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Jennifer Hudson

Sings 'I Will Always Love You'

at the Grammys

2/12/2012 8:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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RIP Whitney.


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Living on the west coast haven't seen it yet, I am flipping back and forth because the Grammy Awards are boring. I hope I am not flipping when she sings so I can judge for my self.

953 days ago

who cares    

Some of you need to look online for tapes of Bobby Browns reality show and see for yourself just who this woman you all praise really is. Because it is very obvious Whitney was very abusive fouled mouth and most of what she said was bleeped out. She was a mean foul disgusting viloent woman and that show is proof of it.

953 days ago

Joedyk Aussie    

Unbelievable performance, very heart felt

953 days ago

who cares    

Oh yeah add drug addict to a foul disgusting violent woman... You people that praise her dont even know anything about whitney and havent cared for years until now... You cant believe she is dead wtf where ya been a year or so ago there were her concert videos where she couldnt even preform cause she was so drugged up... ANd you all didnt pray for her or you did pray for her but since god isnt real she couldnt be saved? lol You religeous people sure twist things around.

953 days ago

Thom Harris    

Not to disparage Whitney, but the song was not hers, but was written by Dolly Parton when she left Porter Wagner. It is Dolly's song.

953 days ago


I loved whitney Houston when she was on top of the world. Unfortunately she became a very stupid woman when she put that crack pipe in her mouth. No one forced it on her. She became a junkie all on her own. She just had a lot of company to help her with her partying. Now she's gone and killed herself and left a daughter to the same fate. It's become pathetic how people in the show business put junkies up on such a pedestal after they've died in the manner. The pandering to this junkie during the Grammy's ruined the show. I turned the channel every time I heard someone going on about her. She shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentance as Etta Jones!!! Stupid stupid woman!!!! She just threw it all away. There are so many people struggling every day to have what she had. Good people. She was selfish. At least I tell it like it is. I refuse to put her on a pedestal. Not going to happen.

953 days ago


I think everyone is forgetting that JHud already performed this right to Whitney when she honored her on BET Honor Awards 2010. Whitney was her biggest cheerleader as she sang to her, and thats all that matter. Forget all these ppl saying she was just ok, Whitney already approved!!

953 days ago


There are some real hateful people who are posting on here. Nothing will ever satisfy them; they're just full of hate. Their comments will always be ignorantly stated and they can care less. Prayer is definitely needed to change their hateful hearts. Jennifer has a beautiful voice, but this was about Whitney Houston, the songbird who had a golden voice. Therefore, I believe Jennifer just wanted to pay tribute without going overboard on the song; she did a really nice job.

953 days ago


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953 days ago


OMG did you guys see the autopsy photo yet??????!!!?!?!??!

953 days ago


It takes a legend like Whitney Houston dying to get those f ck ng kardashians off tmz for a day or two?

953 days ago


And she did a absolutely beautiful job of it too. Yes, it wasn't Whitney singing it but it was done in tribute. I just wanted to cry.
People seem to forget that the song was ORIGINALLY done by Dolly Parton. Whitney made it her own though, but it was not originally Whitney's song.

953 days ago


@tracy: Whitney is the only one we should hear singing that song? Are you kidding me? Dolly Parton is. All due respect to her incredible vocal prowess, of course, but the forte and insane vibrato Whitney used was too much. Whatever. She was incredible and may she rest in peace.

953 days ago


Wow. Off pitch. That was painful to listen to.

953 days ago


Jennifer actually had a chance to perform that song for Whitney when she was honored by BET - YouTube the performance and you will see that Whitney was well pleased with how Jennifer handled that song. What people don't realize is the fact that Jennifer actually idolized Whitney and had spoken that on many occasions the latest was just one day prior in an interview with Piers Morgan. Whitney also was the presenter when Jennifer won her Oscar. Jennifer had a hard time tonight only because she was emotionally attached to Whitney and during rehearsals they said she broke down many times. So job well done Jennifer - WELL DONE!

953 days ago
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