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Whitney Houston

The Death Tub

2/14/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The bathtub Whitney Houston died inTMZ has obtained a photo of the tub in which Whitney Houston died.

The photo was taken moments after police and EMTs removed Whitney's body from the bathroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The photo shows the tub still filled with water.  There's a gravy dish at the bottom of the tub, which Whitney typically filled with olive oil to keep her skin soft.

Notice the two circular objects -- they're hair ties.

And there's a towel at the bottom of the tub -- possibly worn by Whitney to keep her hair dry while she was bathing.



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I said I will NEVER come on TMZ again, but its after this article!!! I hate Harvey Levin!!! HE IS A CREEP!!! Whomever works for him is just as sick!!!

I'm soooo very sorry to the Houston family and Bobbi Kristin!! I'm so very sorry you have a SICK site like TMZ!! I promise you as a fan of your mom's that I will NEVER come here again!!!

Your Mom is the most beautiful women in this world and her voice will be forever in my heart!! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU WHITNEY!!!


947 days ago


"Everything happens for a reason."

947 days ago

susan davis    

i think it is really interesting to see this foto.
some sort of comforting for the soul, soul needs this information!
Thanks EMZ!
sue from holland

947 days ago


Yes, this is morbid. But it's not tmz stepping to a new low - it's their default low. That is, rock bottom.

But I get a feeling here that Whitney did not die first wobbling around intoxicated, and then pass out in her bath. It seems she prepared for her bath in a sober state, bringing the meal etc with her, entering the tub and then passing very suddenly. That looks like a genuine heart attack to me.

947 days ago


There's nothing news worthy showing this photo just bad taste. TMZ pays 25,000 for these types of photo's and stories. You should be mad at the people selling these photo's and profiting off of them too! I didn't click on to this photo. I clicked on home and this caption and photo came up.

947 days ago


WOW !!!!!! this is SOOOOOOOO exciting !!!!!!!


947 days ago


TMZ you have gone too far.

No conscience is dangerous!

947 days ago


TMZ, this is terrible. I am disturbed by how low you guys have gone with this one.

947 days ago


Seriously, you had to post this! You guys have defintiely hit a new low! Your disgraceful! She died for god sake, why so we need to see where she died!

947 days ago


WHO IN THE HELL TOOK THESE PHOTOS NONE THE LESS SOLD THEM TO TMZ? if they snapped photos of this I am certain we will see pictures of her dead body soon.
If there is a "security hold" on information regarding Whitney's death (which has been stated) someone needs to be reprimanded for releasing all of this information.
I hope and pray when the toxicology screens come back her system does not contain enough of any drug to rule her death an overdose and see how quickly the media will flip the script. The media has a way of contorting the most minuet thing into something highly negative. Take the posting of the WORST looking photo from the last night she was seen publicly at the Pre-Grammy party with Kelly Price and they post it EVERYWHERE. There are photos of her when she initially arrived at the party and they do not look like the one popping up everywhere. Yes, an OD is possible am may even be in the back of all of our minds however, it should be realized that her death could have occurred for a million and one other reasons. TMZ show some class and decorum when deciding what to post about this loss. In the presence of loss one should never focus on every negative aspect of ones life but the fact that a life has been lost. I can guarantee you will not hear the pastor that will preside over her eulogy mention ONE THING ABOUT DRUGS... why because it is a time of mourning and reflection of the life, legacy, and homegoing of Whitney. I think the media should follow that principle when reporting on the untimely death of Whitney.

947 days ago


Keep it classy Harvey.

947 days ago


Is a picture of Whitney's bath water really necessary? You guys are taking it to far. let the family have their time of peace

947 days ago

Doug Glass    

Let's see, for all the grieving fans. Why not trek to the tub where she was found and place thousands of PVC pipe crosses and lay plastic flowers and plastic greenery all over the place. That is the way the sheeple honor their cherished dead right? Make a shrine out of the ditch, culvert, bathtub or tree trunk. Seems appropriate to have plastic ornaments for plastic people.

947 days ago

Robert Barr    

Looks like that gravy boat was not enough to keep Whitney afloat.

947 days ago


Come on posters. Although I admit this is probably in poor taste the "Death Tub". There is nothing there. No lingering bubbles, no ring around the tub, nothing. As far as I am concerned, I couldn't see much beyond the "TMZ blurb" a hairbrush and towel. Nothing wrong with sitting on a towel to keep your butt in one spot plus who wants to sit in a hotel bathtub where hundreds have sat before even it is is "supposedly" clean. It was unnecessary I believe but shows absolutely nothing IMO.

947 days ago
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