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Whitney Houston

Water Found in Her Lungs

2/12/2012 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0211_whitney_getty_ex_12The autopsy of Whitney Houston revealed she did have water in her lungs when she died, but the medical examiner needs to determine exactly how much before they can rule whether she died as a result of drowning ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ. 

As TMZ first reported, authorities believe Houston may have fallen asleep or lapsed into unconsciousness in the bathtub and drowned.

But according to our sources, authorities cannot yet determine whether Houston died before she was submerged in the water or after. We're told there is still a possibility Houston was dead before she went under the water. 

Toxicology results will be back in 4-6 weeks. 



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Tony the Giant    

Awh Conrad Murray, How the f--!! we know you didn't have no part in this? It was said that there was a loud noise underneath the floors upstairs. Like somebody was trying to break-in. Maybe you drowned her. You ragetedty face looking mf. Your face stayed morose the whole time you was on trial. You scared mf

949 days ago

Frank Palioti    

I would like to suggest a different approach on this terrible event. I would like the religious rule to be applied in this matter " an eye for an eye". it w done in the case of Michael Jackson ans it should be done here. Whitney was such a talented and beautiful person and her life and death should not. Be
Forgotten. The authorities should begin an immediate investigation into who is responsible. For her situation and therefore responsible for her actions. She did not get intoduced to drugs on her own.
I would suggest that her husband had a lot to do with this. Also, how about the people in here entourage that would buy the drugs for her. These freeloaders were hanging around for what purpose? Perhaps to get or steal money from her. I am sure that this drug addiction cost her millions of dollars. So who is responsible? I think the police should have a charge in the law.
Facilitation of the use of drugs causing death. The people who are responsible for her death should
Be charged with murder. Let there be some justice and punishment in this matter. When her husband says he is saddened by her death, this is a joke, right. How could he not be investigated?

So I say shame to the American legal system, shame on the hypocrites in this mater, and I will
Pray that God will unleash his wrath on these people. Also disappointed that no comment came from
Celine. Dion.

May God Bless.

F. Paliotti

949 days ago


just terrible and to be during black history month.

949 days ago


In other news, Houston most likely died from a ****tail of deadly drugs and was probably dead before she was under water. People don't drown in bathtubs without prescription med incapacitation. Keep blaming it on the water. Because the evil drug companies won't let you blame it on Xanax.

949 days ago


She might have been killed. She will be worth more $ dead than alive.

949 days ago


Last week I stepped in the tub, my foot slipped and I ended up with my head going under the water and my feet flying out from under me and up in the air. I didn't hit my head, and wasn't under the influence of anything. I was able to quikly recover, with a bruise or two.

What if Whitney slipped and fell. Maybe the toxicology reports are to determine if drugs played a role. Just a thought. Symphony to all who feel a loss.

949 days ago


Just read @ Wikipedia about secondary drowning, maybe from a medical condition such as pulmonary edema. Secondary drowning, can happen 72 hrs father an event. Didn't Whitney have emphysema? I wonder if that is why the quantity go water in the lungs would be significant?

949 days ago


TMZ, could you share with us the Zanax dosage prescribed on the bottle? Maybe it's a high enough dose to cause her to pass out.

949 days ago


She already lost her voice never to sing again maybe she was depressed and drowned herself she did talk to her mom and dionne warwick right before it happened. Suicide is possible. Well she is out of her misery now. no more drugs, no more worrying about her voice and her money. Just no more but I hope she had some kind of money left for her daughter who needs to go to college and don't be a singer that life is hard.

949 days ago


While TMZ and Big Pharma blame it on water, get the truth here:

949 days ago


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949 days ago

Auntie Lu    

If you're dead, you don't breathe in AIR, let alone water. She drowned.

949 days ago


To #4 comment (four) Conrad Murray... Clearly you didn't have a thing too do with this, you MORON... 911 was instantly called. something you should have done, you murderer.

949 days ago


Jim Morrison of the Doors was placed in a bathtub to revieve him after a likely overdose...the details are here:

949 days ago


Does anyone else find the wording of this article extremely bizarre? What do you mean with "needs to determine exactly how much before they can rule whether she died as a result of drowning..."? Did someone in the medical examiners office take home the measuring cups and forget to return them? How, exactly, are they determining how much water was in her lungs that takes more than a measurement of water in the lungs during an autopsy? Did they hang up her lungs to dry, and they will measure the amount of water after they are finished draining? What a weird bit of "news", or non-news, depending on how you look at it.

949 days ago
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