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Charlie Sheen

'Men' Is a

'Steaming Pile of Ass'

2/15/2012 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen still has hard feelings for Warner Bros. -- CLEARLY. 

Charlie tells TMZ ... he's delighted the company that fired him has sent him a cease and desist letter, warning him and his new production company not to use photos of himself from "Two and a Half Men" for his new show, "Anger Management."

Here's what Charlie told us:

"I"m thrilled.  It insulates me from having to redundantly see myself in the idiotic bowling shirt.  Perhaps if  Warner Bros. spent as much time and energy focusing on THEIR show, it wouldn't be such a steaming pile of ass."

And we thought revenge was best served cold.


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Two and a half had turned to ass long before Charlie left. Big Bang Theory is way better. WB has every right to complain about the use of their property to advertise a competitors show. Grow up loser, you look like crap and thats why you're using old photos. Oh well at least you are giving other losers someone to cheer for.

981 days ago


After he left I just couldn't get into the show anymore. I stopped watching it. I tried but Ashton sucks.

981 days ago


He couldn't be more accurate in his comment. The show is a pile now. Not funny, no chemistry between Cryer and Kutcher at all. Sheen should move on though. Less said about it the better. Let Ashton continue to cheat on his estranged wife publicly while she's rushed to an ER and be unfunny on that crap show and do your thing now. They sue to keep Sheens name associated with the show. Most of this season has been either Charlie Harper references or direct quotes from Sheen itself. Really Warner Brothers seems to not be able to function without using Sheen or his character as some source material long after he's gone. Sad really.

981 days ago


That show was a steaming pile of unimaginative mess from the beginning. More people Don't watch it than do watch it. Gotta be one of the lamest written shows ever, so predictable, contrived and brutally boring. Now and then.

981 days ago


He is right that show is garbage without him and every one knows it.

981 days ago


He can talk about the new 2 1/2 Men until he's blue in the face but he has no one to blame except himself for getting kicked off the show.

Charlie chose to continue to do hard drugs until it cost him his $1.8 million dollars an episode job so he needs to STFU and concentrate on his new sitcom.

With all the money he has, why would he use another network's property to promote his new show? Because he's still deeply hurt they fired his crackhead ass and he wants to piss them off. All that "I know you will do a fine job" BS he was telling Ashton was just that....BS. He's still a liar and a druggie. Let's see how long he'll last on this sitcom.

981 days ago


He gets even wilder the deader he gets… How many grams of rock do you think Zombie Charlie Sheen can bang down? Put on your party face and see at on the Zombie Walk of Fame!

981 days ago


I mean... The show does suck now.

981 days ago


Charlie is right, 2 1/2 sucks without him and I haven't watched it since. Bring back Charlie and I may watch it again.

981 days ago


I bet Charlie only hates those bowling shirts because he can't wear them anymore on "Two and a Half Men" and continue to be the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

981 days ago


One thing I've always respected about Charlie Sheen is his blatant but brutal honesty. He has a point though. He made that show what it is and Ashton Kutcher will run it to the ground (and eventually, cancellation).

981 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

I'm surprised Men is even still on the air. I was never a huge fan of it when Sheen was on but it's just absolutely awful now with Kutcher.

981 days ago

Mike D    

You hit the nail on the head Charlie!

981 days ago


ialthough i have never seen the asshat kutcher episodes, i am sure chuck is right about the show being a steaming pile of ass.

981 days ago


Take a hard look in the mirror and be honest, you need some serious help from the looney bin!

981 days ago
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