Judge to Jerry Sandusky: You Can See Your Grandkids ... If Parents Consent

2/13/2012 5:15 AM PST

Alleged serial child rapist Jerry Sandusky -- former Penn State asst. football coach -- has been cleared by a judge to visit with his grandkids ... as long as the parents are present during the encounter.

The judge also ruled that Sandusky can receive visits from adults.

The judge was clearly feeling generous to the former football coach ... because he also shot down an attempt by prosecutors to have Sandusky confined indoors as he awaits trial due to a fear that he might rape local children.

Sandusky is already on home confinement ... but prosecutors wanted Sandusky locked indoors over fears that he might make an effort to contact kids at an elementary school behind his home.  

Seriously, elementary school behind his home. Your stomach turning yet?

But the judge ruled there was not enough evidence to prove Sandusky was making "any effort to contact any of the children by signaling or calling to them, or that he made any gestures directed toward them, or that he acted in any inappropriate way whatsoever."

Sandusky is due back in court in May ... when he will face 52 counts of sexually assaulting boys over a 15-year span.