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Whitney Houston's Daughter

Frighteningly Similar Incident

Day Before Whitney Died

2/13/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The daughter of Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, fell asleep in a bathtub in the exact same hotel.The day before Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton ... her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, fell asleep in a bathtub in the exact same hotel ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, friends of Bobbi Kristina tried knocking on her door repeatedly Friday night ... but she didn't answer. We're told they called security to get them to unlock the door and help them get Bobbi out of the tub. 

Our sources say it happened on the same floor of the hotel where Whitney would be found dead the next day. We're told the room Bobbi Kristina was in was booked under Whitney's name.

As TMZ first reported, Bobbi Kristina has been hospitalized twice since her mother's passing and we're told her family fears she might be suicidal.


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I'm becoming concerned. I'm can't quite understand this coincident. I'm not jumping on the negative band wagon and scrutinize someones life of whom I've never had any personal contact with. My concern is somethings are staring to sound a little fishy. We all know that Whitney Houston did not follow through on a contract for her world tour but got paid for it. And of course why not create the scapegoat: celebrity and drugs as the smokescreen for her death. I'm not saying concretely that she was murdered but that option was ruled out even before her body was removed from the hotel and taken to the coroner. Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't mind but the day before her death her daughter so asleep in a tub in a room on the same floor that's in her mother's name and couldn't be woke up by a knock on the door. Oh maybe someone forgot to mentioned that she was listening to her IPOD with earphones. That would explain it. No one can be sure of what really happened but all avenues need to be looked at before all of these senseless speculations. Nothing has been CONFIRMED as to what actually caused Ms. Houston's death.

980 days ago


If you fall asleep in the tub and someone wakes you up, then you get out of the tub. There's no reason for her to be helped out of the tub if she simply fell asleep. Unless, she was passed out and, upon coming to, was still incapable of getting herself out. Is "falling asleep" the polite way of saying "passed out" nowadays?

980 days ago


This is a interesting post. Makes me wonder if mother/daughter were using something in their bath water that would make them sleepy like bath salts or something. Someone else posted about carbon monoxide poisoning. That could be a possibility if that building is old.
Both of them falling asleep in the same location on the same floor of the same hotel? Something weird is going on. Too many coincidences.

980 days ago


Someone else also mentioned both rooms were in Whitney's name.
wow ~ SOMETHING was making the both of them sleepy....
I find it strange that a grown woman wouldn't know better than to take a sedative before taking a bath as there's a high chance of falling a sleep & drowning. And also those sedatives don't take affect right away. They take a few minutes in the very least before they start taking affect.
Did Whitney have any enemies? Did she piss someone off lately?

980 days ago

Veronica Jones    

Sad to see all the great talent we have lost just within the past couple of years. it's time to wake up and teach these that we pay to see. use the money to tell them the truth.

980 days ago


I'm reading these comments and smdh at the same time. Bobby Brown was in Mississippi, not a place that has quick access to an airport where he could just leave, and get a flight out at a moments notice. Now, I'm sad for his daughter, unless she is the one denying access to her father, the family has no right to keep him from his daughter, regardless of how they feel about him, she is his child. This just adds more stress to her already fragile condition, she's lost her mother and has not seen her father!

979 days ago


Bobbi K is considerably shorter than her mom. Do you think it’s because her mom was doing drugs while pregnant, that it stunted her baby’s growth?

979 days ago


Whitney has died and Bobbie and her are still fighting....let is has been such a disruptive relationship since day one and their daughter has had to live through it all her life. Adults and so many people who admired them such a waste and so sad.

979 days ago


This is beyond the relm of coincidence...I hope they took a sample of the bathwater for analysis. Whitney's death doesn't look like drugs. She had just finished a hamburger, fries, Heineken,turkey sandwich, a glass of champagne and jalapenos. She looked healthy, and there were very few drugs in her room - all prescription.

979 days ago

Truth Teller    

One doesn't have to have a degree in Criminal Justice to detect an incredible fishy smell in all of this. Declaring Whitneys death NOT a murder investigation from the git go before the autoposy and tox results are in and even before the "investigation" by Detectives has hardly begun. A lot of stars suspicious deaths have been covered up in Beverly Hills through the years. They're so used to it now like a tradition that the "Detectives" jumped the gun on this one saying it wasn't murder before they began the investigation. What a farce.

979 days ago


Bobbi Kristina is 18 and she is going to do and decide what she wants to do when it comes to her father Bobby Brown. Peace & Blessings.

979 days ago


This poor kid is doomed. Unless her grandmother steps up and takes her under her wing, this young woman is doomed. As a stepmother to 3 kids who have both mother and father with addiction issues ongoing, I have seen firsthand how children are affected. They don't know what "normal" is-watching your parents live the lifestyle of constant partying and "going on the wagon" year after year is heartbreaking. And don't give me this crap about drug and alcohol addiction being a "DISEASE "- I am a nurse. Cancer, diabetes, MS etc, THOSE are diseases. You can't wake up one day, look in the mirror and make a conscious decision to NOT have cancer. It takes a strong person with drug and alcohol dependence to make the CHOICE to STOP, and do it. For yourself, no one else. You can't get clean for anyone else but yourself. These are self absorbed narcissistic people that destroy lives.

979 days ago


Its not strange how Whitney Houston died,I think it was a accidental overdose,From her friends and family accounts she had a premonition it was going to happen.that is not uncommon...she had a history of doing mega drugs and like Amy Winehouse was most likely trying to clean up when this tragedy still can believe in God and be spiritual even if you are having problems in your life.Bobby Brown is a easy target but from all evidence she was dealing probably with substance abuse issues before she met him,He wasnt even around when she died..the media has a tendency to make things up to sell and sensationalize their stories. She was a grown woman no one put a gun to her head to use drugs. we all have did things we are not proud of,it's part of being human we have flaws,hopefully we learn from our mistakes .But that doesnt mean you cant change..Taking Zanax and other meds drinking alcohol and taking Anti biotics and getting into a tub is not smart for anybody,but when you are under the influence you dont think right. We may never know what her true intentions were,only her and her maker does,just treat her like you would want to be treated..Let her rest in Peace.....DH0258

978 days ago


I THINK IT'S A SHAME that the adults at TMZ have nothing better to do than to wish for something disasterous to happen to this child. Even making up stories to tarnish the reputation of an 18-year-old motherless child.

973 days ago


I really do hate to say this you all believe EVERY single thing you read and hear?? I mean seriously people. Who comes up with these stupid stories? Even more, we know nothing about their p;rsonal lives except what they wanted us to know. No one knows if Bobbi K is an addict...BUT I would not be surprised if she was knowing that Father WAS... and obviously her poor Mother was most of her life as well!! I do believe that Bobby is clean...he looks good and healthy. IS it our position to judge?? NO it is not...instead of knocking her and her Daddy down and Whitneys family lets try to give them prayers. Bobbi K lost her Mother...Her Mother regardless of what kind of parent or role model she was that was and always will be her Mother!!! Losing a parent at such a young age is tough enough but then to have your life (truth and lies) thrown out for everyone to judge....lets give them all the opportunity to grieve the loss of their loved one.

972 days ago
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