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Whitney Houston's Daughter

Frighteningly Similar Incident

Day Before Whitney Died

2/13/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The daughter of Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, fell asleep in a bathtub in the exact same hotel.The day before Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton ... her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, fell asleep in a bathtub in the exact same hotel ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, friends of Bobbi Kristina tried knocking on her door repeatedly Friday night ... but she didn't answer. We're told they called security to get them to unlock the door and help them get Bobbi out of the tub. 

Our sources say it happened on the same floor of the hotel where Whitney would be found dead the next day. We're told the room Bobbi Kristina was in was booked under Whitney's name.

As TMZ first reported, Bobbi Kristina has been hospitalized twice since her mother's passing and we're told her family fears she might be suicidal.


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Just read that they gave this young girl a sedative to calm her down. What planet are these people from? Hold her, take her for a walk, sing to her... anything but a sedative. People are so ignorant! and I agree, either her father acts like a father or get out cause he is no one to look up to at all.

947 days ago


Bobby Brown has had himself together for a while now, he doesn't even drink anymore. Unfortunately, it was Whitney who couldn't seem to quit her substance abuse habits, for some reason she just kept going back to it. Her death has truly hurt me as a fan but I know she is finally at peace. For her daughter Bobbi Kristina, two trips to the hospital in one day is insane and she should never be left alone. I can't imagine losing your mother and then having to hear all the terrible things that are being said about both of your parents, its too much. I pray for her because she is going to need it.

947 days ago


This is the stupidest story I've read on TMZ. Duh - maybe mama was sharing drugs with her daughter. That's all I got from reading this. So what if she fell asleep in the bathtub. We do that all the time but we're not so ****ed up that we drown. Dumbasses

947 days ago


in her defense.tons of people fall asleep while taking baths each night.i do it from time to time.this is normal but kinda ironic in the same sense

947 days ago


Bobby Brown has had his life together for a long time now, he doesn't even drink anymore, unfortunately it was Whitney that could not seem to get a hold of her substance abuse. I am deeply hurt by her death as a fan so I can't even imagine what her daughter is going through to loose her mother and having to hear all the negative things that are said about her parents, its too much. She should never be left alone at all!! Two hospital visits in one day is insane. I pray for her because she is going to need it.

947 days ago


All I know is at the end of the day a mother has to say goodbye to her daughter and a daughter has to say goodbye to her mother very sad...

947 days ago


Ha ha, Donna Summer's daughters are beautiful models (one is an actress who was on the sitcom "My Wife & Kids") and look at Whitney's ugly kid, pathetic.

947 days ago


Two retards, one tub.

946 days ago


sounds like a lawsuit is in order...those bath tubs are too comfortable and sleep inducing

946 days ago


So very sad at the beginning but once all the emotions are more under control, the family with faith will know that she is in a better place and may find comfort in that. See my tribute to Whitney in an avatar animation at

946 days ago


The FCC is responsible for regulating EMF.

946 days ago


The FCC is responsible for regulating EMF.

946 days ago


EH I think this story is more like a smelly rotten fish to see how many people will be gulliable enough to believe in it to make comments....geeze get real - when the child has a close relationship with her mother of course she will be totally devastated and emotions become a whole different meaning during this cut the 'bull' and let the girl grieve without the nasty fibs.

946 days ago

Misty MacNeil    

I dont know much about whitney or her daughter except what ive heared in the last 2 days but its pretty pathetic that the main thing your all focusing on is how bobby kristina looks, shes a very pretty young woman and its hard enough in life without people talkin crap about you especially when your mom just died, my mom died when i was 10, and yea she was a drug addict but she loved me more than life itself and thats all that matters is that Whitney loved the hell out of her daughter and now her daughter needs someone there for her, not to criticize her and her family. it was hard enough adjusting to losing a parent at 10m i can just imagine at age 18 after your already grown and fully got to know your parents. you guys are all pretty messed up writing most this stuff that you been writing, then again this world is full of inconsiderate idiots so i shouldnt be surprised. if anything happens to bobbi its on you guys to, it would be partially your faults because if she reads this crap shes gna wana "escape" i know i would in this huge of a situation when you got all eyes on you and your moms gone and cant help you. anyone whos ever lost someone they love should understand where im coming from, and those who havnt and dont understand,maybe you guys should be looking at your own past and wonder where your parents went wrong and your inconsiderate of this entire situation. WOW the people in this world are UNBELIEVABLE, no wonder this worlds going to sh*t

946 days ago


We've never really look outside the box in terms of the artist. For example, 900 listed satellites or more, many capable of tracking a human person [via remote sensing]. What kind of radiological environment were they or recently, Michael?

946 days ago
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