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Lindsay Lohan

One of My Movers

Is Selling Me Out

2/12/2012 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the movers who helped pack up Lindsay Lohan's mountain of crap in her Venice home is now trying to sell photos of the actress' personal belongings ... TMZ has learned.

According to sources, the mover in question took photographs of Lindsay's stuff while he was piling it into storage -- and is now trying to sell the pics ... as well as information about the storage facility Lindsay is using ... and even where she eventually plans to move.

Sources tell TMZ, Lindsay's camp is aware of the situation and is currently working to find out who's behind the leak attempt.

Lindsay's people are especially freaked because the actress has made it a priority to keep a low profile the last few weeks -- following a trespasser scare on her Venice property New Year's Day.

We're told Lindsay is also afraid people might try to track down her belongings in storage and try to steal things. So far, we're told police have not been involved.


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Hmmmm...Fashion week goes until February 16th. Dina states "We're here for all of Fashion Week", and now there is pictures of Lindsay and Ali at LAX??? I wonder what happened? Dina just misinformed?

984 days ago


Moving companies are required to take pics of belongings at every step along the way. Why would anyone want to buy pics of her crap anyways?

984 days ago

Ghost Rider    

What a non story, and I really hate to say that those new photos of her look awful, even worse than this photo.

984 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@Skeptic, if you read this I have some new Woo for you, and its not about Anthony Hamiltons new hit single. I was doing a puzzle last week of Thomas Jeffersons house the Monticello, and I started reading a book about him that was lying around when I had an impulse urge to go to the weird section of the Library if you will. I randomly picked up a book on impulse called "Strangers among us" by a Ruth Montgomery. Strangely it is a book about a walk-ins, and apparently a lot of the founding fathers could have possibly been walk-ins like Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin. While reading this book many things are making more sense to me, so my new project for the year is working on becoming a "Walk-out"! I myself am a bit skeptical on this whole walk-in/walk-out subject, so if I eventually stop posting here altogether my spirit hopefully walked-out for good.
Hey, if you think this is crazy, you should have been here when I used to be drunk all the time and posted as lucky!

984 days ago


Ok.....just turned off Wendy show...she was doing a crying eulogy for a woman she says she only meet one time 15 yrs ago acting as though they were bosum buddies and she died of cancer or something instead of over dosing on drugs and alcohol.....hell before the week is out they will be nominating her for sainthood.....I'm sorry the woman is dead but I'm sorry more for her mother, and her daughter...who have to live with the knowledge that she died by basically killing herself ...cause shes just like Lindsay knew what she was doing and still did it anyway....
I am not heartless or cold hearted but I am a realist..and that is the plain true and now everybody is going to jump on that "Wonderful Whitney" band wagon and that I can't stand..whether they knew her intimately or meet her 15 yrs ago they are all going to be best buddies or have a connection........ It is all so fake......

984 days ago

Jim in Cali    

LOL Lindsay is delusional. The way her life is going she should be cutting a deal with this guy so she can get some income coming in.

And LOL Lindsay is worried someone might "steal" something from her. Oh the irony.

984 days ago


CRACK...she doesn't have "things" lmao

984 days ago


Somebody tell me whats with the Jerry Lewis eye glasses she sporting last night at the airport......I remember them from that movie the Nutty Professor.....Those are Real "Look at Me" glasses guarnetted to get people to look to see what idiot would wear something as stupid as they are...probably pure glass and not even reading glasses....LOL....just like the "look at Me' oversize sun glasses she constantly wears at night....
She would have been better to have done something with that thing she had settin on her head....OOPS !!! that was her hair...LOL...could have fooled me !!!

984 days ago


She's probably scared that some of the crap she's stolen over the years will wind up in the photos.

984 days ago

delusional much LL?    

"has made it a priority to keep a low profile" yeah...okay.
dead give away of who the "source" was of this non-story.
contacting gossip sites to keep your name out there isn't keeping a "low profile". not to mention showing up at an amfar event,leaked photos etc.

even people who semi-regularly read the gossip blogs,know lowhan and her camp are bs artists.
sure some casual observers may be "aww poor lindsay" "leave the girl alone"...blah,blah,blah.
meanwhile this woman is the cause of her own misery, lives for attention and has the sites on speed-dial.
to hazzard a guess i'd say 'narcissistic personality disorder' for sure.

if their phony messages are aimed at the top people in hollywood who do the hiring.well it's time to catch on that they ain't biting.

984 days ago


whitneys body has already been moved..and on its way back east..
so lindsay will not have apart of any story about her at the mogue with whitney..(that was coming next)

984 days ago

Ellie G    

This story comes out before any pics are even sold. This just sounds like a way to get more money for the pics when they do come out. Stinks of Lohan.

984 days ago


I don't believe sources but this story has a ring of truth to it because its exactly what a greedy idiot would do. This douche realises the gossip blogs want anything and everything connected to Lindsay and he can earn some money. If he does sell the pics, as far as I know its against the law as Removal companies have a confidentially agreement with their client.

I think this is people from Lindsays camp getting it out there they know whats going on, it might stop them. Revealing Lindsays new address is downright dangerous at this stage.

984 days ago

u iz a cutiepie    

Lindsay Lohan looks nothing like the pictures TMZ uses. She is so fugly now

984 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So where are these pictures? Nobody has seen them, no other news sources are reporting this. TMZ has been sitting on this story (it has been listed under Lindsay's profile for 2 days). No word from anyone except from "sources". When it comes to Lohan sources=lies. She has been caught in several lies recently, get a clue.

984 days ago
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