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Jennifer Hudson

Sings 'I Will Always Love You'

at the Grammys

2/12/2012 8:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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RIP Whitney.


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PRO US    

BTW, for all you doofusses who were "shocked" by Whitlessney offing herself by abusing prescription drugs and alcohol, did you notice how Rihanna looked at the Grammys? She's next to go if she doesn't get a lot of help. And then every doofuss like you will profess to be "shocked". LOL. She's doing mucho drugs.

982 days ago

who cares    

How soon we all forget and you sit here and critisize JH for her rendition but seemed to forget the only way whitney could sing the song live was on xanax. And singing live is hard to do without messing up which is a whole lot better then the lypsyncing Chris Brown mandona britnay and all the others that cant really sing but in a recording studio. JH is also pregnant so doesnt have the luxury of poping a xanax before singing live. I would rather have a sober singer miss a note then have a drugged up miss a note or lypsync

982 days ago


Mary J blige would have done it better.

982 days ago

PRO US    

Before Whitney f=ed herself and squandered her talent, she could sing better than any other female pop artist of her era. Jennifer Hudson is a good singer but not in the same league as Whitney was in her prime.

982 days ago

PRO US    

Loved watching the woman-battering Chris Brown winning a Grammy. Shows the morals of the crowd there. ie. no morals at all.

982 days ago


Does anyone else think she probably didn't sing her best because she was trying not to cry?

982 days ago


Although I am sure Jennifer Hudson did a great tribute- after all her Repeated Weight watcher songs- I cannot listen to her voice anymore! She is no whitney Houston that's all I will say!

982 days ago

who cares    

The only way Whitney could sing live was by loading up on the xanax and we seen where that went! So I would rather a singer not be high and miss a note or two. After all we all are human and perfection is never achieved.

982 days ago


I swear some of these comments hope nothing tragic ever happens in your life remember what you said about somebody losing their life. Wow. Jennifer can sing without music can you sing? When people sing other people's songs they do their own version people get a life. love you jenny you look great the people saying you look fat what the hell they look like behind the computer screen get a life people.

982 days ago

who cares    

Listen to the recording of Whitney singing it at the awards in the 90's it was way worse then what I heard JH sing. Whitney was screaming not singing and it was obvious she was high then. So what would you rather see a drugged up singer hit it and die at a young age or a clean sober singer miss a note or two??? Seems you all support the drugged up singer and pedistal her but trash everyone else who is doing it the clean way without drugs to help them preform. Onething is for sure there are a lot of confused people on here that support drug abuse aslong as you can sing good. What a bunch of morons you are.

So lets trash JH so the only way she will feel comfortable singing again live is by being on xanax. And the cycle continues.

982 days ago


Jennifer Hudson did the best that she can, and that is saying a lot. She had a lot of pressure on her, and she sounded good. Perhaps the only person that can do Whitney better than Whitney herself is comedian Debra Wilson.

982 days ago


i know hudson liked houston but i feel M.Carry could have done better

982 days ago


Beautiful job. She made it look easy but that was terribly tough song to sing and especially under the cir***stances.

Very proud of Jennifer!

982 days ago

Mary Reed    

Awful Version too deep she struggled with this .....

982 days ago


Mariah Carey? Are you effin kidding me? Mariah can barely hit the notes in her own songs anymore, let alone Whitney's.

No, they got the right person. Mariah's voice aint what it used to be & Christina Aguilera would have butchered this with her over-singing (see Etta James funeral). Jennifer got just the right touch for the occasion.

982 days ago
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