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Whitney Houston

Water Found in Her Lungs

2/12/2012 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0211_whitney_getty_ex_12The autopsy of Whitney Houston revealed she did have water in her lungs when she died, but the medical examiner needs to determine exactly how much before they can rule whether she died as a result of drowning ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ. 

As TMZ first reported, authorities believe Houston may have fallen asleep or lapsed into unconsciousness in the bathtub and drowned.

But according to our sources, authorities cannot yet determine whether Houston died before she was submerged in the water or after. We're told there is still a possibility Houston was dead before she went under the water. 

Toxicology results will be back in 4-6 weeks. 



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robert anderson    

No water in lungs? Not breathing prior to being exposed to water. Water in lungs? Respirations were present prior to death.

927 days ago


Really people are such *******s it does not matter if she was on drugs or not this is someone loved one show some damn respect people really need to grow the he'll up this is really sad smh

927 days ago


To all of those commenting that it was DRUGS: Unless YOU were THERE with her, in that bathroom, YOU HAVE NO IDEA what happened. Just because TMZ reports that there was Xanax found in the room does not mean she OD'd on it, or if it was even hers. I have never heard of anyone taking Xanax and going into such a deep sleep that their body wouldn't do everything in its power to NOT DROWN. For the uneducated, the human body is an amazing amazing thing and will do what it can until the final seconds to keep on living.

TMZ, who ever your "source" is, I'd fire them. You cannot get water in your lungs once you STOP breathing. So, if there was infact water in her lungs, then she went under the water breathing and something else probably caused her death (heart attack, major stroke, etc). Don't they teach basic sciences in the schools anymore? You know, biology, anatomy, and physiology....

927 days ago


She probably took too many narcotics, went to take a bath and fell asleep in the tub. She was the best in her day but took a wrong turn and never came back.

927 days ago


If she was dead before going under the water there would be no water in her lungs because she wouldn't be breathing.

927 days ago


Love whitney but why hasn't no one mentioned "waiting to exhale"?? all her other movies were mentioned.

927 days ago


it appears she went peacefully with no pain at all....must of had a heart attack and then slid down into the tub water while already unconcious or of my uncles was out fishing with his brother and he suddenly fell backwards and over the railing of the boat and into the water...autoposy determined he was stricken with a fatal heart attack and they also found water in his lungs...but he was dead before hitting the water...his brother said he never had time to feel any pain....talking away and then suddenly stopped talking and fell backwards right over the railing into the water....I miss him :) he was always so nice to me.
R.I.P. Miss Houston.

927 days ago

who cares    

4-6 weeks, bs this isnt the 70's and you know they are going to put priority on the testing they will know by friday and it will be leaked out before it is annouced because there is a public offical supplying TMZ all the info

927 days ago


this is why this is so tragic, i'm sure there are many times when she was heavy into her drug use that whitney should have passed, but she made it, finally working again, just finished a new movie getting ready for a come back, then this - what appears to be freak accident ended up taking her, some things are hard to understand

927 days ago


'So sad.

927 days ago


Yep, I see ALL those TRIBUTES to the Nappy-crackhead are in abundance. NOT. She got a few minutes at the beginning, and a lot like her life.....BUPKIS now.

927 days ago


So why speculate ?
TMZ, you are despicable; so disrespectful at times.
The only reason I visit here from time to time is that you let on to something that other media dare not.
Congratulations for earning the classification of medialoid.
Get it ? It's hardly a complement.

927 days ago


Prescription drugs kill more than 150,000 people a year. Chalk up one more for big pharma...

927 days ago


...Whitney was of no use to the industry anymore because as many of you know she couldn’t sing the way she use to. The drugs and the demons drained her life force, because Whitney was pure and wasn’t built for demonology. Whitney was sacrificed aka thrown from the freedom train, and done away with a day before the grammy’s as a industry ritual. She was found dead in a bath tub within the hotel of Clive Davis’s pre- Grammy Awards party. This was a ritual, just like every other aspect of Whitney’s life. Whitney was born on August the 9th and died on February 11th. (9-11) 9-11 is a numerical code used by the elite to perform human sacrifice rituals and Whitneys death was no exception. She died a night before the Grammy’s because within the occult one can harness the energy of the deceased to attain the ends of their choice. Whitney’s energy will be used for the awards tonight and this is why the media jumped all over her death before the cause was even discovered. This is a ritual folks.

My last piece of information that I will submit, about the occult connections to the music industry, is Madonna’s performance at the Super Bowl. This performance, by Madonna, was a High priestess ceremony. The costume worn by Madonna speaks volumes as to her rank with the secret society within the music industry. Madonna was interviewed, prior to the Super Bowl, on Anderson Cooper show and she said, “The Superbowl is kind of like the Holy of Holies in America. I’ll come at halfway of the “church experience” and I’m gonna have to deliver a sermon. It’ll have to be very impactful. Don’t take her words for granite, as she is telling you that her performance was a ritual. The Holy of Holies is the name of the most sacred place found within Solomon’s Temple. No one was ever permitted to enter the Holy of Holies but the High Priest. This privilege was only granted on the Day of Atonement, to offer the blood of sacrifice and incense before the mercy seat. Whitney Houston was the Blood sacrifice that was offered on the Sabbath day, or Saturday, exactly 7 days after Madonna’s performance.

So there you have it folks. The music industry is really a secret society in disguise and it’s much more than music. If you’re considering being an entertainer do your research and know what you’re getting yourself into. Without knowledge of the occult one doesn’t stand a chance of surviving within the music and film industry. If you enjoy your own self expression and individuality then the industry isn’t for you. Once the deal is made your life will be ritualized and controlled forever.

By. Ra Imhotep

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927 days ago


Seriously TMZ, "We're told there is still a possibility Houston was dead before she went under the water." and you can't state what that possibility might be and how water would get into the lungs if the person was dead. Nothing? Ya got no follow up questions for that bonehead. How are you going to go work for Gawker if you don't ask the followup question!

927 days ago
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