( what hard addicts need all three hours or so) one even would forget anything lyrics as well as tunes or melodies. Cocain would just confuse you and make you to forget everything as well . People using Cocain think themselves they are the greatest , but for others they just speak silly things and behave childish and senseless Howver they cant organize anything anymore..Musicians would not get any right tune with that. But with Cocain so. would die if then on a brain stroke or fall into Coma.

902 days ago
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