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Bobby Brown

Officially Invited to

Whitney Houston's Funeral

2/16/2012 4:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's family has finally reached out to Bobby Brown ... and have formally invited him to attend Whitney's funeral in NJ on Saturday ... TMZ has learned.

Houston family sources tell us, "At the last minute, the family felt that it would keep the peace at the funeral [to have Bobby there] ... even though some family members were against it."

As we previously reported, several Houston family members were strongly opposed to inviting Brown to the funeral because they blame him, in part, for contributing to Whitney's downfall.

Sources close to Bobby tell us family friends had warned him not to go to the funeral ... but now, with the change of heart, Bobby will definitely be there.

Brown has agreed to perform at a concert at an Indian casino in Connecticut hours after the funeral ... and we're told he plans to leave NJ on a private jet so he can make it to the show on time.



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Gsharon 710    

no.26......Do you know who was older in this relationship, Whit or Bobby? I guess he started Dionne on drugs also.

949 days ago


I'm sick of hearing about that crack head. Smoking crack is a choice not a disease

949 days ago


Bobby couldnt book a private jet to get to his daughter, but can get one to take to Mohegan Sun for a concert? Hope he doesnt show up to the funeral high/drunk! RIP Sweet Whitney...

949 days ago


Loser's after the 'ho's cash

949 days ago


Sad when we lose a great talent to drugs and alcohol.

The funeral will have many people that could have stepped in and done something to intervene and get her the help she needed.

Enablers will be invited to the funeral. If they have a conscience it should be very hard for them there. If not, then they will as hypocrites do, look sad and look for publicity.

949 days ago


The enablers and hypocrites will be there. What a sad ending to a wonderful career for this once sweet church girl.

Look around at the folks that attend and are invited. Which ones reached out to intervene? None I think.

949 days ago


Don;t know how Bobby B will hold up at the concert right after funeral. His daughter Bobbi K will need him there for the entire time. I hope she doesn't break down after he leaves to perform at his concert. Does anyone know if the buriel is the same day? I'm sure RayJ will be there too with his sis Brandy. Rest in Peace dearest Whitney....

949 days ago


well, perhaps they made the right decision, but I think that if Whitney had not been in touch with him recently then no, but, I did see a family picture of them-they had gone out to dinner, so for their daughter's sake yes, but I hope they get her the help she needs, the grandmother will stay close to her, I hope.....

949 days ago


My heart goes out to this family. Especially Bobbi Kristina. But I have to say this. You can't point fingers and blame this entirely on Bobby alone. Sure, they didn't have the best relationship and drugs was involved. But it was said that Whitney started using drugs before Bobby. But that's really not important. They way I see it is, Whitney left Bobby in 2006. So, she had time to get cleaned. It looks like to me, she was surrounded by people who enabled her and didn't help or look out for her. Wasn't Ray J takin' her to clubs her last few days? Just not a healthy atmosphere for an addict. I hope Whitney is truly at peace. I can honestly say I never judges her and always a fan. I was really hopin' she would have beat this and ended her struggles a different way. I hope she is now at peace and her family will heal.

949 days ago


Methinks Jesse Jackson had a good talk with Cissy Houston...Bravo! God Bless the Houston and Brown family.
RIP Whitney.

949 days ago


well bobby ... u are one bought up all ur drug in ur own pocket that u give her .... u ruined her life for everything ... DAMN U .. SHAME ON U ... ALL UR FAULT ... U HAVE TO PAID HER DEATH .... she is great singer i ve listen her music .. MORON .. HOW HELL GET UR DRUG FROM?!, BOBBY .. GO HELL!!

949 days ago


Dumb comments putting blame @ a time when the family is grieving. Whatever the outcome a life is gone. Let's be real and deal with the living. A father should always be there for his daughter & there should never be any interference. Today is a new day and this family is going through a lot. Let them grieve and have strength in our prayers.

949 days ago


Whitney dying was the best thing that ever happened to Bobby's re-career. No one gave two sheits anymore about this immature loser.

949 days ago


Did they find out he was still the one that was to inherit her money? Was stupid not to want him near his daughter (after all she is 18 and should be able to choose if she wants him in her life) or the funeral anyways Whitney was a grown woman and she did what she wanted to do Nobody can force anyone to take drugs.

949 days ago


He should be there for his daughter. I went to my ex-brother-inlaws funeral for my nephews. No love lost between me and their dad since he was abusive to my sister. I went and buried all my hard feelings for him that day. Now I can remember the goodtimes with his children. Who knows maybe this can lead to some good changes in Bobby? I hope so for his daughters sake.

949 days ago
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