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Brits to Sean Penn

You’re A Moron ...

And Your Movies SUCK!!!

2/15/2012 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Members of British Parliament are lining up to slam Sean Penn ... and his movies -- trashing him over recent comments he made concerning Britain’s stance over the Falkland Islands.
In case you don't know: Britain and Argentina have both claimed sovereignty over the Falklands since the early 19th-Century ... and went to war with each other over the territory in 1982.
Penn called the Brits' continuing claims over the Falklands "colonialist, ludicrous and archaic" -- and got their dander up even further by criticizing their recent decision to deploy Prince William there.
One member of the British Parliament called Penn’s views "nonsense." Patrick Mercer, a famed British Army veteran, also ripped Penn – calling his views "moronic.”

Mercer added, Penn "seems to know nothing about the situation" -- and "A good number of his movies have been turkeys, so I suppose we shouldn’t expect much better coming out of his mouth."


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Sean Penn is a complete fool!

989 days ago


Why do we care what a badly educated thug thinks

989 days ago



The Argentines don't want a peaceful solution, they invaded the Islands in 1982, and are currently blockaiding the islands attempting to stop any commercial ships reaching them. That's why the British have just send a warship into the area. As someone from the Falklands, we have always been British and want to stay that way. All the gesturing comes from Argentina.

Oh, and the arms there are for our own protection. If we were invaded again, it would take three days for the British army to get here. Since '82, we have an army base with over 1000 personnel based here as a deterrent.

As for Sean Penn, well I think everyone here has given their opinion on him, and its hard to disagree at the moment.

989 days ago


IM from argentina, and im not taking part in neither sides. I only can say,this is all stupid nd britain sending army, ships and submarines is more stupid. They are incresing the hostility that is already there. I have one only question.. why they let families go see the graves of their sons.. to be able do so is all burocracy.

989 days ago


I totaly agree with sean`s comments and i think he is being very polite about it.The Brits deserve more of the same.

989 days ago


Malvinas...are and will be land of Argentina!

989 days ago


Sean penn is a piece of garbage. His movies too. All around one steamy pile.

989 days ago


Another country jealous of Hollywood. Britain hasn't made a movie that ever mattered, keep your thoughts to yourself lads.

989 days ago


last thing penn done that was any good was dead man walking
and even that wasnt great but ok..
seans done some great work in the past, i can name atleast 10 sean penn movies that are great, but his antics off camera and his politics kill it for me...
damn shame

989 days ago


So you are from the Malvinas?, I'm from Argentina, now let me teach you some history...
In 1833 you were not there, your ascestors were not there, the one who was there was Luis Vernet, he was the argentinian governor of the Islas Malvinas, when a British pirate fleet illegally kicked him and all of the argentinian authorities off the islands, and took the workers (Gaucho Rivero being the most renown) as slaves, that obviously ended up turning against the Brits. Ever since, Argentina has PEACEFULLY claimed for the recovery of the its territory, UNTIL in 1982, less than a year before the british met the 150 years of occupation, which would give them full rights over the islands according to international treaties, Argentina decided to take them back.
I don't care what a commie like Penn says, I don't care what the british say (either Cameron 10,000 miles away or yuo 200 miles away from continental Argentina, you're all british) and I don't care what the current pseudo-left Argentinian government say, they're all just causing tension and using it to distract people out of other subjects.
I, as a true argentinian, will always claim for my legitimate territory.

989 days ago


Argentinians are passionate about this issue and my ex-husband is from Argentina and recently just moved back. His brother was badly wounded in that war years ago. Why didn't sean penn mention the "Dirty War" in the 70's in Argentina where 1000's were murdered and kidnapped by their own leaders..that is the worst thing that ever happened in that country. The military would pick college students up under suspicion of plotting against them, put them in an airplane and push them out over the ocean. Not Kidding. The Malvina's geographically look like they should belong to Argentina, but they both want the oil on that desolate rock. I'm not clear on the true history of the Brits getting their hands on the rock. My question is why does Sean Penn care what happens over there? Who is he trying to impress in Argentina? It's really none of his business to "police" the planet. Is he trying to impress a new Argentina girlfriend or something. With everything else happening on this planet, why would he choose to open his mouth about such a "sticky, old, and forgotten" problem between these 2 country's? Most Argentine's have resigned themselves to the fact there will be no more wars hopefully over this land. There is plenty of natural resources in Argentina that are still untapped. It is a huge and vast country. Let the Brits go to the expense of drilling on this God foresaken place.

989 days ago


So you hate Sean Penn because of his politics and his philanthropic endeavors yet you also hate Lindsey Lohan because she doesn't do anything with her life.WHICH IS IT PEOPLE????
Several of you have called him a commie. How old are you??? I thought that term died in WW2. This isn't the McCarthy hearings again. Why do you say that, because Chavez said that Bush smelled like sulphur?? WELL, HE DID.
Where were you when Sean Penn was saving people LITERALLY down in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?? Where were you when the earthquake happened in Haiti?? Drinking your 5 dollar lattes and saying "poor people, somebody should do something about that" and then checking your email??
At least he has been down and dirty and in the trenches, whereas the majority of you sit behind a computer screen and scream commie.
Sean Penn has a heart. Just because you all drank the Republican koolaid doesn't mean that he is the antichrist or something. So he has questionable friends. Who doesn't. Why do you automatically assume that Sean Penn is a commie too.
And as for Britian. If you remember in your history class, those that stayed awake that long, that Britian once was a major superpower. There was a saying" The sun never set on the British empire". That includes the good ole USA. The United States was once a part of the British Empire. They still have remnants of that left, don't kid yourself. And it is the Unites States and the British who combined are the major superpower now.
You all need to either pick up a book or a newspaper and inform yourselves before you make stupid comments on here about things you know nothing about.

989 days ago


La Malvinas son Argentinas ,por mas que protesten los sanguinarios piratas de la mas putrefacta monarquia que conocio la historia . Algun dia las Malvinas volveran a ser Argentinas y los imperialistas de Londres tendran que irse ,Gracias Sean Penn !!!

989 days ago


Even the Brits get it!!

989 days ago


Bitts are right on! Can't stand Penn

989 days ago
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