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My Daddy Scares Me

2/13/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry has been accessed of multiple incidents of child neglect and endangerment.
Gabriel Aubry has been accused of multiple incidents of child neglect and endangerment ... and one of the accusers is 3-year-old Nahla, TMZ has learned. 

Sources tell us the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services conducted numerous interviews with people familiar with the relationship between Gabriel, Halle Berry and Nahla. We're told DCFS now has numerous incidents that have raised concerns about Gabriel’s ability to properly parent his child.

We're told DCFS conducted an interview with Nahla, who talked about her father and described incidents involving him screaming at her -- and how it made her extremely frightened.

Our sources say DCFS has information about Gabriel  yanking the child out of the nanny’s hands, allegedly pushing the nanny while holding the child, and putting the child in harm’s way while Halle was shooting a movie in Europe.

As TMZ previously reported, the Dependency Court ordered that Gabriel can only have contact with his daughter in the presence of a monitor to ensure the safety of Nahla. But we're told that is just the beginning ... there will be numerous other hearings, as well as additional requirements that Gabriel must fulfill, which will include various forms of counseling.

As we reported earlier, Gabriel agreed to anger management counseling ... but we're told the Dependency Court will order more than that.

Just a note ... Dependency Court is different from the family court where Gabriel and Halle have been frequent visitors over the past year. Dependency Court is designed specifically to protect a child when there are signs of neglect or abuse. Being hauled into Dependency Court is far more serious than a family law skirmish.



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Bobo Frog    

Is the word "accessed" in the first sentence supposed to be "accused". I think so. TMZ articles should have the names of the authors on them so we can know which airheads have written which articles.

879 days ago


No judge is taking chances after the horrific death of the two boys in Utah. The commenters on any subject in this website always take the side of the miscreant. They need to join Gabriel in his classes. I would do every thing to protect my child too, Any man truly concerned about his child wouldn't free loaf off the money of the mother.

879 days ago


Well are you crazies satisfied, the article states: "We're told DCFS conducted an interview with Nahla, who talked about her father and described incidents involving him screaming at her -- and how it made her extremely frightened."

Maybe now you'll start sincerely worrying about the safety of this little girl instead of being obsessed with sticking it to her mother on behalf of a man none of you know absolutely nothing about.

879 days ago


Young children are extremely susceptible to implanted false memories. Just asking her the question is likely to get her to say whatever the questioner wants to hear, and then it becomes part of her memory even if it never happened. It's very hard to properly question children her age as a result. It would be very easy for her mom to intentionally or unintentionally create such false memories, in addition to problems with the questioning by social workers. Really, a three year old just can't separate fantasy from reality and just suggesting something might have happened can embed it firmly in their brain - the false memory will be indistinguishable from a real one. Both parents need to be supervised in such a dispute.

879 days ago


Enough....I'm tired of irresponsible parents.

879 days ago


Hey Halle, you can hire lawyers and PR people to comment in your defense but no one is buying it. You want to move to France with the next guy that will dump you and you've decided to punish Gabriel in the process. When you get dumped people will call it karma and Nahla will never forgive you when she's older and learns what you've done. Hollywood is turning against you too and you know it. Your bitterness will rot you from the inside out.

879 days ago


Seems so odd that anything negative about him, suddenly gets "leaked", as if Halle is intentionally and maliciously trying to smear his name in the media/headlines.

ALWAYS the headlines are negative toward him, as if she is behind making sure that others hate him as much as she obviously does. Yet the little girl LOVES her Daddy. I hope the Judge/court can decipher if Halle is the problem, causing parental alienation and brainwashing and manipulating her child as to what to say.

Either way it is sick that this child is in the middle. I hope the court truly has the best interest of this child, because it seems sketchy if either parent really does anymore. It seems like Halle needs to fight to always be right and control everything. Who would not get angry and upset after being controlled, criticized, demeaned.

Kick a dog enough, keep them caged in, they will eventually bite back, fight back.

I feel Halle torments the men who come into her life, then when they leave her, she wants the deepest of revenge, to hurt, manipulate, scar and ruin.

Halle=narcissist, they warn to run and stay as far away from a narcissist as you can, once they get their grips on you, they will do anything, everything to try to make your life hell and destroy you.

879 days ago


anyone who doesn't believe THIS is Halle manipulating her welcome to buy the lovely Brooklyn Bridge off of me.

Halle can't envision a man loving his daughter because she didn't have it as a girl? cruel cruel cruel!!!!

I'm on Team Nahla!

879 days ago

Fat Mike    

Yeah right, and I'm sure she just came out with that and wasn't coerced at all.

879 days ago


Seriously, TMZ, you need to get a proofreader! "accessed" should be "accused." With all the people out of work, including me, you shouldn't have any trouble finding someone for the job. Or, just hire people who can write!

879 days ago


TMZ why not stick with Gossip? This information is too personal and sensitive! You are painting Gabriel as a horrible man. Who doesn't scream when they have kids? And aren't you forgetting Halle's immoral motivation here? It has always been her goal to push Gabriel out of the picture completely. I wouldn't put it past Halle to whisper a few things into Nahla's ear, remember how suggestible children are?

879 days ago


in sweden recently a woman, ex woman, made her daughter tell the cops her dad said he wanted to be "milked" later the girl confessed she was instructed to tell her that.

879 days ago


Women on this thread are jealous of Halle because she's had men they can only dream of having and it's hilarious! She's moving to Europe so that they no longer have to deal with this racist bigot! Nahla's new dad is Olivier Martinez as it should be!

#team Halle!

879 days ago

bitch please    

Gabriel needs to walk away from this toxic situation. It would be best for him and Nahla. Shame on you Halle Berry. Gabriel doesn't want your crazy ass, get over it.

879 days ago

Keyser Söze    

I wouldn't start screaming "SEE? I TOLD YA SO!" if you're one of the remaining fans of Halle Berry.

The kid could have been coached by her mom to say she was scared of her dad. I know that from personal experience - my own mother pulled the same stuff during my folks's divorce. And, since my mom isn't a sociopath like Berry, there's a fairly good chance the poor kid was manipulated into saying what she said.

Furthermore... frankly, the DCFS could have leaded her on, for all we know, during her 'questioning' (doesn't that sound weird to you that adults seriously take into account any comment made by a 3-years-old? That's just weird... and sad.) And, really, if you weren't a little bit scared of your father, when you were a kid... he wasn't much of a father, wasn't he? I'm just saying - someone gotta play the heavy, between the mom and dad, for a kid to not turn into a spoiled brat, and that's usually the man's job.

Finally, until TMZ and/or other news outlets bother to tell us what exactly happen during THE BIG EVENT that supposedly put Nahla in harm’s way, they should seriously stop mentioning it altogether. What seems like endangering a kid for someone could also be viewed as a honest-to-god rookie parent mistake for other. Let's put it this way: if Michael Jackson didn't lose custody of Blanket after dangling him over a window, I can't imagine anything Aubry must have done that would warrant him losing his kid. So, seriously, unless he straight-up cold-c☺cked her... whatever, man.

But, at the end of the day, I'm really starting to think that, ultimately, all of this ain't worth it. Honestly, I have no idea where Aubry find the will to keep fighting this fight - sorry, but I would have walk away from this whole mess already if I were in the same position. Yeah, he's probably a better man than me, but I would bet my house that he's as miserable as a guy can be right now. You know what the worst part of it all? When he moves on and start a family with someone else, it will turn out that he was a good father all along... a father that Nahla will only have a vague memory of. I'm telling you, this is exactly what's going to happen, unless the world's really going to end come December.

879 days ago
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