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Whitney Houston

Off the Wagon ...

With the Help of Enablers

2/15/2012 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0214_whitney_gsi_EX_01Whitney Houston was heavy into alcohol in the months before her death, and many of the people around her bent over backwards to accommodate her cravings for alcohol.

Sources who spent significant time with Whitney in the last few months tell us ... Whitney drank virtually every day leading up to her death. 

We're told when she started shooting the movie "Sparkle" she was sober.  In fact, Whitney's voice, we're told, was "phenomenal" and she would boast to people, "My voice is back!"

But after principal shooting, when Whitney went into the studio to dub various lines, we're told she was off the wagon.

We're told Whitney's immediate family -- and Bobby Brown -- became "extremely upset" because they believed the singer's friends were more than happy to accommodate her drinking whims whenever she wanted, even though it was apparent she had lost control.

As TMZ first reported, Whitney's family says authorities told them ... she may have died from a reaction to prescription drugs and alcohol.   We know she drank alcohol shortly before her death, and we're told she typically took Xanax -- one of the drugs found in her room -- before a performance to calm her nerves, and she was scheduled to sing at Clive Davis' Grammy party. 



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Sonya in Tx    

Well, she was a hopeless addict. Bury her and warn your kids that they too will end up like Whitney if you choose to squander your talent with drugs.

926 days ago


If you look at the cast of Sparkle, you can see who the "enablers" were. After looking at that list, you can see how Sharpton and Jackson will be angry that they can't blame whitey for this one.

926 days ago


Who is the gal standing next to Whitney, I see her in other pictures with her as well. She's usually smileing.

926 days ago


Various people other than Bobby Brown have come forward and stated WHITNEY WAS DOING DRUGS AND DRINKING LONG BEFORE SHE MET HIM. Let it go already. The pictures from that night tell the story. She's a freaking mess and as I said in another comment Bobby Brown was in another state when all of this happened. Her entourage was there with her but no one tried to stop her. Lay the blame where it the feet of the people who were ACTUALLY WITH HER AND IN THE ROOM and who didn't step in and say "Whitney, you need to slow down on the booze and pills." Her entourage was nothing more than a group of enablers who were too afraid to say NO to the almighty Whitney Houston for fear of being ejected from her "group".

926 days ago


So, what it boils down to is that her friends, the people who claimed to love her and care for her, really didn't give a sh** about her at all. They didn't love her and they didn't care about her. They cared only about themselves. If anyone really, truly cared about what was happening to Whitney for all these years, they would have intervened. Yes, she was an adult. But, she was incredibly immature. She was never really allowed to grow-up, emotionally and mentally.

926 days ago


She was 48 years old, and responsible for her own choices. I'm sick of Nancy Grace trying to sensationalize this story with this BS like she did with jacko. Neither of them were retarded, then again maybe they were.

926 days ago


There was a principal shooting? Wow,that didn't make the news. TMZ...that is a fourth grade error...

926 days ago


Case in point - Anderson Cooper interviewing Kelly Price, who spent the night before with her at her nightclub benefit - "My kids were there, all we did was drink champagne, she was happy." Rehab not six months earlier and you think it is cool that she drank champagne all night? Enablers indeed.

926 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Whitney was a grown up ~ if she wanted to drink, it was her doing. Enablers?? C'mon, is the package store clerk an enabler? She knew what she was doing.

926 days ago


OMG, the whacko jacko fans are feeding off this bullcrap like a tub of piranha.

926 days ago


Too many hangers on who who refuse to say no!

926 days ago


Who is that scary woman with her?

926 days ago

Dr. Dre    

Weird...Clive said that Whitney was NOT scheduled to sing...hmmm

926 days ago


Yet these enablers all have gone on the news and described themselves as "friends". I don't think so.

926 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Of course her entourage of toadies enabled her. They didn't get paid to tell her: "You probably shouldn't do this and that". To bad for them that the gravy train finally ran out of steam. I wonder how many job offers for a position as "Whitney's friend" will open up in the future? Maybe they should change careers and become "Oprah's best friend's friend's assistants"?

926 days ago
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