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Bobbi Kristina

Denied Access to See

Whitney's Body

2/11/2012 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina got into an angry shouting match with police officers outside the hotel room where her mother was found dead ... TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources ... Bobbi Kristina showed up on the 4th floor of the Beverly Hilton several hours after Whitney's death. We're told when officers informed her no one was allowed to see the body -- BK screamed, cursed and demanded to see her mother.

Ultimately, she was not allowed into the room and left. We're told Whitney's cousin Dionne Warwick also showed up later. She too was turned away by officers.

As we reported earlier ... other family members and friends -- who were in the room when authorities arrived -- identified Whitney's body.


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I blame Ray J enough said!

952 days ago


Bobby now is the time to go to your daughter and love her ,her Mother is gone so be there for your Lil Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

952 days ago


I think no one can come in contact with the body until it is investigated and the daughter doesn't need to see her dead drowned mother, that should not be the last memory of her.

952 days ago


Sad for her daughter....I can understand Police blocking from entering the room because they wanted to do a thorough investigation.

952 days ago

all good    

thats not right at all, she shouldve been able to go see her mother to be exact any of the immediate family members....were they tryin to hide something?

952 days ago


You know, what ever Ms. Houston did or did not do is between her and her GOD....She only have to answer to him not us. We as TRUE fans of hers should now only remember and love the work she did (as we all knew how talented and beautiful she was) and not for what she may have done or did not do in privacy of her home. Don't talk about her and in the same breath say something nice about her. Me myself I don't give a damn what she did or didn't do. She was a beautiful woman and could sing her azz off!!...R.I.P. MS. WHITNEY HOUSTON....

952 days ago


HELLO IT'S A CRIME SCENE NOONE BUT POLICE, EMT, FIRE SHOULD BE THERE, and for her daughter, she should only see her mother in her pine box

952 days ago

Just Irritated     

Are you people insane. Whitney was Ghetto!!! Don't get me wrong; the girl could sing. Continuing to blame Bobby is crazy. He has been clean for 3 years, and Whitney has not. She was a drug user before SHE started stalking him. Check your history people. She approached him, and they dated for over two years before they got married. They were bad for eacher other. You can't blame him for all that was wrong in her life. As for his show last night, what could he do. He is her EX. He does have a wife, and you don't know if him and his daughter was on good terms. I'm sure he will be there for her now as you can see she need him now more than ever.

952 days ago

so sad    

It is a tragedy what has happened and denying her daughter to see the body is cruel. Bobbi must have been in absolute shock and then to be refused to see what has happened is wrong. I felt so sorry for Whitney through her turmoil and when she toured i was there at the concert with my mother supporting Whitney not judging her. So many cruel people left during her concerts and when i heard it on the news i was disgusted by those cruel remarks and comments made about Whitney's voice. We all know what she battled through her life, she may have made some poor choices or got caught up with that pathetic ex of hers Bobby who brought her down to his level cause he was jealous of her fame but who are we to judge Whitney. We all bare a cross on our back!! R.I.P Whitney. Those who appreciated you and supported will mourn your death. To the haters, just continue on with your lives and have a good look in the mirror before you pass judgment...

952 days ago


Come on people, Someone lost a MOTHER, DAUGHTER,SISTER,FRIEND & Family member!!!! STOP all the BAD MOUTHING!!!!It could have been one of YOUR LOVED ONES!!!!

952 days ago

Michali Michal    

Sad to hear about the loss of human life...but for god's sake this woman was a certified crack head. This is what happens to notorious coke heads...they die.

952 days ago


TMZ need to mind your dam business and leave the family alone. I feel so sad for the family. They don't need any of this information out about Bobbie not getting into seeing her mother body in the hotel room that just not cool to be writing this information. The child is hurting but the loss of your mother... Leave her alone and the family. It not your business. Boycott TMZ!!!! They are doing Whitney family just like they did Michael Jackson family.....

952 days ago


Love your website!

952 days ago


Why would she want her last image of her mother being of her laying in the bath tub dead? That's why they didn't let her in, she didn't have any business in there.

952 days ago

Pat Mullan    

where is Bobby Brown during all of this, why would he take to a stage after hearing about Whitney? maybe he's looking for some sympathy not from me cause he is the one who got the woman hooked!!!

952 days ago
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