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Charlie Sheen

Ashton Kutcher SUUUUCKS

2/16/2012 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And now a torpedo of truth from Charlie Sheen -- "I'm tired of pretending Ashton doesn't suck."

Sheen called in to TMZ Live today ... when he finally spoke his mind about the guy who took over the starring role on his old show, "Two and a Half Men."

Sheen had been politically correct towards Kutcher ever since AK took over ... but after Warner Bros. legally threatened Charlie for using a "Men" photo to promote his new show, "Anger Management" ... it was no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Sheen told us, "I'm tired of lying ... I'm tired of pretending the show doesn't suck ... I'm tired of pretending Ashton doesn't suck."

Charlie added, "It's nothing personal ... I just feel bad for him ... he's saddled with such bad writing."

Ladies and gentlemen ... he's back.


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I could not agree more. I thought Ashton would be a good replacement. I was wrong. He stinks. Definetely not as good of a show without Charlie Sheen. I can't even watch it anymore.

958 days ago

Miss Greta    

Charlie - I agree with you but let it go hon, just let it go...

958 days ago


its not like your stage show you had after your drug filled rants were great charlie.pot meet kettle.charlie would be nothing if it werent for the writters that was proven when after men he did those stage shows and web shows.they were god awful

958 days ago


He's not wrong. Ashton Kutcher adds nothing to the show.

958 days ago


charlie is seeing all of the whitney and drugs headlines and said **** that.if anyone will be mentioned with drugs it will be me.

958 days ago


It was only time before the Charlie Sheen Volcano erupted. CBS and the production company should have made an attempt to handle the matter informally over lunch or with a phone call and maybe Charlie (and us) would have never even known there was an issue.

958 days ago


WOW....CHARLIE REALLY!! Like you're one to judge,

958 days ago


I have always watched Two and a Half men and have loved the show. Wasn't real sure about Ashton Kutcher taking over and Charlie leaving the show but I absolutely love the show with Ashton on it. The writers came up with a great role for him and I watch it weekly. I do have to say, that Charlie surprises me that he is watching the show!!! He would have to be watching it to say it sucks! Miss you on the show Charlie, you were great but Ashton is doing a fantastic job!!!

958 days ago


I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!

958 days ago


Just about every time that Charlie Sheen opens his mouth, he just proves more and more that he's a has-been jerk! He does the most immature things and then has the audacity to complain and put down other people???? Charlie, you're NOT a young man anymore, so please do the world a favor and STOP acting like it??!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you're too ignorant to be embarassed, but believe me, you should be embarassed by the things that you do and say on a repeated basis!! If you don't grow up pretty soon, your younger kids will be more mature that you are!

958 days ago


Charlie's an idiot. He blows a $22 million a year gig for crack and poosy. There's not enough poosy or crack in the world for me to give up $22 million a year when I'd only have to work 22 weeks out of the year to get it. Plus, with $22 million a year, I could have whatever poosy I want. The show is good. Ashton is better. He brings more energy to the show and his character gives them more options in the writing. By the time Charlie started to implode, it was already getting stale. But, he can say whatever he wants. And he'll be saying from outside the show because he'll never be a part of it again. How does he like them apples?

958 days ago

BB not bb    

The writing on that show is atrocious. I tried to watch the first episode with Ashton and could not stand it long enough to get to the part with him in it. It is so depressing and negative. I really don't see how people can watch it. The stereotypes about women on it are horrible.

I can't imagine what kind of sick things are in the minds of people who enjoy that show. I find nothing to laugh at or if I do, it is like a mental laugh and not an enjoyable laugh.

He is better off without that horrible show.

958 days ago


Ashton sucks, the rest of the cast is keeping that show alive even though they're barely on it except Jon Cryer.

958 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

He's like a spurned lover whining about being jilted/ Hey Chuckie, you went on a 2 year 'screw you everyone" crack binge and quit, remember that you junkie mo? It's like listening to a whiny friend who got 'I didn't care about her anyhow...her new boyfriend's a joke yadda yadda ....oh, gimme another hit" When will America stop making useless shiiit like this millionaires and then whine they can't get a good job themselves? Quit supporting Homowood and the entertainment industry's crack cocaine habits then.

958 days ago


Attack the show, attack the producers, attack Warner Bros. How about a little class and leave Ashton alone. It's not up to you to tell us he sucks, we, the viewing public decide that. Sometimes I wish he'd keep his mouth shut.

958 days ago
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