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Charlie Sheen

Ashton Kutcher SUUUUCKS

2/16/2012 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And now a torpedo of truth from Charlie Sheen -- "I'm tired of pretending Ashton doesn't suck."

Sheen called in to TMZ Live today ... when he finally spoke his mind about the guy who took over the starring role on his old show, "Two and a Half Men."

Sheen had been politically correct towards Kutcher ever since AK took over ... but after Warner Bros. legally threatened Charlie for using a "Men" photo to promote his new show, "Anger Management" ... it was no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Sheen told us, "I'm tired of lying ... I'm tired of pretending the show doesn't suck ... I'm tired of pretending Ashton doesn't suck."

Charlie added, "It's nothing personal ... I just feel bad for him ... he's saddled with such bad writing."

Ladies and gentlemen ... he's back.


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i have to agree with charlie, ashton kutcher just isn't a good replcacement for charlie harper. dancing with gorillas? and getting more girls than charlie, without drinking.. it's just not the same man, they should've just cancelled the show, charlie sheen and charlie harper are pretty much the person in eyes of the world. jon cryer isn't funny, angus t jones is eighteen now and aston kutcher is micheal kelso

987 days ago


He is dead on correct. Have not watched since Ashton came on board. I wish he could steal Berta and Jon cryer away for his own show. Love the Berta character.

987 days ago


Agree. The original premise of the show...A cool, womanizing confirmed, wealthy bachelor lets his dowdy, divorced, chiropractor bro, down on his luck and homeless; moves into his bros beach pad. Throw in a hysterically funny cleaning woman, a hysterically talented actress to play the real estate Mom; and there you had a great show. When they brought the extremely goofy character Ashton plays....ruined the whole concept of the show.They should have dug up a "long lost brother" the Mom never told them about. Even one she may have given up for adoption when she was young and that would have been more believable. At any rate, Ashton can't act and Charlie Sheen has been considered an excellent actor all his life.

987 days ago


I like the show a lot and watch it every week. It's different and it's not going to be the same.

987 days ago


Charlies right I have tried to watch it but the show sucks. They made Ashton stupid and I feel Im watching what happened to Michael from the 70s show when he grew up.The character is so DUMB!!!!!! It is a steaming pile of **** and I also forget its on cause it SUCKS!!!!!!

987 days ago


I have to agree, the show does suck now.... :(

987 days ago


Charlie's right, the show does suck. The producers are not listening to what fans want. They want less Ashton and more of the dynamics between the rest of the cast. Alan and Herb have great chemistry. More Judith and Berta (with Berta's old personality). Jake does not need to just take up space being a pothead. I'm glad that Ashton cleaned up...that other look was hard to look at. Also, they seem to have changed his character a little in that he's not quite so ridiculously stupid. Less Ashton, more of the original cast and the old writing.

987 days ago


Charlie is right. I used to watch the show all the time, one of my favorite shows. Since Charlie left the show is unwatchable ... It is not funny.

987 days ago


Kutcher does suck. His only talent is being Kelso. Chuck Lorre is a little bitch, and WB is stupid for throwing their meal ticket away.

987 days ago


I think there may be a connection to the "Brat Pack". Both his brother and Demi were part of that group. I see it as a shot at both Ashton and Chuck....THAT is winning. He's been waiting for Men to speak so he could unload.

987 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Right on Charlie ~ you have a right to speak the truth about a show that YOU made great and that ASSton has made horrible; good or bad writing, you and Jon always managed to make it work and the laughs rolled anyway.

987 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Jon Cryer is a great comedic actor who has been saddled with a no talent loser. He is trying to carry the entire freakin show, but obviously cannot do that alone. Angus just isn't cute anymore, therefore, not funny ~ his delivery is dry and humorless. He was an adorable child so the lines they fed him worked. Rose was a great asset to the show, but since no Charlie, no stalker. It's just over, put a fork in it and let's all happily move on to Anger Management.

987 days ago

Jim G    

I agree with Charlie on this one. It's not Ashton. The show in general is just NOT as funny as it used to be. The writing has changed. Even characters who are still there, the lines they get are just NOT like they used to be. When's the last time we heard a good dig from Berta? Her one-liners used to reign supreme as some of the highlights of the show.

There is a glimmer of light occasionally and I laugh like I used to. But it is very few and far in between. Writers: WRITE LIKE YOU USED TO!!! SAVE YOUR SHOW!!

987 days ago


I have to agree, Ashton sucks. Never liked him, Never will...Winning Charlie, winning!

987 days ago


He's right the show sucks. I do forget it's on. And when I do watch it I find it boring as all hell.

987 days ago
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