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Whitney Houston

Found Underwater

2/12/2012 8:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston was found in the bathtub of a Beverly Hills hotel yesterday ... with her face underwater
Whitney Houston was found in the bathtub of a Beverly Hills hotel yesterday ... with her face underwater ... people close to Whitney tell TMZ.

According to our sources, her stylist, hairdresser and two bodyguards were among the people in the room at the time. We're told they became worried about Whitney because she had been in the bathroom for over an hour and it was time to start getting ready for the Clive Davis party. 

Our sources say they began to knock on the door and there was no answer. We're told the hairdresser, who is female, went in to check on Whitney. She immediately screamed and, according to our sources, one of the bodyguards came running in and pulled her out of the tub. 

We're told Whitney's face was below the water and her legs were up ... like she had slid down the back of the tub. 

According to our sources, her body was very cold and the bodyguard attempted CPR. That's when hotel security was called. 

Paramedics arrived shortly thereafter, but Whitney was pronounced dead at 3:55 PM.


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for all of you that think your coment is what the pepole who really love her want to here you are dead rong what we need to be talking about is what needs to be happing to bobby i thnk this is all his falt not hers just like it was not new edtions he is a bed seed he **** up evry thing he touches to the huston fam so very sorry bobby was born to do this to the grates love of your famliy as well as mine love you her baby and the real fans ripwhly.

961 days ago


Maybe she was in a habit of taking long baths so nobody was concerned until they knocked and there was no response. Don't start pointing fingers at her staff. I'm sure they feel awful that she was dying while they were right outside the door.

961 days ago

lisa wilson    

I see some holes in the story.
1) Why were her daughter & Dione Warwick not allowed to see her body.
2)Her Mom said she talked to her25-30 minutes before that & she was fine & they are saying she'd been in tub over 1 hour.
3)A BOdy does not GET VERY COLD in a HOT TUB In 1 hour.What's being hid?

961 days ago


My thoughts and prayers go out to her family she will be missed she was my favorite I am so very sad much love to you darling you were one of the greatest rip

961 days ago


No matter what drugs or anything ealse she was doing people dont look at this as what it is some people just dont stop and count their blessings we can point the finger but that want change a thing for her Daughter and other Loved ones PLEASE PRAY FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE SICK AND NOT SO MUCH I TOLD YOU SO. JUST YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED. WE LOVE YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL IT WILL BE OK THIS TOO WILL PASS.

961 days ago


Let's see how long it takes camera whore Jesse jackson to get on the scene. Him and Al can hog the microphone.

961 days ago

X cop    

When you play with drugs,you will always lose,this time it was her life. She is now in a better place,R I P

961 days ago


Have some RESPECT for her family!!!!!!!!!

961 days ago

Baby Hughie    

I see there are a boatload of armchair quarterbacks extolling on exactly who failed Whitney Houston. "How could her very own entourage let her bathe for a whole hour without checking on her?" "They KNEW she was loaded and should have kept a constant eye on her." Yada-yada-yada...

What a bunch of horse crap! Whitney Houston was an adult who made her own bed so that she, and anyone else to whom she took a fancy, could sleep in it! She was NOT an invalid who required constant surveillance, nor was she a prisoner who needed to be under lock and key.

The only person who failed Whitney Houston is...WHITNEY HOUSTON! It's unfortunate that she had to die, but die she did. And perhaps someone else who is in a similar life-predicament will take notice and straighten out their own life.

SIDE NOTE: As I was typing this post I came very close to subconsciously typing "Lindsay Lohan." Sigmund Freud, where are you?

961 days ago


Alot of twisted ****s on this bog.
Have some respect people for a fellow human being just died and and no matter what anyone thinks now that it is to late is that we lost one of the geatest female singers in our generation and a young girl just lost her mother.
Who are we to judge.

961 days ago


Whitney chose a life of self distruction and has paid the ultimate price. What a selfish person to have put her poor daughter through!!!

961 days ago


It is no one else's fault--other than Whitney!!!! We cannot blame her team. People are allowed private time to take a bath for goodness sake! She was an amazing talent, lost to the all too common deamons of this world. I pray that people wake up!!! I pray god will comfort her family during this difficult time!

960 days ago

no remorse.    

another selfish, junky, egomaniac bites the dust. Ho hum. think of all the good she could have done instead of wasting her life at 48. hopefully she can be redeemed by dying of natural cause's.

960 days ago


Kind of strange that Micheal Jackson dies the night before the BET Awards, Amy Winehouse dies the night before the MTV Awards and now Whitney Houston dies the night before The Grammy...The Industry killed them and y'all to blind to see It. Monica also stated that when Whitney came to see them to help them prepare for the awards Whitney seemed troubled and scared but wouldn't tell Monica what was wrong. Wake up people when you don't want to the things the Industry way anymore they take care of It. Water found In her lungs but no sign of drugs In her system, she talked to her mom hours before her passing and was fine! This seems suspect just Saying!

960 days ago

mommy 8990    

what a wonderful artist may she rest in peace

960 days ago
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