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Randy Travis Arrest Footage

You're REALLY Gonna Take Me to Jail?!!?

2/15/2012 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Randy Travis was downright DUMBFOUNDED when Texas police told the singer he was being arrested for public intoxication earlier this month ... telling cops, "Really? Are you kidding me?"

Dashcam footage, obtained by​, shows the country star talking slowly and slurring to police as he's questioned about why he was sitting in a parked car near a Baptist church in the middle of the night on Feb. 6.

In the footage, Travis is asked if he had been boozing ... to which he replies, "Yes, sir, I have. But I am not driving, as you can see." As TMZ previously reported, cops say Travis reeked of booze.

The officer asked Travis for ID, but the singer didn't have his driver's license on him at the time.

The officer continued, "Here's what's going to happen tonight ... You're going to go to jail for public intoxication."

Travis: "Really? Are you kidding me?"

Cop: "Maybe once we get to the jail, we can figure out who ... get some more information on you, who you are."

Travis: "Are you kidding me?"

The cop wasn't kidding ...

As TMZ previously reported, Travis was hauled to jail at around 1:30 AM ... and was booked, cited and released a short time later.


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I told you so

979 days ago


Literally the blues, in black and white. Nailed it.

979 days ago

Donna Edgar    

Awwwww, Randy!! Just when I was thinking you were an alright, up-standing Christain man, you screw up. Good thing God has a back-up plan, but that's between Him and you.

979 days ago


Guess Randy Travis shouldn't have stole Peggy Hill's song.

979 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

F--- the police!!!

He didn't do anything.

978 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

Arrested for being white.

See how that sounds black people. Cops are ****s no matter what you look like.

978 days ago


Now you can see the stupided cops around, some don't need to be cops, they should of just took him home, or had him call for a pickup, It just shows how stupid cops can be

978 days ago

good as gold    

Public intoxication when he was on private property? I will bet anyone any amount of money that the charges will be dropped.

978 days ago



978 days ago


Cops don't want you to sleep in your car after drinking, they want you to drive and make a DUI arrest.This happens all the time, people get in their cars with their keys and are still arrested for DUI,having no intention of going anywhere.Get in your car, put keys in glove box,this will show no attempt to drive.Use camera on your cell phone to take photo, this will give a time stamp. When you get to jail call a lawyer,show him the photo and go home.

978 days ago


Some people are real intelligent! He was not just sitting in a park car. He was a parked in a church in the middle of the night. Somewhere he should not have been and he was wasted. It dosent matter who you are if you do not have proof of identity then verification is needed. Either way he was in violation of the law and being a celebrity does not excuse that fact. Had he decided to start his home and continue home, once he figured out where that was, and killed some one you would be sitting here asking where the police were.

978 days ago


I think the officer should have asked the dispatcher to connect him to 1982 because CLEARLY Randy Travis is NOT slurring his words. For the love of PETE!!

978 days ago

Joe Smith    

ATTENTION ALL - this is sad, bothering this poor guy who is NOT driving and just sitting in his sad that Texas Cops has NOTHING else better to do but bother innocent people sitting in there car meanwhile you have drug dealers, gangsters, killers, etc etc out there rasing havoc. TEXAS COPS STINK ! Sorry Randy.

978 days ago

tom welch     

Randy's sick a small amount of drink will make him act drunk ..... the cop thing simple ...I don't trust them at all ...and I have my own reasons ...I have never met but a few Honest cops

978 days ago


He hasn't bribed any officers look at his arrest record. The officer gave him a break yes. He could have easily been arrested for DUI but he was not driving nor does anyone know of he was going to drive. I think it would have been bull**** to arrest him or anyone else for sitting in his car drunk.

978 days ago
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