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Chris Brown

Don't Tell ANYONE

I Was at Rihanna's Birthday

2/16/2012 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown and Rihanna
Chris Brown
was so paranoid about keeping his attendance at Rihanna's birthday party a big fat secret -- he actually tried to FORCE partygoers to sign confidentiality agreements ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us, Chris refused to enter the private party Monday night at the famous Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills until everyone signed an NDA -- sending his henchmen in beforehand to gather every partygoer's signature.

We're told although they didn't get EVERYONE to sign -- Chris eventually walked in ... and spent a huge chunk of the night nuzzling up against Rihanna.

According to sources, the two got real intimate -- sitting next to each other, talking, and holding hands ... all perfectly legal ever since the restraining order was lifted.

As for the rest of the party -- we're told it was jam-packed with celebs including Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Chris Martin (no Gwyneth).

Rihanna's cake was pretty badass too -- a giant spliff ... with a small Rihanna made out of icing, riding it like a horse.

Rihanna birthday cake -- her riding a huge marijuana joint
Eat your heart out, Miley.

Chris' rep tells TMZ, confidentiality agreements were distributed only to workers at the party and anyone who was caught videotaping/snapping a pic of CB.

Asking people to sign confidentiality agreements AFTER they've already taken pics -- priceless.


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Another slutty no talent tw&t and her sleezy no talent bf.

958 days ago


why is she orange?

958 days ago

jess r    

oh that Rihanna is so classy

958 days ago


I am so sick and tired of people making it seem like Chris Brown is some kind of unredeemable monster. I mean, damn, if the woman who he assaulted can forgive him, no one else should have anything to say. Come on now, he was a 19 YEAR-OLD KID who made a horrible choice in handling an argument with his then girlfriend; and most of the people want to act like he's Ike Turner. Does he not deserve to move past a painful experience that not only affected Rihanna’s life, but his as well? I know most Americans are judgmental (I’m American by the way), and only know what was reported by the media concerning that night as well as those terrible photos, but has anyone wondered WHY Rihanna would forgive him? They say that there are two sides to every story, and NO ONE deserves to be beaten; but come on people, I bet more than half of you have glass houses.

958 days ago


Hey Chris Brown, you don't have to hide. It's Rihanna who looks like the fool, not you. If she thinks that it's cool for you to bash her head in and then "snuggle" up with you, then why are you trying to get people to sign confidentiality agreements. If she has no shame, why should you?

958 days ago


Two classless people.If she is dumb enough to be back with him , then she has stooped to his level. They deserve each other.No shortage of stupid people.

958 days ago


Oh give me a break! Everyone pointing fingers has at one point or another went back to a man/woman who has wronged them! They got in one fight 3 YEARS AGO! Get over it because obviously they have! Why do people concern themselves so much with other peoples lives?! And as for your children...if they dont know better than to make their own decisions and not to let celebrities dictate their actions then thats YOUR failure as a parent..not rihannas problem!

958 days ago


You guys act like you personally know this people get a life!

958 days ago


why is chris brown doing like this if he love her he have to keep dating her

958 days ago


I think CB deserves a second chance in life

958 days ago


What, no Gwyneth? That B***ch never misses a party. I guess it was for stars only.

958 days ago


i guess She likes wife beaters, setting a good example for your girls out there,

958 days ago


Fascinante... era bastante previsible.
When there are couples and they want
frictions arise ...
which can not be avoided
then, over time, the best and most sensible, is to build a friendship.
Beautiful and durable.
Who knows if they'll be together.
But it is better, this.
A beautiful friendship.
For surely, is the best it can be in a relationship like yours.
Strong love.
From that you never forget.
From that you remember forever.
Love that seemed so impossible.
This madness between two young boys.
Good luck and that friendship will last.
Great musicians in my heart.
Greetings from a country a little distant.

958 days ago


Crap, how Ri doesn't end up like Whitney. Ditch the dumb d-bags ladies.

958 days ago


im not a HUGE fan of either BUT the hole abuse thing was odd.... i dont condone a man hitting a women, but something had to set chris off im sure miss rhianna isnt little miss innocent or from her videos, maybe she LIKES being hit?? thats possible too people!

958 days ago
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