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Whitney Houston's Aunt

The Lady Who Tried to Save Her

2/13/2012 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's aunt Mary Jones -- the woman who discovered the singer's body in the hotel bathtub, pulled her out and tried reviving her -- arrived at LAX yesterday to fly back east for the singer's funeral.

TMZ broke the story ... Whitney's aunt, Mary Jones, was in Whitney's room, laid out her dress for the Clive Davis party and then left for 30 minutes.  When she returned, she knocked at the bathroom door and entered to find Whitney submerged in the bathtub.

Mary tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Whitney before paramedics arrived. 


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Are we to believe this was jalapeño induced angina and not a suicide? The fact that she couldn't even be left alone for 30 mins. or dress herself shows that she was on a death watch by her family. At least they're not trying to BS people like Amy Winehouse's parents tried to do.

981 days ago

who cares    

LOL at tried to save her, get real if they tried to save her then they wouldn't let her pop xanax like candy and stand around and party with her... This is just proff how f-cked up society and people are. Honoring and pedistaling drug addicts only create more drug addicts you stupid morons

981 days ago


Shame on you TMZ, this poor woman just went through a tragic event and you shove cameras in her face with some ******* pretending he cares asking questions? Gross.

981 days ago


what i don't understand is; why would clive davis have a comback etc for Ms. Houston when she obviously was not ready-sober, emotionally and physically? Just like Michael Jackson was not ready to perform on a world tour.

981 days ago


SOMEONE COMMENTED: TJ: 9 minutes ago

Why is it that the most talented people, are so weak and unstable?? Elvis,Michael,Amy,Whitney?? There must be some connection?? Talent and self destruction!Any psychologists out there?


MY SINCERE RESPONSE: I am a very talented person, always have been since I was a young child. It's hard. One reason is, everyone thinks you're crazy because you are so different. For example, singing scales in the bathroom mirror for hours at a time, or, repeating a vocal run in one song over and over. It bugs the average person... and then they end up calling you names.

Another reason: when you delve passionately into a topic... any topic... people get irritated, because they think that you think you're better than them. They think that just because you're going on a tangent about a topic. It's simply the passion that irks most people.

After a while you get a reputation, no matter how talented or gifted, the people just hate you because you're different. People hate my guts, yet when I perform or deliver they praise me. So it is very tough... you end up, in turn, hating those very people... just because they hated you first and called you so many names.

At this point, I could barely stand the sight of another person... which may be why many "talented" people wear dark shades or sunglasses... it's just so hard to look at anyone in the eyes, because you've been called so many names by them.


981 days ago


It's really a shame that people keep talking about Bobbi and her welfare. Whitney Houston had two kids, Bobbi & Nicholas. Does anyone care about her son? Hopefully they are BOTH doing well. They will get through this.

981 days ago

David Lee    

The world is out of words, out of tears, and finally, out of time. R.I.P. Whitney. "We will always LOVE YOU."

981 days ago

David Lee    

The world is out of words, out of tears, and finally, out of time. R.I.P. Whitney. "We will always LOVE YOU."

981 days ago


First off, TMZ seems to be very desperate for news coverage. To be going after a woman who just 2 days ago had to pull her dead niece out of a tub and give her CPR then just to see her die. Whatever happened about giving people space and time to heal from things like this? SECOND, I take xanax..... I would NEVER drink alcohol and take my xanax..... and I never take more then one a day. People should of been watching her, knowing her history, someone should of been there to help/stop her from drinking and mixing that many drugs.

981 days ago


Mary must be Whitney's new assistant even though she's her auntie. Only seen her since the ILTY tour Whitney had in 2010. I wondered who that old fat lady was.. cause she was to old to be a regular assistant. These are Whitney's enablers. They knew about her drug/alcohol abuse and did nothing! Her own family members... what a f*cking shame!! #TRUTH

981 days ago



981 days ago


Jesus Christ, TMZ!!! The woman pulled her niece's dead body out of a bathtub 48 hours ago and you're in her face with a camera? Despicable! I would LOVE to follow the paparazzi around while they're grieving the loss of a loved one and shove a camera in their face to see how much they enjoy it.

981 days ago


To Sincere:

If you are famous, take your talent, give it to the world if you want to, donate money to children who have no choices in life because of parents who may be having troubles. If you are so insecure of what you stand for, you may need to seek help. You started life out just like everyone else, got fame, be thankful you can feed yourself and maybe a family if you have one. If you can't take the heat of the public, get out, get a regular job. My one advice is, don't bend to the industry that pimps you out if you are a singer or actor.

981 days ago


Oh my heart goes out to the family of WH...just like it did to MJ's... when will this world wake up and realize that we need a GLOBAL intervention to help those who can't help themselves? I pray for GOD's wrath and his precious LOVE to HEAL this world! RIP Whitney!

981 days ago


My questions also concern clive davis...he obviously knew the condition and state Ms Houston had been in -in the most recent days. Why didn't he have his STAR protected much better so that she wouldn't down that many drinks nor get into altercations?? What was he trying to bank on? Her voice was still hoarse--what was his motive?

981 days ago
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