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Whitney Houston's Death

Rx Pills ... the New Heroin

2/13/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Whitney Houston's death is the latest in a string of celeb tragedies -- Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger -- that show prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as illegal narcotics.

Only TMZ has the latest details about what  was in Whitney's hotel room ... and what it could reveal about her death.

Plus, several people in the newsroom call radishes on Beyonce's baby pics -- claiming Blue Ivy looks nothing like her parents. Let the debate begin! And, breaking S.I. Swimsuit Issue news ... yes, bikinis are news too.


0:00) Whitney Houston -- dead at 48 ... Ryan explains how her body was found ... and by whom.
(2:15) A handful of Rx drugs were found in Whitney's room -- but no real smoking gun.
(8:45) We obtained exclusive photos of Whitney's hotel room -- and there were empty bottles of booze in it.
(13:50) Hottest breaking news ever -- Kate Upton's SI Swimsuit Edition cover was leaked ... we know how it happened.
(14:50) Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party -- held at the same hotel in which Whitney's dead body was found. Some people are disgusted by it ... some aren't surprised at all. 
(26:20) Whitney -- a long history of drug addiction, stints in rehab, and public meltdowns.
(31:01) Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy -- some people refuse to believe it's hers ... especially one person in the newsroom.
(46:00) People trade "where were you when you learned Whitney was dead" stories.


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I must say that I'm tired of the negative publicity some pharmaceutical drugs get. What does one expect to happen when they either mix pharmaceutical drugs together or mix a pharmaceutical drug with alcohol, even though it is clearly contraindicated? Blame needs to be placed on the person who is taking the drugs, except in cases like Michael Jackson's, where a shady doctor is involved. I feel very sorry for Whitney's family and she is a fellow Jersey girl, but at some point you must accept responsibility for what drugs go into your body.

991 days ago


Forgive me if this comment is about Beyonce's baby girl..but the clip(s) were at the tail end of the Whitney coverage.

OK. You naysayers are insane. Of COURSE that is Beyonce's baby girl, you crazy fools! She's beautiful and I can't believe that anybody would refuse to see that is her own, biological daughter. YEESH!

Eyes wide shut, anyone?

991 days ago


I think the truest thing anyone said in the talk about Whitney Houston's death was when Harvey said around the 19:58 mark that TMZ staffers were imposing their values on the Clive Davis party situation. I don't understand why everyone would be so disgusted that the event was not cancelled. In TMZ's opinion should the Grammy's themselves have been cancelled? What purpose would it have served for everyone to go home? Grief comes in stages and everyone was still in shock, sometimes the best thing we can do is to be with other people. Undoubtedly there will be MANY moments of respect and homage paid to Whitney in the days to come. Who are we to judge what those close to her (Clive Davis, Bobby Brown, etc.) choose to do to carry on?

991 days ago


Sorry,I lost my sister in '92.It was a" perfect storm " of Booze, Rx's,Coke,Fatty Food,Weed,Smoking, etc,etc..... and IT WAS not AN overdose.
It sucks, but it is VERY COMMON.
Wrong place,Wrong time.......

991 days ago


dont feel sorry for hershe had a choice to do drugs or not she chose to use them so she had it coming to her

991 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

It's hilarious how preachy y'all got about clive not cancelling the party especially when you're the first ones to post pictures of her body being taking out of the hotel and pics of her daughter strapped to a gurney.

991 days ago


Tmz I love you website but ugh this have been turning me off. Whitney just pass away & y'all haven't said one positive thing about her! Everything I click on about Whitney is negative. Her daughter is grieving at least show some respect. BTW if you don't think that's beyonce baby your a dumbass. The baby has her eyes & eyebrows & she has jay z lips! Beyonce is creole so of course the baby is going to have hair like that.

991 days ago


dearest public,
Whitney, was a #1 star of all time popularity, that just because she took Xanax, for sleep and rest, does not mean she did it on purpose. yes drugs are bad, champagne, she was happy, her daughter is 18, bless her, for staying with her mom through it all, may god forgive her for the way she was, but she still is a star, to me anyway, and to alot of people still out there on earth listening to her music and crying for this to be a dream not a nightmare. RIP Whitney, i met you once, and i hope that your in heaven with all of stars of heaven still shining on you this night. Thank you

991 days ago


Harvey you are right. There should not have been a party. I remember shortly after the 93' bombing of the World Trade Center. There was a man trapped in a hotel below the center and it took two-three weeks to find him. Every time I crossed that bridge going in and going home, I was in disbelief that the building was open while someone was dead below. I hollared when I heard that Clive still had the party!

991 days ago


Get your facts straight.Brittney Murphy died of pneumonia.

991 days ago


Am I the only person that finds the following odd?:
Whitney ate a burger and fries then proceeded to have a bath but took a turkey sandwich-jalapenos with her? Did she normally eat that much food? I find this very, very odd.

991 days ago


The problem is NOT the drugs themselves, it's the medical people and patients who use them. First, the doctors hired by celebs are paid ridiculous sums of cash to keep the pills coming. Second, celebs or anyone else who abuses these drugs KNOW full well that what they are doing is wrong and illegal. These drugs are a godsend to those with long term chronic pain but ultimately they are the ones who will suffer from Houston's selfish behavior. There will now be calls to make it even more difficult to obtain these much needed drugs because of grandstanding politicos who will demand "something be done". It all comes down to people, not the drugs, who are the problem. Addicts need to take responsibility and physicians who treat the wealthy need to be scrutinized.

991 days ago


Michael and Whitney..

Helped put crossover pop on MTV in the 80's
Were the best selling artists of their gender and genre
Were ruled by addiction and tabloid stories for the last decade or so of their lives.
And most interesting: died at around 50 from prescription drugs at the beginning of a possible comeback.

Granted the last part has the most differences between them. I'm not thinking of any sort of connection, just how similar these aspects of their stories are.

991 days ago


James: You are out of your mind. When she was healthy, Whitney Houston had a voice like no one else. QL is nice, but not in the same league and never will be.

Dena: Heath Ledger was not the same. He had insomnia which was compounded by the intensity with which he protrayed the character of the joker in The Dark Knight. He couldn't sleep and, in trying to rest, took 1 extra pill too many. Heath did have issues earlier in his life but they were not what caused his death.

991 days ago


Just a FYI for TMZ...Brittany Murphy's toxicology report concluded that there were ZERO drugs/RX in her system and that she and her husband in fact dies of the long term effects of MOLD!!!

991 days ago
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