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Charlie Sheen

Ashton Kutcher SUUUUCKS

2/16/2012 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And now a torpedo of truth from Charlie Sheen -- "I'm tired of pretending Ashton doesn't suck."

Sheen called in to TMZ Live today ... when he finally spoke his mind about the guy who took over the starring role on his old show, "Two and a Half Men."

Sheen had been politically correct towards Kutcher ever since AK took over ... but after Warner Bros. legally threatened Charlie for using a "Men" photo to promote his new show, "Anger Management" ... it was no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Sheen told us, "I'm tired of lying ... I'm tired of pretending the show doesn't suck ... I'm tired of pretending Ashton doesn't suck."

Charlie added, "It's nothing personal ... I just feel bad for him ... he's saddled with such bad writing."

Ladies and gentlemen ... he's back.


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Go, Charlie!

The end of the season, and the series, is only a few months away. Much like "Dallas," when Bobby's wife (forget her name) dreamt an entire season, the final ep of TAAHM will feature Alan waking up to see Charlie using his shower. "What the hell are you doing here?!?" a freaked-out Alan exclaims. "That's what I keep asking you!" a very-much alive Charlie shoots back. Ashton turns out to be a gardener who nods his head and smiles when they see him watering plants out on the porch.

With Charlie and Warners back in the "news" and Ashton's uncertainty about the show's future this seems destined to build up to something dramatic. Mark my words.

876 days ago


I get Charlie's point - and there's undoubtedly some BAD blood left - how could there NOT be.

But Charlie's a great actor - a great comic actor - and I think once the scripts for A.M. start rolling in -

(which I offered to help write but never heard from C.S's people) -

- And the camera's back ON -

...It'll ease a lot of the upset.

But let's face it, Charlie was about as-publicly-humiliated and disgraced ... as is POSSIBLE here in Hollywood -

So I FEEL for the dude because he really manned-up and handled that with some grace/dignity.

-Where I take EXCEPTION, respectfully, w/Charlie:

If you say, "Ashton sucks - no, it's not Ashton - it's the writing - it's NOT Ashton's fault."

- you're still on record as dissing Ashton.

Who's in the uncomfortable place of replacing a show business legend -

Whose SHOW this is -

So for Ashton, there's NO winning! - (except when the checks roll in) -

Plus Ashton's been getting beaten-on all year, and could probably use some Charlie Sheen SUPPORT.

It's not Ashton's fault - OR Charlie's fault - that Chuck Lorre chose to put his considerable FOOT down and go to war.

But I think Chuck Lorre has to make this right with Charlie Sheen -

Only Chuck Lorre can provide relief on this one - no one else - doesn't make sense to me that this wasn't handled a lot better on his end -

876 days ago


Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Every time you open your mouth you show us how far away you are from recovery. It sucks being justifiably jilted, but it's time to move on.

876 days ago


I love the show, and I love everybody on the show except for the girl who plays Ashton's girlfriend, and I even like her a little. EVERYBODY is hilarious! Jake and his best friend who are crazy as hell, Jon Cryer who is ALWAYS funny, Herb is always hilarious too, Ashton Kutcher - eye candy, Berta, EVERYBODY.

And I think the writing is really good.

Actually, in Charlie's last days on the show, he was the one who was no longer fun to watch, with him going after Rose like a little puppy. By the way, where is Rose? I can't recall seeing her on any of the series lately.

Charlie, get over it! You miss the show, you miss being on the show, and I'm sure when you watch it on TV every Monday night you cry a little cause you f-d up!

Still love you though, bub bye, Charlie.

876 days ago

bring back recent posts    


876 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Charlie is 100% dead on. Charlie was the anchor. He was the one everyone bounced their jokes off of. Without him Alan is no longer funny and Ashton is flat out awful. Charlie was even being nice by blaming it on the writing but it's a combination of bad writing and Kutcher not being a good actor.

The show is a pile of crap now and Charlie was holding back and being nice until they decided to go after him recently so now he's no longer holding back.

876 days ago

Honey Badger Don't Care    

Charlie is 100% correct.
The writing on the new Two and a Half Men is awful. Plus, Ashton Kutcher's acting on the last few years of That 70's Show was terrible and he's no better on the new Men.
Ashton Kutcher couldn't get the lead role in a decent high school play.

876 days ago


He's right....Ashton really can't act......That 70's show was perfect for his limited acting ability....I think Jerry O'Connell would've been better suited.....

876 days ago


Back on the drugs, are you Charlie? Not winning!!

876 days ago


Charlie is just going for some buzz, called free advertising about himself. People can not be that stupid to listen to him, if the show is so bad then are they making up the ratings of this show? Charlie, quit being a douche bag. Just admit that you ****ed up really bad and lost a hole lot of cash.

876 days ago


gotta go with charlie

too bad he was a crackhead and messed it up for everyone!

876 days ago


Charlie back on drugs? Because he started to sound like his crazy self again. Charlie wanted to start something otherwise why would he use picture from 2 1/2 to incite controversy. Charlie you had it all in 2 1/2 but you burned your bridges, so now just drop it, move on.

876 days ago


For the people that keep saying the new 'Men' is doing well with the ratings; I'd like to invite them to check the viewer numbers, because it's been going pretty downfall. The episode that aired three days ago was a season low, with 12.45 millions.

876 days ago


Does anyone think 2.5 men would have become what it is without Charlie Sheen? It's OK to watch now, but is no longer highly enjoyable and LOL funny. Charlie and the original cast made the show. It may still have good ratings, but had Ashton been the original actor, it would have been cancelled within a year. Gotta agree with Charlie on this.

876 days ago

Honey Badger Don't Care    

Top 10 Worst Actors of All Time..
1 Keanu Reeves
2 Ashton Kutcher
3 David Hasselhoff
4 Andy ****
5 Mr T
6 Stephen Baldwin
7 Shaquille O'Neal
8 Steven Seagal
9 Jerry O'Connell
10 Matthew McConaughey

876 days ago
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