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Whitney Houston

Autopsy Scheduled for Today

2/12/2012 7:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The autopsy on the body of Whitney Houston will be performed today, but we're told any results will be deferred pending a toxicology report. 

Although the cause of death is unknown, it is increasingly looking like Whitney may have fallen asleep or lapsed into unconsciousness in the bathtub and drowned.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Beverly Hills cops retrieved approximately a half dozen pill bottles from Whitney's room ... including Xanax. No illicit drugs were found. 

Whitney had been drinking the night before and authorities believe a combination of Xanax and alcohol could have fatally sedated her -- although our sources say it is simply too early to draw any firm conclusions.


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Looks like another one of those influenza-sedatives overdoses. Taking sedatives when sick with the flu can be worse than alcohol and barbituates.

985 days ago


i too was saddened by whitney's death. she was one of the two greatest female voices i've ever heard. karen carpenter who also had her critic's to the point of anorexia, which took her life too early as well. i remember her (whitney's) early song's so vividly. she had such an innocense about her. but she got alot of criticism from the black community for not being soulfull enough. so she changed her image and along came the dirtbag bobby brown, who seemed hellbent on destroying her thru drug's, etc...another sad tragedy of such a great talent. listening to the wrong people and critic's cost this dear lady not only her career but her life! so sad!

985 days ago


Brown had substance abuse issues for years, before he got together with Whitney. Whitney never said he made her do anything. She chose to be with him, she chose to do drugs with him. How is it his fault? She left him and had plenty of money, support and opportunity to to turn her life around but instead she just switched from crack to prescription drugs... and look what ones killed her. The only one to blame is Whitney herself, and maybe family who knew she was partying like a 20yr old as well as taking prescription medication and just stood by, though I doubt anyone could tell this woman, like many others with addiction issues, what to do.

985 days ago



There's actually a Kim Kardashian connection in this Whitney Houston death story ... Ray-J. I bet Kim would like to cuss him out for not keeping an eye on Whitney and not trying harder to get her into rehab.

Whitney Houston was filmed leaving a restaurant in LA just last weekend with her on-again off-again boyfriend Ray-J — who is famous for making A SEX TAPE with Kim Kardashian in 2007.

985 days ago


Everyone needs to stop downing her for what she has down in her past or present , no one is perfect. It is a great loss and that is what we need remember. Also we should be remembering what a beautiful person she was and the good she did , she was a legend in the music industry . I grew up on her music ( she was my idol) and always her love songs and always will. It is a sad time right now. Prayers go out to her family and close friends.

985 days ago


I have read some very harsh criticism of Bobby Brown. I hate to say this, Bobby Brown is not the downfall Whitney Houston. Bad boy or not(girls can be that too!), he did not introduce her to drugs. Whitney was a model at one point in her life, she was expose to the drug use during that time. Whitney Houston was a addict who could not let go of the drugs she used. If anyone knows a addict, they will tell you, that demon is hard to fight. When a demon leaves the body, it will come back to that body with seven more demons more powerful than the first demon. Stop criticizing Bobby Brown and blaming him for her untimely demise! No where is it mention or noted that Bobby Brown was or is involve with her death. Learn to pray for people sometimes because it just might be someone in your family that may face addiction!!!!

985 days ago


We all know she had a drug and alcohol problem but let us not forget she was someones daughter,neice,sister and wife. Yes she had her problems but they loved her no less and her death should be respected that way/

985 days ago


Okay, the earth doesn't revolve around this woman. She was a junkie who has not done anything worthwhile in decades. The BAFTAS are today, report on that!

985 days ago


Whitney Huston was not a nice person she was a mean drug addict, she looked like she was from the projects and looked like a washed up t gutter ho. Miss self absorbed Mighty Pants was a very stupid person with an IQ of a toad.

985 days ago


What a senseless death. So sad.

985 days ago


Whitney went down hill when many of her black fans accused her of being "too white". Soon after she started seeing that loser B.B. I think to prove her "blackness".

985 days ago

Paul Z    

Thousands of our soldiers, real forgotten heroes, have died in the Middle East & a drug addict is honored?

985 days ago


Drinking the night before--that alcohol would have long worn off before she took that bath. Use your noggins, TMZ. If you had a story about her drinking during lunch that day, you might be on to something. But drinking the night before and then dying the next afternoon--that is a ridiculous stretch.

985 days ago


Clive Davis' party started and everyone attended despite the fact that Ms. Houston's body was STILL UPSTAIRS IN THE SAME HOTEL! This has to be the most glaringly pathetic example of how our ethical compass has lost all polarity. Stay classy Hollywood...not

985 days ago


Clive Davis' party started and everyone attended despite the fact that Ms. Houston's body was STILL UPSTAIRS IN THE SAME HOTEL! This has to be the most glaringly pathetic example of how our ethical compass has lost all polarity. Stay classy Hollywood...not

985 days ago
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