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Nicki Minaj

Grammy Performance ...

From Hell

2/13/2012 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Millions of people think the best part of Nicki Minaj's insane Grammy performance was the moment it ended -- and her musical ode to "The Exorcist" left us with one burning question ...


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The Grammy's are supposed to honor the best of that year.How in the hell did she get on that show ? She is a circus performer with no talent.That was the worst performance in Grammy History. Worse than Bob Dylan last year.

919 days ago


She's a bad singer anyway, I don't understand why she's famous because her music sucks.

919 days ago


I think The devil in hell was cringing. That performance was excruciatingly terrible. The recording industry should be embarrassed for signing
and allowing that crap to be heard anywhere.

919 days ago


Sorry But Really, WTF??? 15 Mins of more fame. Ludicrious/ You made everyone say WTF...Get a better device to make people like you. IT SUCKED.. SORRY. AND DIDN'T GET IT.. the EXCORCIST WAS BETTER THAN YOUR 4 MIN SHOW JUST SAYING

919 days ago

billy cema    

The Grammys need to exorcise this demonic trash from all its programs.

919 days ago


Absolutely horrible song and horrendous performance.
I'm not a very religious person but I thought it was vulgar and tasteless especially for Catholics.

919 days ago


Hands down the worst performance I have ever seen in my entire life. I turned to my boyfriend mid-performance and said "Grammys or not if I were there I would walk out right now." This is the epitomy of classless and distasteful music that has poisoned the music industry. Anything that will offend. I'm not even a Catholic but that was straight offensive and disgusting. I will never buy or listen to any music from her again.

919 days ago

Oh hell no.    

I never really been a Nickii Minaj fan. I think she is a bitter. Always doing something another artist has done already. I think she thinks she is the black lady gaga, because she did not start off with all this craziness until lady gaga started getting recognition for walking around damn near naked. The performance was very insulting and tired. I'm not Catholic but to act as though that type of behavior in any sanctuary goes on rather it's christian, catholic or muslin is disgraceful and disrespectful. If I didn't like her before I surely don't like her even more now.

919 days ago


you all are haters... try opening your mind for once! you would complain no matter what - if the performances were all the same boring thing time after time, would u like that? someone is actually expressing themself and entertaining all of u non-artistic f*cks. she actually did something no other rapper has done, incorporating her flow into a theatrical performance. it was very innovative and she is a very talented individual.

919 days ago


omg she sucks ass!!!!

919 days ago


and also nicki is an actress..she went to school for it. the whole alter-ego Roman thing is HERS - she is not copying anyone. With the costumes and the craziness, yes you can say she is trying too hard. But then you also have to say Lady Gaga is trying too hard. But noooo, no one says that! we can run round and round and try to say who is copying who, but everyone is biting off off everyone!

919 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I have always thought of Nicki's career as a tragedy. She actually is very talented, but someone told her she had to be outrageous to have a career as a female rapper. Butt implants, pretend homosexuality, bizarre wigs, makeup and costumes and songs that get more odd as time goes on. I'm sure that she would prefer to write and perform as a normal person, but now that the formula has proven successful I'm sure she won't be allowed to stop the theatrics.

919 days ago

Canadian watcher    

Absolutely horrible performance and complete waste of my time - 5 minutes I won't get back. The huge flash hides no talent compared to others they chose - Adele - just sang tremendously with no flash and Jennifer Hudson - just sang amazingly with no flash. AND the tribute Whitney clip at the start she sang like the angel she now is.

919 days ago


It's quite Sad... I thought they screened these presentations before our viewing. Apparently not.. It was sacrilegious. ...

919 days ago


Bad, Bad, performance! I'm no longer Catholic, but it was also purposely to piss them off and gain attention, bad publicity stunt...seems it didn't work!
I'm OK with her as a rapper, but as a singer and performer, she needs to give it up. Her music is for radio and clubs only! Plus, she's coming off extremely desperate, I'm sure GaGa wants her style back!

919 days ago
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