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Whitney Houston

Taking Xanax

2/12/2012 7:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The body of Whitney Houston being removed from the Beverly Hills Hilton in an ambulance.
Whitney Houston was taking Xanax ... evidence she may have fallen asleep in the bathtub where she died ... TMZ has learned.

Family members of Whitney tell us the singer had a prescription for the drug, which is commonly used to treat anxiety and depression. 

We told you yesterday ... the night before Whitney died, she had been drinking a lot. Xanax mixed with alcohol can cause severe sedation, which could cause someone to fall asleep in a bathtub.

As TMZ first reported, Whitney was found in the bathtub and removed before EMTs arrived.  The L.A. County Coroner will perform an autopsy -- possibly today -- to determine if Whitney died from drowning, and OD or other causes.

As we previously reported, Beverly Hills cops obtained a search warrant and found various prescription bottles -- but, as far as we know, no illicit drugs.


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Tragic RIP.

962 days ago


Not surprised. Xanax is one of the most abused addictive drugs that doctors hand out like candy

962 days ago

Just sad really. I'm so upset another great lost to stupid drugs. Wake up people drugs ain't crap they just ruin you. This was and always will be a beautiful woman with unmatchable talent and it just hurt so much seeing here deteriorate throughout the years because of it and yet her voice was no match for anyone so you can imagine just how talented she was. Rest in peace my dear Whitney god needed a voice of a angel by his side.

962 days ago

wants to know    

can someone please explain to why Xanax seems to be in the system of so many when they die?What is it about this drug...Just lost someone on this stupid medicine he was 19..

962 days ago


Whitney died of Michael Jackson disease: Diva, Dope and Addiction. RIP Whitney, may you teach us something beyond your wonderful voice!

962 days ago


It is extremely possible for Whitney to have drowned. There's something called dry drowning where water is not needed to drown. With Xanax and alcohol she could have easily gotten muscular paralysis which can cause dry drowning. She could have drowned without her face ever coming in contact with the water in that tub - FACT.

962 days ago


A few yrs back in '09 I think... paps had a pic of whitney and ray j in the car. She had her purse open and a prescription drug bottle. A fan and pharmacist who worked for that same pharmacy chain as her drug bottle looked up her info... and said she was being prescribed anti-depression medication and anxiety meds. Proof TMZ has it spot on... and yes, I believe she had problem with drinking. She may have kicked the crack but not the drink. So drink plus xanax caused her to sleep in tub of water or possibly fall in the tub and drown. SAD. #Truth!!

962 days ago


I just keep wondering how many brilliant talents like this we have to lose to drugs before we can openly talk about what drugs are doing them, stop enabling them, and get them the help they need.

962 days ago


Dear Bobby Brown, please bring this story full circle and step in front of a moving train this morning.

I wonder how long until TMZ gets a exclusive on how the Kardashians are handling the passing of Ms. Houston or maybe they can get Vivid to talk about some porn movie they have yet to release.

I hate you TMZ, with all my heart.

962 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

I saw as most of you did the pics. of Whitney that were taken on thursday and she looked out of it and not very healthy.RIP Whitney.

962 days ago


Seriously sorry for her family's loss.

I love how you say, 'no illicit drugs found'

Dont you think maybe if she was just using a little 'illicit' marijuana, her life wouldnt have been the mess that it was?

This is the how many'th celeb to die from PILLS that a DOcTOR prescribed.

How about you do a story about how Weed is never present in these celeb deaths?

962 days ago


Harvey, and everybody else at TMZ, but especially Harvey, must have gotten hardons when this happened. I mean, this is the kind of **** you exist for, isn't it?Celebrity premature deaths. Tragic deaths surrounded in mystery and controversy.How soon after it was announced did you have someone there at the hotel hoping for a death shot? Minutes? Seconds? Or do you have someone in place in every major hotel in LA in hopes of something like this happening.Like a round the clock celebrity death watch.How much did you pay for the shot of the body on the stretcher. Too bad you didn't get a shot of the daughter freaking out on the cops. Or was there one but they were asking too much?

962 days ago


I had a friend pass away in 2007 who had been out drinking the night before and he took drugs for depression. (I actually believe it was Xanax.) He wasn't a big drinker and not a partier at all...but, mix alcohol with prescriptions and your body can just "Shut down." She was an amazing singer and can sing in Heavens choir now.

962 days ago


Se fue una gran voz,buen talento,nos deja un gran recuerdo de toda su gran trayectoria,Q.E.P.D.

962 days ago


Now Barack Obama has nobody to listen to.

962 days ago
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