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Mel Gibson Arresting Officer

Bangs Out Settlement

in Jewish Discrimination Suit

2/14/2012 10:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. Sheriff's Dept. deputy who arrested Mel Gibson during the famous drunken Malibu tirade has struck a settlement deal in his discrimination lawsuit with L.A. County.

James Mee had sued the County ... claiming he felt he was unfairly punished and overlooked for promotions because the County allegedly targeted him as the person who leaked Mel Gibson's DUI arrest documents to TMZ in 2006.

But that claim had previously been thrown out by the judge, so Mee's only remaining claim was that he was discriminated against because he is Jewish.

Now, Mee and the County have reached a settlement in the discrimination case ... forever ending the saga between Mee and the County. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

11:23 AM PST -- Mee's legal team tells us ... the settlement is not final yet ... and is still pending approval of the County Claims Board

Still, Mee's attorney, Etan Z. Lorant, tells TMZ ... "Deputy Mee did not file his lawsuit for money. He filed his lawsuit for the principle of what had happened to him.  He strongly believes in his case."

Lorant's co-counsel, Yael Trock, adds, "Deputy Mee loved and still loves being a Sheriff's deputy. All he wants is to put this employment dispute behind him and go back to his work to protect the public.

Trock adds, "He just wanted everyone to be treated equally and fairly. That was very important to him and he was willing to stand up for it." 


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2idiots: 3 hours ago

wasn't the flock all upset about the "corruption" surrounding the OG stuff? Yet there was "corruption" with MG arrest....why does THAT not upset you? .
Hypocritical Much? Chortling!
OG did far worse than Mel Gibson did or will ever do in his life time, and OG got by with it. This would by far upset anyone with an IQ above 50. Well, unless they are a true ignorant azz, or a self made total idiot as you seem to want to be. Hey, dude! Does your user name stand for 2 much of an idiot? If so, I give ya credit for at least telling the truth there, and I will bump your IQ up to 45.

792 days ago


Cujeaux: 32 minutes ago
2is - ANOTHER "SLAM DUNK" my friend! I knew you could pull it off. I think flock needs some time to "REGROUP" again, so I'll just look over the pickins from last night and comment on the "BOSS HOGG" of "MELIBOO" in a bit.... (miss ya Sincy).
It was my pleasure to offer up a slam dunk. the flock is probably flailing around on the floor (like Sam when she falls out of her PowerChair) trying to figure out what to do or say
I'll stop by the "pool bar" later today - heading down to the REAL POOL for a few hours of sun and relaxation.
Realist, I havent picked-up any chocolate covered macs yet but will (Love them). There's a really good shop here called Kauai Granola, they sell THE BEST (and freshest) macaroons!

792 days ago


Cujeaux:  16 hours ago
Realist what on earth makes you think Mees lawyer took it on contingency? Do you know that for a fact? No trial lawyer worth their salt does that for this type of case. Mees probably had to ante up 20Gs to start, and he wasn't going to do that unless he knew exactly what they would be able to pin them on - and I told you already what that was. Whoever forced Mees to rewrite his report to omit all of the slurs (that were caught on videotape) violated federal law regarding the do***entation and submission of evidence of hate crimes to the federal authorities. Mees did what he thought was the proper thing to do having no idea the kind of wrath that he would incur for not sweeping it under the carpet. If he didn't record it he could have been written up as well - especially if they wanted him out. I'm sure he expected that Gibnuts be charged with disorderly and he probably should have. Repeating he was drunk like that excuses him is ludicrous, ESP. Taking into account that he was driving in that condition.

I hope the county doesn't settle and it goes to trial. This way it has a chance of being overturned by the supreme court for misconduct by the judge.

As far as The Rage in the Cage video goes - yes, I would like to see it. I would even consider paying $8, which would be a first for me with a Giblitz film. Would I be frothing at the mouth in anticipation? No. Unlike the flock member who admitted to that (or worse) (I chose to forget) at the sight of the bare ass scene of Gibz in LW, sporting his signature mullet. Those were the days, eh flock? Le snicker, le snort!
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realist: 16 hours ago
So, you're a lawyer now and know exactly how all that works? Don't make me laugh.

And it doesn't square with the settlement to "make a point"

Poor, poor Mee. You defend him as if you know him personally. Do you?

Poor, dumb dratsab. Chewed up and spit out by the system. And gosh, in 2006, why would they want him out?

You just keep frothing at the mouth Cujo. I'm sure Dee Wallace will be around to put you out of your misery.
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kkg: 15 hours ago
You speak with such authority regarding Officer Mee and his legal representation, lawsuit and even his finances. It's rather impressive, until one notices that you've continually misspelled his name; adding the plural as if it was actually a part of his name. Kind of takes away from the whole effect. I can't help thinking if you don't even know how to spell his name, well the rest of your info seems a little suspect in that light. Even my imaginary fourth graders would agree on that.

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Be My Bunny: 15 hours ago
"Whoever forced Mees to rewrite his report to omit all of the slurs (that were caught on videotape) violated federal law regarding the do***entation and submission of evidence of hate crimes to the federal authorities. "
Since when is saying stupid carp while drunk a 'hate crime'?? Omg, the 'logic'..oft! :)
You're on a roll, Nelliegoo. Keep it up--too funny!
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kkg: 15 hours ago
I'm so sorry, I wrote plural instead of possessive when referring to the erroneous letter s placed at the end of Mee. So silly. Oh how those imaginary fourth graders will laugh at their poor old imaginary teacher's mistake. At least I managed to get the royal spacing correct. Le sigh. (We miss you Curious!)



Unrealistic: Getting a bit testy now that I've decided to play armchair paralegal like flock has been doing for so long? It's harder to make it more believable when you have less flock to spin off of. Still waiting for all of the insider info you have. From what I recall you got the 'TIP OFF' from IBS. So far all we've got is somebody calling Mee an Ahole. Hardly grounds for a pink slip. Just so you know, nobody is in suspense and I don't know Mee, just like you don't know Gibby.

Oh, and I prefer racists - they have a nice crunch to them. Le snicker.


Kathleen: you of all people are calling me out on a punctuation blunder when you can't even get a slam in on a grammatical blunder without making one of your own in the process? Then you apologize like that makes a difference? Are you insane?

We all know that you've adopted us as your imaginary students, and the rest of the flock tries to earn your brownie points. It's pretty hilarious when you think about it.

792 days ago


TMZgossip:  3 hours ago
they needed to DNA test beater-boi
It would help them solve multiple flung monkey dung cases in the Mel-a-booo area

From what I've heard (from my reliable sources) the boi is not acting alone. They think Kathleen and her husband have some involvement.

792 days ago


Did Sheriff Hogg fire some shots in the air? Where's flock? Was there another "BIRDS FALLING FROM THE SKY" incident that I haven't heard about?

792 days ago


Kathleen's scooter has the Tarzan Tree Climber v2.0 attachment?

792 days ago


Yeah, and it's amphibious as well. She has no trouble going down the ramp at the pool bar.

792 days ago

princess leia    

"Trock adds, 'He just wanted everyone to be treated equally and fairly.'"

Okay...So this begs the question (at least for me) did Officer Mee contact entertainment news outlets after every traffic arrest he made? And as far as this goes:
The suit claims Sergeant Tracy Palmer erased a videotape involving the arrest of Gibson. Sources tell TMZ Mee has said the alleged video shows Gibson out of control at the jail after his arrest. Mee has told people the tape shows Gibson screaming at the top of his lungs and pacing in the cell.

Are these tapes typically fodder for discussion outside the sheriff's department? Are they ever used and/or admissible in court? Is it possible the tape was erased because information that shouldn't have been leaked had already been leaked and there was concern in the department about protocol/procedures?

I really don't know all enough about this case to even be discussing it; however, my curiosity was piqued yesterday when I saw the LA Times mention of the phone calls to and from the officer's home and the entertainment news outlet.

792 days ago


Was that some "SNAP, CRACKLE and POPPING" and "MISFIRING" of flock brain cells I just heard? (straining to hear with my palm capping my ear).

PL: @@. Shuffling the time table of events won't work. It's an old standby in flock's "BAG O' TRICKS". I'll break it down simple;

"GIB PART UN" in squad car
"RAGE IN THE CAGE" art film
"GIB PART DEUX" flying poo
"GIBBY'S" last hope for best actor nod "ON THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR"
"MEE denied use of "SHARED RESTROOM" and "DONUT RUNS"
"MEE is "ACCUSED" of leak with no "SOLID PROOF"
Leading to a 4 year "INVESTIGATION" and "DESK JOB"
MEE wisely opts for "CIVIL LAWSUIT" as his "ONLY HOPE"
to expose the "CORRUPTION" without "JOB LOSS"
"JUDGE" announces "NOTHING TO SEE HERE" on eve of trial
"COUNTY CLAIMS" dept requests more "POTC $"
and "FOLDS" like a "CHEAP SUIT!"

Any questions?

792 days ago

princess leia    

Cujeaux, I'm not trying to mix up what you refer to as a timeline. I am very much against drinking and driving and I have driven PCH many times - both in the daytime and after dark. I was recently on Decker Canyon Road for the first time and it's one of the most nerve-wracking roads I've ever been on (and I was a passenger). All that said, the roads in Los Angeles county are harrowing enough without adding excess alcohol to the mix. Obviously, you are here to troll. On the other hand, I am not. I'm simply trying to understand the bit about phone calls going back and forth between an officer of the law and an entertainment outlet. I don't fault the entertainment outlet. That's what entertainment outlets do . . . fish for information. Perhaps reporting to the entertainment outlets is or was part of Officer Mee's job description and I'm missing something here. Either way, it's not important enough to me to go back and research Google news archives for the play-by-play of what happened. After all, all this happened six years ago.

792 days ago

princess leia    

Mee, who is still with the department, said that as a deputy assigned to DUI duty in Malibu, he approached the 2006 arrest as routine. He included Gibson's slurs, he said, to illustrate how drunk the actor was.
Odd. I thought that's what a breathalyzer test was for.

792 days ago


Lela - glad to see you're chatting it up with your alter-ego IRA BLACK. A quick "PEAK" at your profile and one can quickly "SURMISE" you're a bit more "VERSED" in the antics of "Mr MEL" then you "IMPLY"
I should "CAUTION" you, Ira "TENDS" to veer "OFF TOPIC" but since "YOU" and "IRA" are "ONE IN THE SAME" you should "KNOW" that "ALREADY".
Cujeaux - LOVED the breakdown for "THE OTHER SIDE OF IRA" (guessing it's PL when it's "DRESSED" for an evening of, know, THAT side of Ira ).
The way GIBBO is "HANDING OUT CASH" lately he's probably "RELIEVED" POTC did so "WELL".
I "WONDER" if the Judge's "NEW POOL" has a "SWIM UP BAR" and a "RAMP" for Sam
Still "CHORTLING" over the way Sam tried to "DOWNPLAY AND DISMISS" the "CORRUPTION" that worked for Mr Mel....."Le Snorting" "ALL OVER" that one!

791 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Oh good! I see the lying loser multiple idiots is 'enjoying' her trip to HI again this morning by sitting and posting on TMZ...just like she does every other her hate filled little life...poor thing.

791 days ago

princess leia    

2Idiots: I don't have an alter ego here or anywhere, online or off, and I'm not here to argue with anyone. As an aside, I just took a quick peek at the last few posts in your profile and see you're on Kauai. We were there a few months ago and the view of Mount Makana from Pali Ke Kua at sunset (or any other time of day) is one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. I hope you have a wonderful stay. :-)

791 days ago


Hi 2is and people of good will (which excludes flock). *+*+*+*+*+*

It appears flock chooses to turn a " BLIND EYE" to "ACTUAL" and "PROVEN" corruption when it doesn't serve Gibby's "PURPOSES". So far their "REACTION" seems to be stuffing their faces with "CHOCOLATES". Le "SNICKER!!!"

I think Sam expects you to be on a "DISNEY" vacation, since it's the only one she has ever "KNOWN". I can see why Sincy enjoyed this "STYLE" of "WRITING" since Sam "HATES" what she perceives to be Internet "SHOUTING". I don't know how long I can keep it going since - according to "MS. KATHLEEN" I possess a "LAZY" writing style and tend to "SKIM" posts with no "COMPREHENSION" or "APPRECIATION" for their "DEEP" and " HIDDEN BRILLIANCE!!!!"

I wonder if "BOSS HOGG" is still "SWEATING BULLETS" fearing a "FULL BLOWN INVESTIGATION" into "GIBBYGATE!!!". I'm sure flock is

791 days ago
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