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Whitney Houston

Few Pills Recovered

at Death Scene

2/13/2012 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple medicine bottles were found in the Beverly Hills hotel room where Whitney Houston diedLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ ... multiple medicine bottles were found in the Beverly Hills hotel room where Whitney Houston died ... but we're told there were NOT a lot of pills at the scene.

Among the pills ... ibuprofen (painkiller), Xanax (anti-depressant), Midol (for menstrual cramps), amoxicillin (for treating bacterial infections) ... and more.

We're told the amoxicillin was prescribed recently because Whitney had been suffering from a sore throat.

We're told some of the pills were old ... some issued in 2011 ... but some of the bottles were from 2012. We're told the bottles that were recovered at the scene did not contain a lot of pills.

Sources tell us ... some of the prescriptions were filled at the infamous Mickey Fine pharmacy in Beverly Hills ... where Michael Jackson had numerous prescriptions filled for Demerol and other drugs.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... it's possible Whitney suffered a heart attack caused by an adverse reaction to her medication, but it is simply too early to make an official call on the cause of death.

We're told the L.A. Coroner's Office has removed the hold on Whitney's body ... which means her family can now have Whitney transported back to Atlanta, where the singer will be laid to rest.



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This was an incredible shock and lost. As far as I am concern Whitney was a hit. She had multiple talents, singing was just one. She was only human and she did make come back. In fact. I look forward to seeing her in the new Sparkle moving. May her spirit RIP. I pray for her family's strength expecially her daughter and X husband Bobby Brown too. This will be a lot for them to live with. My God keep them . A fan of since the beginning of her career.

949 days ago


R.I.P whitney houston we luv u nd we miss u verry much "we'll always luv u"

949 days ago


Ibuprophen is NOT a "pain killer"! It is an anti-inflammatory, it's also called Motrin! As another poster wrote, it can be bought over the counter or by prescription at higher doses. Xanax is NOT an anti-depressant! It is an anti-anxiety medication! These and the other medications you mention in this article do NOT represent those that a drug addict would abuse!!! She may have been a drug addict in the past, but having those very common medications with her certainly does NOT mean she was abusing drugs when she died! Check your facts BEFORE you put the garbage out; oh, I forgot, the truth just isn't as trashy is it?

948 days ago


Ibuprofen is not a pain killer.. it's a anti inflamatory. And you can get it at walmart.. nobiggie.

948 days ago

darlene mckinney    

God why do people hate so much & don't even know the truth.(RIP)Whitney This is for you & your millions of fans.God Bless All Of You & I Hope It Brings You Some Relief.

ODE TO WHITNEY:Whitney, you were "Waiting to Exhale" and trying to figure out "Why Does It Hurt So Bad". In spite of it all, you really wanted that "One Moment in Time" where somebody could say "Count on Me" and really mean it. your process of "Getting to Happy", you turned to God and said "I Look to You" and He replied "I Will Always Love You". Now, you are experiencing "The Greatest Love of All". You can finally close your eyes and exhale with out people trying to kill your career... now It's just you and God who you can run to! ~~~~

948 days ago


I think we all know what killed's called self-destruction. Too much money, too spoiled, to rebellious, to proud to acknowledge she needed help. She simply self-destructed by her own demands and with her own hands.

948 days ago


Maybe you people should remember that she had a family, a child.... before you make these claims. The media is inhuman. You should all be shot.

948 days ago


**** me! lol not a lot of pills!!! then what exactly does constitute a lot of pills????? LOL ****ing wankers.

948 days ago


Her body is being released and is in New Jersey not Atlanta.

947 days ago


Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory, not, a pain killer, Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication, not, an anti-depressant, and Midol very seldom heals menstrual cramps. Most women take it prevent or treat bloating associated with PMS. Congratulations on getting the use for Amoxicillin correct. 1 out of 4. Learn your medication, TMZ.

946 days ago


Maybe there were no pills in the bottles because she took them all?

946 days ago

lynda bernier    

let this woman rest in peace!!! gezzzz....have some respect for her child!,,,bunch of loser reporter and nobodies commenting on her life,,,love u mrs brown!!! yea i said it!!!1 mrs brown!!!!

946 days ago


good riddance!! one more less powerful and rich person to stop funding the druglords!

946 days ago


Just a thought: The cast of TMZ seem to be on drugs....a lot!

946 days ago


R.I.P Whitney. You were very much loved by many. With that been said. Everybody seem to always have a story to tell. it seem that dead r alive people always have something negative to say. Dont nobody know what really happen and some will never know. Whitney did make a come back because she gave herself back to GOD. He wouldnt have excepted it no other way. Rest sweet angel. You have no worries. Bobby kristina will be okay you made sure of that before you gave yourself back to GOD. We r here just for a little while...

944 days ago
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