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Playmate of the Year:

This Is What Domestic Violence

Looks Like [Photo]

2/14/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bruises 2011 Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair claims she suffered at the hands of Marston Hefner
You're looking at the bruising damage 2011 Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair claims she suffered at the hands of Hugh Hefner's son during a violent rampage this weekend.

TMZ broke the story ... 21-year-old Marston Hefner was arrested Sunday night after allegedly kicking and punching Sinclair during an argument in their Pasadena, CA apartment.

Now, 20-year-old Sinclair tells us ... the Playboy heir has physically abused her on SEVERAL OCCASIONS ... but she's still willing to forgive the guy.

"I don't condone domestic violence, but if one ounce of good can come from this bad experience, then I can live with it and move on" ... Claire says.

"That is why I will not press charges against Marston Hefner if he keeps his word to give a public apology for physically abusing me on several occasions, and seeks psychiatric help for his anger issues."

Hugh also released a comment on the situation ... saying, "If they care about each other, they'll patch it up." 

So, we gotta ask ...


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That poor girl. She is in a dangerous situation and doesn't seem to realize that men who beat on women don't stop. She could be killed by this guy. Where are her parents?

979 days ago


I guess Playboy must be looking for women of the lowest common denominator to pose nude in their magazines now.

979 days ago


Claire-person, get out, while you still can...ALIVE.

There is no man rich enough, fine enough, or slinging it on you good enough, for you to accept even ONE beating and go back to him.

No man is perfect, but not EVERY man is a woman-beating, sonofabit@h and wh@remonger. Really, you could toss a rock in ANY crowd and hit a man better than THAT!

979 days ago


REALIST: YOUR COMMENT is ignorant. Yes, someone can be punched, kicked in the ribs and have no marks. The harm, actions still happened. From personal experience, once someone hits you, they will indeed do it again even if they say they wont, its a matter of time, one little anger fit. Drop this UGLY SKINNY UGLYYYYY MORON and go on to the next rich kid.

979 days ago


Claire - I doubt you will ever read this... but seriously once a man hits you it won't stop. It will get worse and he does need to be charged. Every abused woman seems to think that the man will change, it was somehow her fault and things will get better. My sister almost died at the hands of a man that continued to abuse her for five years. It doesnt stop it wont get better and your family will most likely have to literally drag your butt out to safety. Luckily for my sister it was not in a body bag and I pray for your sake you get out before its too late. Dont stay with an abuser!

979 days ago


Thats a olayboy model?? she looks like a child that belongs in a college classroom, learning about History, Math, Science, a second Language. You mothers and fathers that let your children do this and throw away the futures of becoming successfull in life, are trash!! That girl looks 15.

979 days ago


my question is why are they living in an apartment in Pasadena? I like Pasadena, but didn't know there was high rise apartments for the rich in Pasadena.

Also, if she never dated Hefners son then she would of never been named playmate of the year. Who names their son Marsten? isn't that like a name for the 1800's? or like 1904?

979 days ago

Soiled Midget Panties    

Bwahahaha, that's a Playboy "model?" She looks so damn PLAIN JANE.

979 days ago


put his hands in a bench-vice and stop tightening when you can't hear any more cracking ... then all is forgiven!

979 days ago


Wow..So, she says she doesn't condone violence? Thats Exactly what she does...Get beat, goes a beat dog.. ANd Hugh he must be NUTS, to think there is nothing wrong with this type of violence towards women. He must be an abuser himself. Verbal or Physical, its still abuse.
But, she is young and i am sure if, she goes back, she can loose her looks the next time. By getting her head bash in..

979 days ago


She should forgive, but she shouldn't stay with they guy; especially if this isn't his first time!

979 days ago


Just an other example of old time sexism still surfacing into the next generation. people, please we are living in a world that has boundries and rules for a reason. STOP THE CYCLE!!

979 days ago


If she's not pjssed about it, then YOU KNOW that she was saying shjt that ignited the spark inside him to beat her azs and she knows that she got what she deserved.

979 days ago


she looks under 18 without all the whorish makeup.

979 days ago


I could have sworn that I have the same type of bra in my dresser

979 days ago
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