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Lindsay Lohan

Did I Forget to Do My Taxes

... Again?

2/14/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems LiLo has given Uncle Sam the slip one more time.Lindsay Lohan and tax liens go together like Lindsay Lohan and arrests, probation violation hearings, lawsuits, mug shots and see-through shirts ... that is to say, very well.

Seems LiLo has given Uncle Sam the slip one more time. According to docs filed yesterday at the L.A. County Recorder's Office, Lindsay never paid federal income taxes for 2010 ... to the tune of $140,203.30.

As TMZ previously reported, Lindsay never cut the government a check for the $93,701.57 she was supposed to pay in federal taxes for 2009 either.

So far, no comment from Lohan ... but she previously blamed her accountants for the 2009 debacle ... so it's probably safe to say they're gonna get the blame for the 2010 screw up as well. 



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That tax bill would suggest she made over $1,000,000 in 2010. What on Earth did she do that year to earn that kind of money?

953 days ago

Ellie G    

HAHAHAHA!! Its funny because she deserves every bad thing that comes her way. You reap what you sow.

953 days ago


The split happened because Lou Taylor told Lindsay a word that she has never heard before in her life......NO !!...
and she couldn't handle it....."No Lindsay you can't do that and No Lindsay you can't spin that" and Lindsay fired her ass so face Lous Taylor didn't know what hit her but I bet by that time she was the happiness person alive to have gotten out of that contract....Lou Taylor is not responiable for Lindsay's Tax troubles she probably pointed them out to Lindsay and was told to fcuk off...Lindsay Lohan is the only one to blame

953 days ago


Oh, how the snatchy have fallen. Right, Gloaway? NICOLE?

953 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh well, another Lindsay drama down the drain. I don't know about everybody else, but this seems to be getting a bit tedious and rather boring. HoHum.....

953 days ago


Boring a so dam perdictiable..........

Other day another Lohan Inc story.....
What the hick happened to Ali ? Looks like she got hit in the mouth by a big old fist or something...Hope thats all it was because I would hate to think that she have inflated that mouth up into a babooms ass look just like Lindsays. cause I see she had her on set of bangs cut nto her hair like Lindsay....Seems like she has to do everything Lindsay does.and that lets me to the obvious question.....Just what all is she doing to copy Big Sister ???? I shutter at the answer I am afraid I will get......

Happy Valentines Day........
I just got a huge bouquet of 2 dozen red roses delivered by a florist truck and "No Card" dam now I am going have to fiqure out who sent them...and payed to have them delivered this far out in the country !!!!! Sure in the heck ain't my general...he never brought a bouquet of roses in his life thru he has picked me bouquets of wild flowers in the summer time....He hangs on to a dollar so tight is squells to be let go... !!!! ....

953 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This broad is like the dumbest ****ttt west of the Mississippi. What a brain dead mope. How many chances? Like aren't there about 100 million people who could do her job 100 times better just by showing up sober?

953 days ago


What makes this JD a star? Sad that screwing up is the only format for her to receive recognition. Has there been some contribution to the film industry worth star status?

953 days ago


When Linds explodes awake tonight and finds out that she owes the IRS another hundred grand or so, she's gonna punch AA Aliana in the mouth again and decide this is a great excuse to go get gacked/plastered.

See you tonight at Cameltown, Linds?

953 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Seriously if this chick offers 60,000 I'll take the job of being her personal assistant that will drive her to AA, take her to court, make sure she pays her taxes, makes sure she goes to the dentist, drive her home when she is drunk, etc. I mean seriously this girl needs someone to take care of her obigations

953 days ago


well unless that tab is due from profits & gains on an entity with corporate structure she does not legally have to pay them. the public has been deliberately taught (lied to) that the 16th Ammendment says so which is absolutely false. there is no law that states we have to pay income taxes anywhere. it does not exist and frankly for the morons that always pipe in at this point that fact is not negotiable either. look it up.

953 days ago

kanye east    

this just a misunderstanding and people are just jealus but i dont listen. my team will handle this and i will read scripts and dezine a new clothing line. follow me on twitter

953 days ago


Whats amazing is that IRS was able to figure out she owed the taxes so fast....when they cant even keep up with the tax returns that are currently being filed by people who are needing their refunds...They discovered she owed taxes, and exactly how much, and were able to draft legal paperwork and FILE it, but they cant get the tools on their website up and running for the normal taxpayer to verify that the IRS has even gotten their refund....Boy, Lindsay, I bet you are wishing for the "processing delays in the IRS tax returns for 2012" that everyone else is experiencing!

953 days ago


Not working and still made about $400k. Must be nice

953 days ago


the IRS can find plenty of her blown $$ up her nose, pun intended

953 days ago
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