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2/13/2012 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy was hospitalized this AM for an extreme migraine
was hospitalized this AM for an extreme migraine ... TMZ has learned.

The mogul hosted a post-Grammy party at the Playboy Mansion Sunday night (below). After the party, Diddy went home and got a massive headache.

Diddy's entourage became so concerned ... they drove him to the UCLA  emergency room -- btw, the same place where Michael Jackson was pronounced dead.

Diddy was treated and is back at home ... feeling a lot better. A Diddy source tells us ... the migraine was unrelated to anything that went down at the Mansion. 

Diddy hosted a post-Grammy party at the Playboy Mansion Sunday night


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good...he an a$$hole anyway

980 days ago

Pudding Tang    

i thought knuckleheads didn't get migraines, what a pampered wuss poseur bad boy

980 days ago

max cat    

I heard he had a turkey sandwich and was forced to listen to his own music, that has to hurt and he may die. We should all pray he is never forced to listen to himself again

980 days ago


I love the bottom picture of all the grown men lining up like little school girls to see him. No wonder he thinks he's a god.

Ahh! I just got a picture of the back of P. Diddys head and I only had to pay $50,000 haha!

980 days ago


Alcohol can trigger migraines, but migraines are no joke. Mine are so severe that I've been sent to the hospital because co-workers thought it was a stroke. The pain is crazy. If he does suffer from these, I feel for the guy.

980 days ago



980 days ago


How come this guy never closes his mouth? Every single picture he's ever been in, he has his mouth hanging open like a dooshe.

980 days ago


No fan of his but migraines can involve severe vomiting for hours, complete dehydration, stroke-like symptoms, etc. Emergency room visits for them are common.

980 days ago


I don't really have an opinion about him one way or the other, but having suffered with migraines myself for 23 years I do have compassion for him if he also gets them. I have tried every medication, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, food elimination, every time I have my period I get a migraine so bad that I throw up for 3 days so now I am on continuous birth control with no week off. Nothing works so now I take Frova, oxycodone and an anti-nausea medication and these help the most. Twice in the last year I was unable to keep the anti-nausea meds down and became severely dehydrated so I had to go to the emergency room. I have seen a neurologist for nearly 20 years so I know these are migraines. They feel like someone is ramming a thick metal rod through your eye and out the back of your head and they hurt so much that you throw up.

980 days ago


This N!GG3R should die too!!

980 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Yeah, I get a migraine too every time I see that jerk. Jive Azz Turkey.

980 days ago


This N!GG3R should die too!!

980 days ago


Ladymimhawk, that's harsh. Surprising coming from someone who's had Migraines. There are literally millions of people who get Migraines so severe that only strong prescription meds will help. Ibuprofen is as much use as breath mints. I almost hope YOU get one of those someday so you can learn how cruel and ignorant your comment is.

979 days ago

Jesus Speaks    

This pic looks really "constantine-ish" or is it just me ?

978 days ago

Fellow migraineur    

I, too, have had to go to the ER for migraine attacks too severe for a triptan. I have met others who get them and they can't take ibuprofen, triptans, etc., so have to go to the ER every time. It's a neurological condition, not just a "headache."

975 days ago
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