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Lindsay Lohan

One of My Movers

Is Selling Me Out

2/12/2012 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the movers who helped pack up Lindsay Lohan's mountain of crap in her Venice home is now trying to sell photos of the actress' personal belongings ... TMZ has learned.

According to sources, the mover in question took photographs of Lindsay's stuff while he was piling it into storage -- and is now trying to sell the pics ... as well as information about the storage facility Lindsay is using ... and even where she eventually plans to move.

Sources tell TMZ, Lindsay's camp is aware of the situation and is currently working to find out who's behind the leak attempt.

Lindsay's people are especially freaked because the actress has made it a priority to keep a low profile the last few weeks -- following a trespasser scare on her Venice property New Year's Day.

We're told Lindsay is also afraid people might try to track down her belongings in storage and try to steal things. So far, we're told police have not been involved.


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Bloody f*****g hilarious! She's afraid people are trying to steal her things? Hasn't she got that backwards?

980 days ago


Camp Lindsay must be hysterical since this entire week will be tied up with Whitney news.

980 days ago


I just checked the Yahoo newspage. Linds isn't "trending".

980 days ago


From 1/23/12

Kim Kardashian 12,732,172

Paris Hilton 5,965,946

Snooki 4,173,767

Kendall Jener 2,278,527


Today 2/13/12

Kim Kardasian 13,152,074

Paris Hilton 6,177.371

Snooki 4,387,027

Kendall Jenner 2,415,241

IN just three weeks look how many followers these girls got.
It took over a year for Lohans team to get her to where she is today on twitter. Which isn't much.
E! online has more followers than Lohan

E! online 3,954,076

Lindsay finally getting 3 million paid followers on Twitter (after how many years has twitter been out) shows how "Z" list she is

980 days ago


BTW, its not stealing when you show up to a storage unit with a court order to retrieve your belongings, the one's that you stole. Remember those?

980 days ago


Its always something with this girl who wants a pic of Lilo's crap anyway

980 days ago


Oh, please, she's been all over other sites because of her Fashion Week ugly outfits and uglier behavior.

980 days ago

Ellie G    

Oh for crying out loud, paranoid much Linds? And WTF did Ali do to her mouth? It looks like someone punched her square in the kisser.

980 days ago


More pathetic drama to get attention. One day, this stupid little girl will learn about the boy who cried wolf... she'll be in real trouble, but no one will notice because they'll dismiss it as her attention whoring...

980 days ago

Good riddance!    

The photos of her stuff should be distributed to the LA police's crime division that handles stolen item reports and also to store owners and local victims of theft. As for the location, she can thank Dina, because she will be handling that in a big way. Dina's pissed because people are undercutting her future bids to make tweek $ and Blohan is scared that someone will ID her stolen items. These grifters are so effing transparent.

980 days ago


Complete BS story. When dealing with situations like hers, movers often take photos of what they are moving to prove what is there and what condition it's in. They do this to protect themselves, which probably needs to be done, when you're dealing with Lindsay Lohan. Who knows what she would accuse them of stealing or damaging. Her people knew of this and decided to make a false story out of it, to get her in the news and make her look like a victim once again. You really have to wonder why TMZ would post this story that is obvious BS, yet not say one word about her Fashion Week escapades. PATHETIC.

980 days ago


TMZ is not posting the pictures, because they were never contacted about them. This is all from "sources". Who would want to see pictures of her belongings, anyway? This story is either BS or the Lohan's trying to scam the Moving Company by saying things went missing.

980 days ago


She's afraid people will go steal all the drugs they packed up of hers.

980 days ago


the mover might have naked pics of her, or in compromising situations caught on camera..those pics would be rare...where could you find such pics of lindsay naked or screwed up? it would be like a big foot sighting or someone actually catching a snipe..
Oh thats right the court room pics and everywhere else she goes has those pics..

980 days ago


Paris had a little gram
Referred to it as “blow”
Five ciggies lit, Linds pilfered it
Then back to the Chateau

980 days ago
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