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Whitney Houston

The Death Tub

2/14/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The bathtub Whitney Houston died inTMZ has obtained a photo of the tub in which Whitney Houston died.

The photo was taken moments after police and EMTs removed Whitney's body from the bathroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The photo shows the tub still filled with water.  There's a gravy dish at the bottom of the tub, which Whitney typically filled with olive oil to keep her skin soft.

Notice the two circular objects -- they're hair ties.

And there's a towel at the bottom of the tub -- possibly worn by Whitney to keep her hair dry while she was bathing.



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Who sold you the pictures?
Person who murdered Whitney?
Star whackers?
Putting poison in her turkey sandwich?

How do you explain the fact that Clive Davis’s party went on like nothing happened. He took Whitney under his “wing” and continue partying after she’s found dead? I think he knew something would happen. And the the following night “they” feature a sacrifice on the grammys with their newest puppet slave (minaj) and also choose the successor to the icon’s throne: Hudson engulfed in a pyramid of light with Whitney at the top where the all-seeing eyes is.
That’s too many “coincidences” don’t you think?

985 days ago


Wow TMZ. You've officially hit an all-time low. When did you become such a rag? You're now on par with The National Enquirer. Say goodbye to a long-time fan of your website and TV show.

985 days ago


u can go anywhere on internet and see people getting killed heads chopped off etc. this lady was only a SINGER. soldiers, doctors people who actually do something for people besides make other people wealthy by buying drugs from them should be on the tv, tell their story it would be more uplifting than this. no role model for my daughter!!!!

985 days ago


I am quite disturbed to see this photo myself but come on people. Knowing TMZ's history and what they are capable of, why did you come here in the first place? What were you looking for?...the latest photos and news only TMZ can get--and you KNOW I'm right.

985 days ago


Come on people stop complaining, if you didnt want to see these photos or learn more about Whitney's death you wouldnt even come to TMZ. Everyone know's TMZ get's the scoop before anyone else, whats why we are all here. So hush!

985 days ago


For those of you who are complaining about the photo- get over it. This is a Hollywood gossip site and this is what they do. If you don't want to read about Houston's death or see photos, go read the Atlantic Monthly or the National Geographic.

The New York Post got a photo of Elvis in his coffin. These sorts of photos have been done since the 1930s, so if you don't want to see it, stop reading this site.

Good job with your reporting, TMZ.

985 days ago

Corwin Hyman    

Wow... talk about invading privacy... why are these pics relevant? This is low even for TMZ

985 days ago


Um to Catherine who complained that TMZ is now on par with the National Enquirer:

That's actually a very big compliment. Last year the Enquirer was nominated for a Pulitzer prize for its investigative work on the John Edwards case. Both the Washington Post and the New York Times have written glowing articles about the Enquirer's investigative teams.

I used to work at People magazine, and we were always getting yelled at by our editors because the Enquirer always scooped us. We were always playing catch up with them.

I really, really, really wouldn't knock the Enquirer if I were you.

985 days ago


It's really horrible how many people reflect on this event, but since Whitney Houston has passed away, how many of you remember the Soldiers and Marines that have died.

985 days ago


It's really horrible how many people reflect on this event, but since Whitney Houston has passed away, how many of you remember the Soldiers and Marines that have died.

985 days ago


Everyone here has very SHORT memories. Don't you recall the photo of Elvis in his coffin that the New York Post got?

985 days ago


WOW just loving all the comments against TMZ - Lent begins next Wednesday and good time for me to give up TMZ and watching OTHER crappy shows like Inside Edition. TMZ - why are you holding back - sure you have worse pictures than this to show .....

985 days ago


While I don't really see the point of TMZ posting these pictures, I also don't see why everyone is getting so offended. It's not like they posted a picture of her dead body like they did with Michael Jackson.

985 days ago


Really TMZ??? a picture of the tub right after she was removed? Would you guys also post a pic of her dead body if you could 'obtain it'?

985 days ago


The majority of the employees at TMZ are mentally retarded, all you have to do is watch their show to figure that out.

985 days ago
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