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Celine Dion

Drugs Killed Whitney Houston

2/13/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Celine Dion isn't waiting for the coroner to give an official cause of death for Whitney Houston because she apparently knows what killed her ... drugs. 

Speaking to "Good Morning America" today via phone, Dion wasted no time pinning Houston's untimely passing on drug abuse. She told Robin Roberts, "Whitney has been an amazing inspiration for me ... It's just really unfortunate that drugs, bad people or bad influence took over. It took over her dreams. It took over her love and motherhood."

Dion immediately linked Houston's death with other famous people who died from drugs. She went on to say, "When you think about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, to get into drugs like that, for whatever reason. Is it because of the stress and bad influence? What happens when you have everything?"

A cause of death has not yet been determined, but sources close to Houston's family tell TMZ the coroner has told them she died from Xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol.


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Well at least someone isn't afraid to tell the truth...

945 days ago


Well, Whitney didn't die of natural causes. We all know that. What exactly did Celine say that was wrong/incorrect/inappropriate? She spoke the truth. At the end of the day, Whitney Houston killed Whitney Houston. The truth hurts. I do hope that her amazing talent is what is remembered by many, and not her addictions. RIP, Whitney.

945 days ago


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945 days ago


...And anorexia will kill Celine if arrogance doesn't. Eat a sandwich Bitch!

945 days ago


Celine should know because she does drugs too, like 90% of other celebs. I wonder why we have never heard the media talk about most of them they did Whitney. What does she know about Whitney's motherhood?

945 days ago


Only a fool will not believe that Whitney died because of drugs.

945 days ago


I could not have said it any better!! Celine Dion is right on point!! You can NOT overdose on Xanax. Stop it people! Everyone is trying to make it sound like she didn't abuse drugs. I take Xanax, so let me do a little Math for you on how many Xanax she would have had to taken to overdose...The acute oral LD50 of alprazolam in rats is 331 to 2171 mg/kg. This means that you'd have to take about 21,000 mg to have about a 50% chance of dying.
Alprazolam and other benzo's have little to no chance of killing you. But if other drugs are used with Xanax it can be very dangerous.

945 days ago


Really Celine, you can't just say stuff and take it back b/c you're Canadian. This is not a language issue but rather an ignorance issue. Have you not been paying attention? They found advil, motrin, Xanax....all very ordinary....i wonder if any of us died today, how many pill bottles would they find around us. I'd bet 10:1 that you and your husband have twice as many pill bottles in your bathroom right now, geez. I mean she's not even gone but a few days and already she's accused of such horrific drug abuse in her last moments, much like Amy W. who they were quick to judge in a similar manner. Celine, you might have a beautiful voice, but it's all wrapped up in ****!

945 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I must have missed it......when did she get her medical doctorate and TMZ, you also did not report that she was in on the autopsy.

945 days ago


Celene is full of herself. Whitney deserves credit for putting illegal drugs behind her. That she died from prescribed medication is the irony. Celene needs to shut up.

945 days ago


THANK YOU, CELINE!! Finally, a celebrity that states the obvious, faces the truth. When is Hollywood going to get it? These "friends" around these people aren't friends at all if they allow this drug use to go on right under their noses. How many more deaths before people understand things need to change?

945 days ago


CAN'T STAND STUCK UP CELINE DION - who decided to let HER be a mouthpiece? Whitney had problems....DUH! Shut up and go away. This ISN'T about YOU! Geeezzzzz...can't stand her.

945 days ago


How Celine conducted herself was disrespectful and distasteful. She showed no allegiance to a fellow entertainer and legend. We all go thru storms in life but don't have them publically viewed by millions. She was definately on her high horse this morning and needed to be reminded that Whitney was not just a singer but a mother and daughter and the loss is devasting no matter which way it came.

945 days ago


idiots at tmz...... did u listen to what she said? she was talking about what HAPPENED to whitney, bad influence, and how it took over her ...TMZ you don't listen never did she say drugs is what killed her on Feb 11 point blank.

945 days ago


Maybe Whitney died from drugs,maybe she didn't. People like Celine need to keep quiet . If she died from natural causes, how many people will apologize for saying different ? Wait until the coroner's report is released.

945 days ago
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