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Whitney Houston

The Death Tub

2/14/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The bathtub Whitney Houston died inTMZ has obtained a photo of the tub in which Whitney Houston died.

The photo was taken moments after police and EMTs removed Whitney's body from the bathroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The photo shows the tub still filled with water.  There's a gravy dish at the bottom of the tub, which Whitney typically filled with olive oil to keep her skin soft.

Notice the two circular objects -- they're hair ties.

And there's a towel at the bottom of the tub -- possibly worn by Whitney to keep her hair dry while she was bathing.



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You sanctimonious types need to stop hyperventilating. It's a picture of a tub, not a dead nude body.

TMZ doesn't pretend to be anything but shameless tabloid trash. You love the dirt like the rest of us or you wouldn't be here.

985 days ago


I am actually disgusted that you would show this picture. It's too far...

985 days ago


What, no photos of the contents of the toilet? We all want to know if this poor woman went peepee before she died. God this is just an inexcusable photo.

985 days ago


You guys are Sick. Have some respect. I'm done with your site.

985 days ago


I'm glad you posted the Death Tub. I went to the hotel's website earlier in the wk looking for photos of the bathrooms there. This def does not look like the luxurious one they glamorize. Thx for the insider pic!!

985 days ago


Gravy dish? That was her snorting spoon! Can you guys get anything right?

985 days ago


Interesting interview with Reginald Dowdley, Whitney's final make-up artist. He shows photos he took on his phone with Whitney. Wonder if he's TMZ's source?

985 days ago


Wow judging from the comments TMZ actually CAN stoop too low! Way to alienate your fan base. There was no need to show this photo. It's way too soon and it's just gross. I feel a bit sick to my stomach actually. I thought your site was low when it came to covering MJ's death but at least the photos you posted were from court proceedings and came with a warning. This photo was so unnecessary, and probably illegally obtained at that. You have every right to post what you want on your site but don't pretend you have any morals or scruples. I don't blame the morons you hire because they're all a bunch of uneducated, egocentric fools...but you, Harvey, should be really ashamed. RIP Whitney, if they ever let you.

985 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

That 'gravy dish' looks like something I'd put an 8 ball of coke on in a hotel room..

985 days ago


WTF is wrong with you TMZ, I NEVER comment on these things but this is completely over the line to post something like this.

985 days ago


It's beyond belief that a person who had access to this scene would take these pictures, but then for TMZ to buy them is absolutely appauling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

985 days ago


How does TMZ know Whitney used a gravy dish to put olive oil in it to use for her skin? Dayum, TMZ were you guess in Whitney's head that day in question? How do y'all know all this personal info about this woman who has never in her life came out and discussed her bathroom rituals to anyone? Do y'all know what type of toilet paper she wiped her azz with too? Geez louise!

985 days ago


Not surprised from TMZ! Only, TMZ would be proud to show something so pointless & disgusting and thinking they got a scoop! How could you sleep at night, knowing you make a living off of celebrity woes.YOU MAKE ME SICK!

985 days ago


cool the hair ties are already on ebay..going for 245.00 each..both for 400.00..thats quite a deal...

985 days ago


and you people complaining about the looked didnt you.If you dont like it go watch the view or something..better yet get a job you worthless bums

985 days ago
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