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Bobby Brown

Fighting Whitney's Family

To See Bobbi Kristina

2/14/2012 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown still hasn't seen his daughter -- THREE days after Whitney Houstons deathBobby Brown still hasn't seen his daughter -- THREE days after Whitney Houston's death -- and he thinks Whitney's family ... specifically, Cissy Houston, is throwing up the road block.

Sources close to Bobby tell us he hasn't connected with Bobbi Kristina since arriving in L.A. Sunday night -- despite placing several phone calls and making an attempt to physically see her ... early this morning.

We're told Brown was turned away by Whitney's family and friends ... who are caring for BK at a home in the Los Angeles area.

According to our sources, Bobby is angry and frustrated because he only came to L.A. to care for 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina after she was hospitalized twice.

As for why he's blaming Whitney's mom for the freeze out -- we're told Brown thinks Cissy has hated him for years.




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He thinks Cissy has hated him for years.....ya think!!!
No, I guess you don't think.
Last I heard, Bobbi K is 18 and could see him if she wanted. Maybe she doesn't want to see him.
The wants attention and isn't getting it.
Back off and let BK grieve for her mother!!

917 days ago


Are we keeping father's away from their children now? He is hurting as well...after all he was married to Whitney and BK is THEIR child! So sad....pointing fingers and playing the blame game won't bring Whitney back...I pray for them all!

917 days ago

Killa J    

Yea he did the concert and could barely sing cuz he was crying so much. Everyone talks bad about BB and it is rightfully so. He did some messed up sh!t to her but he truly cares for his daughter. If he wanted publicity then he would come out and act like he does. All i see is a guy who just lost the woman he loved for almost 20 years and wants to see his child while she is going through tough times. I mean imagine what she is going through.

917 days ago

dianatha henderson    

no matter how the family may feel about the father at this moment let peace be still. to put daughter not only in pain of loosing her mother now to not have father by her side in this pain of storm is selfish. this will effect this child for life. now if daughter says no then no she has that right, yet this need to be her choice not family members why it is her life it affects nobody else when they all go home this is when she will need support more then ever. prayers are with the family and i pray the public gives them some peace in a private moment in mourning the lost of a great song bird.

917 days ago


Let the man see his daughter if she wants to see him. Bobby Brown is hurting also. He's a human being. Whitney's family has no right to ban him from anything. He was her Ex-husband and father of her child and was still on talking terms with Whitney at the time of her death. He is mourning her loss also. The family should come together as one with everyone involved and let the past go. It's about mourning and celebrating the life of a loved one that they ALL Loved! It's not time to argue, fight and ban others. It's time to Love others and I believe that Whitney would agree!

917 days ago


Wow, he didnt come till after the 2nd ime HIS DAUGHTER was in the hospital, great father!

916 days ago


Let's clear something up....Bobby DID NOT PHYSICALLY BEAT OR HIT WHITNEY!!! Whitney cleared this up when she had her interview with Oprah. Whitney specifically said that Bobby never raised a hand to her but said that she has hit, kicked, slapped, and even punched him several times. She went on to say that Bobby was only verbally abusive. He would say hurtful things but it is when he spit on her that made her realize that something had to change. So I say again, any person be it man or woman who is being hit is going to get tired and react in some way. Bobby's reaction was to SAY mean things to her, NOT hit her. The worst thing he did to Whitney was spit on her. This came from that woman's mouth so again,Bobby was the one being physically abused and I give him props as a man for not hauling off at some point and knocking her block off. She abused him physically and he abused her verbally. Stop saying that Bobby beat her when he didn't. He has enough things that he did do that he has to live with, stop adding lies to the bunch. Damn some of you need to be journalist because all you do is spread lies as if the truth is not enough. And the sad thing about Cissy is that she is lying to herself. She doesn't want to believe that her daughter was using before she even met Bobby. She doesn't want to believe that Whitney was beating Bobby up. She doesn't want to believe that her daughter was not human. Cissy can sit there for the rest of life and be in denial but the truth is that she thought if she removed Whitney from Bobby, her daughter would get clean. But Bobby was not the problem for her, she was the problem for him. He is clean, Whitney couldn't kick it as much as she tried so Cissy needs to face the fact that her daughter was the problem in that relationship. Cissy was 1 of many enablers in Whitney's life as far as I am concerned because she could not face the truth about her child and what parent wants to? It hurts but lying to yourself and your child is even worst. But she is at peace and her suffering is over so people need to let it go already. It is the past and all that matters now is that Bobbi doesn't lose both parents behind this. What matters is that people stop tearing her parents down in the media. Some of you who are up in here tearing this man down are the same ones who participated in tearing her mother down. Think about their daughter, Bobbi.....she watched vultures attack her mother and now her father. Her mother is gone and now her grandmother is trying to keep her father from her. Hasn't this child been through enough? Those of you who have children, think about how you would feel. Let is go and let Whitney rest in peace and allow Bobbi and her father to live in peace.

916 days ago

Felix Akom    

no matter be the mistake of bobby,he shd be given a chance to see his daughter bcx blood is sticker than water,i cant blame kristina,may pressure from the family.

916 days ago


Bobbi is 18 and an adult. She needs to pull herself together and stop making this about her . The family needs to stop the BS and stop trying him from seeing his kid especially now for cripes sakes. Is there not enought drama going on and people snapping pictures of her last meal? I cannot beleive that people actually think that they are entitled to go to her funeral because they bought her records? Her mother has no say onher funeral and they are burrying her where thye want? Didnt the woman have a damn will or all they all so busy playing a role that they have not looked for one and see what Whitney herself may have wanted or left instruction for? The same BS that went on with M Jackson. Anything to get the people to get out and buy more cd's to spice up the coffers.

916 days ago


Nobody didn't make Whitneyvdo anything she didnt want to do and he didn't introduce her to anything she wasn't already introduced to.

916 days ago


FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH, I have the impression that it is not so much that the Houston family has such hatred for Bobby Brown to attend Whitney's funeral, but, how repulsed they are at having him there. Because of a death, there are many families, especially among the very rich, where multi millions are the drawing card for family members to grab whatever they feel they are entitled to. Even the so-called "elite" swallow their "pride" by going to court to claim what they feel is their rightful inheritance, regardless, of what the Will stated. THIS IS NOT a comparison to the Whitney family, nor Bobby Brown, far from it, but, regardless of their past history, perhaps the family might reconsider and permit Bobby Brown to attend, thus, lessen the growing animosity from both sides. For Whitney's sake, some kind of compromise is needed, at least, for now.

916 days ago


Why are you guys dwelling on the past what Bobby did too Whitney, Whitney was just as responsible for her drug use. If you are with your mate and he ask you about using drugs with him would you do it. You have the right to make that choice. Whitney mother and family should be ashamed of themselves let the man see his daughter aren't you suppose to be a Christian Woman, God doesn't like ugly and he's not to found of pretty. She was married to the man he want's to show his final respects for her. Put all that behind you and move on, life is too short. Whitney was only 48.

916 days ago


To all of those posting negative comments about Bobby Brown: YA NEED TO STOP! Whitney made a CHOICE to do drugs with her husband and as one poster correctly pointed out he was SIX YEARS YOUNGER than her when they first met. She was a grown ass woman, and he was barely out of puberty. So we really don't know who was influencing who. I respect Bobby Brown because he took those negative comments and criticism and ate them. He NEVER bashed Whitney, and tried to blame her. Also, their daughter is grown, and Whitney & Bobby have had a chaotic relationship over the course of 20 something years. If her family wants to be jackasses and prevent a man who she obviously loved and cared for deeply from attending her funeral, THEY ARE NO BETTER THAN HIM. Nobody's perfect and in the unpopular, and forgotten interviews Whitney did she often said her and Bobby were a lot like, hell they did "We got something in common" together. Stop buying into the hype! A beautiful and legendary icon died, but that icon is someone who no one (except her family, Bobby, and daughter) truly knew. Nuff said!

916 days ago


I think it is really sad if cissy is not letting bobby brown see his daughter she making a big mistake, bobbi k made resent her for doing this. i think want went down between whitney and bobby are there business not for family to take part when they do it make matters worst. i think now is the time for all to come together and mourn there loss and love one another thur there griving process.

915 days ago


That isn't right Bobby Brown is that child Father, and Cissy houston isn't acting like a Christian

915 days ago
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