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Whitney Houston

Autopsy Scheduled for Today

2/12/2012 7:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The autopsy on the body of Whitney Houston will be performed today, but we're told any results will be deferred pending a toxicology report. 

Although the cause of death is unknown, it is increasingly looking like Whitney may have fallen asleep or lapsed into unconsciousness in the bathtub and drowned.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Beverly Hills cops retrieved approximately a half dozen pill bottles from Whitney's room ... including Xanax. No illicit drugs were found. 

Whitney had been drinking the night before and authorities believe a combination of Xanax and alcohol could have fatally sedated her -- although our sources say it is simply too early to draw any firm conclusions.


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no illicit drugs only Xanax, I've never heard of anyone falling asleep and drowning from marajuana.

920 days ago


In a way I wish they wouldn't do an autopsy on Whitney Houston, what's the point of cutting into her body to discover the cause of death since she was found face down in a bathtub, surrounded by prescription medications? Whitney died of complications of the medication and drowning; and everyone knows the foundation was years of drug used that killed her. Why put her body, though dead, through another trauma? May Whitney rest in peace and sincere condolences to her family, especially to her daughter Bobby Kristina.

920 days ago



I read your post. I cannot read the internet link you added because I forgot all the stuff I learned in Spanish classes. Stop doing your post over and over.

920 days ago


Xanax and liquor does NOT mix these people that are taking this combination is asking for trouble. It sounds to me as if Whitney accidentally drowned.So SAD, she was too young to die.

RIP Whitney...I will always love you!!! A beautiful voice silenced.

920 days ago


Coroner quacks will call it an accidental drowing and not blame the Xanax to cover for Big Pharma profits. Don't want sheep knowing how dangerous and deadly unsafe legal drugs are. Wasn't Xanax also involved in the death of Britany Murphy?

920 days ago


Raine - I hear you HOWEVER, after working with victims of domestic violence over the years, it is safe to say that through abuse, threats & manipulation, perpetators are at fault more then victims. In a recent interview with Oprah, Whitney admitted that the only times she used was with Bobby. Her drug use took it's toll (that includes alcohol). IN ADDITION - ever wonder why she's using Xanax? Most victims start using because they're hypervigilant and need assistance dealing with their "nerves."

920 days ago


A pain within and no one knows how painfully it was..... A twinkle in our Heavens, now shines........ Blessings to all who suffer with this inner pain......and get help!

920 days ago



They did a big autopsy on Michael Jackson too. It's a standard practice by the CSI and coroner people.

Whitney's family doesn't even have a right to see the body or do anything until the coroners releases it to the funeral people. That's the law.

920 days ago


Alprazolam or "Xanax" is an anti-depressant with sedative qualities. I had the lowest dose, and I took half of the pill. I was in a comatose state. Somebody could have told me, "I'm going to steal your money," and my response would have been, "OK." These drugs have addictive qualities. What I believe happened is she took the pill(s) and decided to take a bath before getting ready for the gala downstairs. She fell asleep and accidentally drowned. One or two pills would be enough to put you to sleep. The highest dose is 2 mg and in extended release tablets it is 3 mg. The amount of time it took to run the water was enough time for the drug to take effect. Her make-up artist and stylist should have checked if they hadn't heard any noise. No water splashing or anything? I hope she rests in peace. I feel for her daughter. How dou contend with the fact that your mother won't see you graduate from college, be at your wedding, or ever get to meet your children? Whitney had her demons. We all have. Celebrate her life and don't bash her because she fell into a bad habit.

920 days ago

Just say no to baths    

Remember kids, 6 out of 10 bath users die from overdosing. Baths are the leading cause of deaths for celebrities. Just say no to ingesting bath water! We need laws that ban those ceramic crack pipes called bath tubs.

920 days ago


It is really sad that most female entertainers do not know how to step away from the limelight nor make 'life' choices that are more conducive to them and their love-ones to have a true 'quality' of life. Time and time again we see how most female entertainers make wrong 'love' choices that eventually have devastating affects on them professionally...Britney, Alicia Keys, beyonce, Mary J Blige, Monica, Brandy - the list goes on and on. These women can have any man of their choosing and yet they all seem to go for the bad boy or enabling types. One by one they are destroyed, in some way or another, in the public eye and then lose their lives/careers trying to regroup or recover. I pray for Bobbi Kristina, who was already headed down the wrong path before her mother's death. She also has inherited the genetic makeup of 2 parents who were drug abusers. May Whitney's mother Cissy find peace in the Lord as this death will be very difficult for her to handle. And may the women in entertainment learn that the limelight is only there for a moment and the wise ones know when it is time to give it all up and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

920 days ago


Remember kids, 6 out of 10 bath users die from overdosing. Baths are the leading cause of deaths for celebrities. Just say no to ingesting bath water! We need laws that ban those ceramic crack pipes called bath tubs.

920 days ago


LORAZEPAM, VALIUM, XANAX... are ILLICIT Drugs - for God's sake people WAKE-UP AMERICA!!!! Only Medical Marijuana is safe for human consumption.

920 days ago


I was watching your show last week and saw her with her ex shock to hear that she is gone.Yes she had problems and i dont think much of people knocking her for that.Do you think she was the only one that had problems alot of people have troubles.She was an awesome women , great voice and influence alot of singers.Whitney will be missed.Thinking of her daughter,mom and family.

920 days ago


Thanks for stating the obvious TMZ...

920 days ago
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