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Whitney Houston's Death

Rx Pills ... the New Heroin

2/13/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Whitney Houston's death is the latest in a string of celeb tragedies -- Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger -- that show prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as illegal narcotics.

Only TMZ has the latest details about what  was in Whitney's hotel room ... and what it could reveal about her death.

Plus, several people in the newsroom call radishes on Beyonce's baby pics -- claiming Blue Ivy looks nothing like her parents. Let the debate begin! And, breaking S.I. Swimsuit Issue news ... yes, bikinis are news too.


0:00) Whitney Houston -- dead at 48 ... Ryan explains how her body was found ... and by whom.
(2:15) A handful of Rx drugs were found in Whitney's room -- but no real smoking gun.
(8:45) We obtained exclusive photos of Whitney's hotel room -- and there were empty bottles of booze in it.
(13:50) Hottest breaking news ever -- Kate Upton's SI Swimsuit Edition cover was leaked ... we know how it happened.
(14:50) Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party -- held at the same hotel in which Whitney's dead body was found. Some people are disgusted by it ... some aren't surprised at all. 
(26:20) Whitney -- a long history of drug addiction, stints in rehab, and public meltdowns.
(31:01) Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy -- some people refuse to believe it's hers ... especially one person in the newsroom.
(46:00) People trade "where were you when you learned Whitney was dead" stories.


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if you think bobby brown got whitney hooked on drugs, you are an idiot. she was a model in the 80's when everyone was on coke to maintain weight and suppers appetite. they both have addictive personalities and took to one another. his demon is alcohol

983 days ago


y'all are a mess. the coroner has basically implied that she may have have had a heart attack and the drugs found on the room where minimal. taking a persons past to make their death more tragic and news worthy is mean and hateful.

983 days ago


Abby: Please STOP with the CAPS. You seem to be in denial about Houston. If she died from drugs, then she needs to be cited as a warning to all children. Stop with the denial and sweeping stuff under the table. If you don't like what you're reading on TMZ, don't read it.

But please stop lecturing the rest of us about what we can or cannot say.

You need to take a chill pill and take a break from this site.

983 days ago


Drug interactions - huge % of emergency room admissions... but no one understands that some of the worst interactions are between antibiotics in combo with anti-depressants or substances such as xanax. The drugs may have to be broken down by the same liver enzymes. (there are only so many pathways and enzymes)
Anna Nicole Smith, antibiotics plus, Corey Haim, antibiotics plus, Brittany Murphy. It is not the antibiotic but the combination.
The combination can put the body into shock or collapse.

983 days ago


PS. I had anxiety for many years. In and out the hospital with anxiety attacks. I have taken xanax in the past and it is a powerful drug. You don't need to drink alcohol for that drug to put you to sleep. I was a zombie on that drug and I took the lowest dose. I slept all day with that medication. I could barely get up to go to work, I was drowsy as hell. I had to stop the xanax. No one takes that for a recreational drug. It is heavy. If, she took xanax and took a bath, she would be asleep in the tub. The warm water relaxes your body muscles and you just slide in the tub. I always took showers, when I took that medication. Everyone has baggage in life people. Whitneys were just made public. Love you whitney.

983 days ago


Enough with the blame game. Clive Davis throws this party every year. Houston has no problem getting wasted Friday night to the point she can hardly stand and is dead Saturday afternoon. Clive Davis is suppose to cancel his party and blow off his guests because Houston is dead. I don't think so. There is nothing disrespectful about that whatsoever. Whitney Houston once upon a time yes, years ago and became an embarrassment.

983 days ago


I just called in, and I don't think I was clear in getting my point accross at all. -___-
Oh well, I tried.

I was asking if there was any preventative measure Hollywood or those doctors in LA can make to stop having major celebrities passing away?
Is there anything we can do because I don't like seeing talent die young. That's what I was trying to say.


983 days ago

TMZ Fan    

I think Ray J is involved in this... why is there 2 meals in the room! And why did Whitney give a note to Brandy at that Last interview on "E"....there is something up!! Harvey find out.. you have the police connections!

983 days ago


No, Brown did NOT get Houston hooked on drugs. She was drinking and doing drugs before she met him. At any rate, NO ADULT can blame another for drug takings. She was a bigger star than he was when she met. Do you honestly think he was going to boss her around and "force" her to take drugs? The Houston family say her public good girl image in the beginning was nothing like who she was.

All addicts blame someone else for their drug taking. The first step you learn in AA is that NO ONE is responsible for your drug taking but You.

Additionally, for those who say Brown got her hooked (which he did not-she did it herself) he has been clean and sober for six years. By that extension, if he has so much influence on her, then she should have been clean and sober for all that time now.

Please read up on drug addiction before making such misinformed statements about how someone becomes dependent on drugs. It's because they and they alone CHOOSE to.

983 days ago


Yes, here i go w/RayJ again...he looked devastated after learning about Whitney's death. Could it have been his guilt of not returning/responding to her texts/or calls?

983 days ago


blu ivy's baby pic is identical to beyonce's baby pic. i thought journalist did research before they start running off
@ the mouth. Harvey is worst than Geraldo

983 days ago


The pictures released by Jay Z and Beyonce of Blue Ivy do NOT look like THIS picture.. She sure grew hair awfully quick! It is almiost as if the pictures they released the baby is wearing a wig.. Check it out THIS looks like it could be their baby.. those other pics .. that hair is NOT natural..

983 days ago


The pictures released by Jay Z and Beyonce of Blue Ivy do NOT look like THIS picture.. She sure grew hair awfully quick! It is almiost as if the pictures they released the baby is wearing a wig.. Check it out THIS looks like it could be their baby.. those other pics .. that hair is NOT natural..

983 days ago


The baby totally looks like beyonce and J-z Its got J's nose and lips and Beyonces eyebrows and eyes..

983 days ago


I love how so many people are so judgmental, but its only because your not the one sitting on front street. everyone makes mistakes. she battled drug addiction but so do a lot of people. heath ledger died from drugs but does that mean he was a waste? no he just battled something he could not overcome and same for her. this is still someone's mother and daughter. people love to talk crap over the internet... LOSERS

982 days ago
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