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Whitney Houston's Death

Rx Pills ... the New Heroin

2/13/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Whitney Houston's death is the latest in a string of celeb tragedies -- Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger -- that show prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as illegal narcotics.

Only TMZ has the latest details about what  was in Whitney's hotel room ... and what it could reveal about her death.

Plus, several people in the newsroom call radishes on Beyonce's baby pics -- claiming Blue Ivy looks nothing like her parents. Let the debate begin! And, breaking S.I. Swimsuit Issue news ... yes, bikinis are news too.


0:00) Whitney Houston -- dead at 48 ... Ryan explains how her body was found ... and by whom.
(2:15) A handful of Rx drugs were found in Whitney's room -- but no real smoking gun.
(8:45) We obtained exclusive photos of Whitney's hotel room -- and there were empty bottles of booze in it.
(13:50) Hottest breaking news ever -- Kate Upton's SI Swimsuit Edition cover was leaked ... we know how it happened.
(14:50) Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party -- held at the same hotel in which Whitney's dead body was found. Some people are disgusted by it ... some aren't surprised at all. 
(26:20) Whitney -- a long history of drug addiction, stints in rehab, and public meltdowns.
(31:01) Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy -- some people refuse to believe it's hers ... especially one person in the newsroom.
(46:00) People trade "where were you when you learned Whitney was dead" stories.


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I didn't know her personally, but I very much appreciated her talent. She gave us goosbumps.
Arguably, you could say that "The Voice" was gone in the later years, but still she changed what it meant to be a popular singer. You know, she popularized the 'power vocal'.
Still so sad to hear this news... from the same town that brings us such great talent (Hollywood) seems to take them away from us. I am not suggesting a murder at all. I am saying that in that town celebrities get enveloped into substance usage.
They grow and explode into stardom from that town...and they also go there to die it seems.
Countless talent has been robbed from us with these similar stories.
This creates a void in the world...we miss these talents.

It seems tease us, to advertise such amazing talent, to enthrall, to capture our attention, to effect us...and then it all goes away too soon.

983 days ago

Flying Blind    

gosh, "Breaking News" again, everyday for the last two weeks ............. ha

983 days ago


I am sick of TMZ talking about how bad she looked coming from the party. It was after 1am!! Partying, dancing, etc for many hours, just how lily fresh does YOUR make up and hair stay???

983 days ago


Harvey & Charles, can you please have this guy stop breaking into TMZ Live with breaking news which NEVER has anything to do with what is being discussed! And RARELY is the news all that important!

983 days ago


Bobby Brown is to blame for this. He knew exactly what he was doing when he got her into drugs. He wanted her to be dependent upon blame game - at the end of the day, everyone KNEw THAT bb WAS responsible. Everyone.

983 days ago


Why are you surprised at anything that happens in Hollywood?

983 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

The party Should've been cancelled. This shows how much they cared about her. When you really care for someone and their family you would cancel the party or at least moved the party someone else.

983 days ago


I'd be curious as to how much they "didn't" find. All her handlers there before cops & medics show up....I'd be surprised if they didn't clean up the room a bit first...I could be wrong, but it shouldn't be discounted either.

983 days ago

Stan Giesea    

I'm not sure that the decision to continue the party was a sign of disrespect. They were probably so in shock that they didn't know what else to do.

983 days ago


I think personally that Bobby Brown has blood on his hands because he is the one that got Whitney hooked on drugs.

983 days ago


we all want to think that the world will stop and everyone will be sad . when we die .
but thats just not how things work. you die your family and friends are sad . but the world keeps moving .

983 days ago


Dr. Drew the other night mentioned Whitney had an adopted son. If this is true why is nothing being said about him?

983 days ago


Will someone PLEASE GAG that LITTLE BRAT RYAN... the one acting all "TMZ THUG" with his hood up... OMG...

983 days ago


I think actions speak louder than words. The fact that the party was going on while her dead body was still upstairs shows that the party goers really did not have much respect for Whitney despite whatever they say. Recently she was banned from Prince concerts and she had been seen partying and acting erractic. So, perhaps people really just didn't want to stop the party because they didn't respect her anymore. It's sad. I think it's disgusting to party while their friends cold dead body is just a few floors away.

983 days ago


In Clive Davis' defense I think you do odd things when someone close to you dies and I think you can sometimes seasaw between between wanting it to go on and not and you don't always handle things in a clear manner. But you have to account that I think he was in shock slightly.

Kim K and D. Ross and the rest -the pictures were disgusting I agree but I don't think Clive Davis needs bashing really it was an error in judgement. Even Alicia Keys just so lame lounge speach if her career busts she would do well at impromptu wakes.

Bobbi Brown is a loser he should have been a
on the first plane back not on stage prancing about like its 1996.

983 days ago
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