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Oprah Winfrey

Invited to Whitney's Funeral

2/16/2012 10:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey has made the cut ... and is one of the stars who has received one of the coveted invitations to Whitney Houston's funeral on Saturday ... TMZ has learned.

Houston family sources tell us ... several of Houston's famous friends have been invited, but Oprah is by far the most famous person on the guest list.

We're told Houston family members are hopeful Oprah will attend.

Kevin Costner, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin are also expected to participate in the funeral services.


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I don't watch your show, It ridiculous,and Racist. But I would like to know about your contributions to the media of discrimination and insecurities toward African Americans? Harvey especially! And why would you jump so freely on the rumor "that you the media created" about Bobby Brown not being invited to his wife's funeral, and all the other vicious exploiting of Whitney Houston that the media does? and I did say his wife "because if you really did your homework" Didn't he "Bobby Brown sign the papers for the release of his wife Whitney Houstons body?

949 days ago


Saw some idiot on tv telling how Whitney was making a big comeback, she was planning another album and a movie "Waiting to exhale 2"

If anyone would believe all this would come true I'm sure they also enjoyed Wacko's This is it tour.

949 days ago


Are they getting paid for allowing this to be aired?

949 days ago


hmm, i don't know if the really know who her friends are???? i bet oprah will say she can't come cuz she is going to be visiting her school - thats her go to excuse now - what a shame, burying her not where she wanted, and not asking her real friends:(

949 days ago


Oddly enough, you're wrong TMZ, the church sits easily 1500 people. Where do think they are having the service, in a cracker jack box???

948 days ago


Just posted for 99c an handwriting analysis report of Whitney's handwriting - on Amazon Kindle. There was a quality that Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley also had!

948 days ago


@nORRIS, you'er misinformed too....the movie was actually in the works. It was based of the sequel to the "Waiting to Exhale" book. Forrest Whitaker had been in communication with all four of the original movie's stars. IGNORANCE is NOT BLISS

948 days ago


I agree with everyone here that Oprah is always so positive and dignified and is by far the most famous and classy person on the planet (probably the most famous, classy and dignified person to ever live). I agree she will have a life less lesson from Whitney's tragic death or maybe she'll share a life lesson on her Whitney special on OWN tonight. I hope they can make room for Gayle too as I'm sure Gayle would love to be there.

948 days ago


Imagine that? Oprah being invited, how ridiculous.. this is a complete and utter circus. REMEMBER MEDIA... She was somebody's mother, somebody's daughter, she did not and does not belong to the general public. Jeez, the public owes her family nothing and nor does the family owe the public. Get over it, let the woman be buired in peace. BTW... I can't beleive the Gov is going to fly flags @ half staff, if it is because she "contibuted" to the state, then the flags should NEVER rise again since we have Military EVERYDAY dying!!! Oh, and since we are talking about Oprah & all the richie rich folks coming to such a media circus, have them pay for the police, security and whatever else the family thinks they are entitled to. Oprah/Harpo/OWN/BET/MTV/VH1 and anyone else who has that kind of cash can pay for it... it's only a write off for those rich folk! Bury her, give her the peace and dignity she couldn't or wouldn't give herself... oh yeah, and that "entorage" she took care of all these years can now take care of her. As far as her daughter, she needs to be surrounded by people who CARE about her and not the $$$$ her mama supposedly left her! Hell for that matter, have the W.H. Estate pay for security!!!! #enuffsaid

948 days ago


HUH? Stevie and Aretha are hella more important than Oprah.

948 days ago


It is so sad that, even in death, a funeral has to have the "right" people in attendance! Why can't the woman have something normal to send her to her final resting place, instead of a media circus?

948 days ago

Maria Izaguirre    

How insensitive some of these posts are. How sad.
Ms. Whitney Houston was an amazing talent and beauty.
Unfortunatley she fell victim to drugs and became addicted.
No one knew her struggles better than Ms. Whitney herself. The Lord is the only one who can judge.
May God Bless her family during these difficult times.
Rest in Peace Ms. Whitney.

948 days ago


sort of sick nacicistic behavior. 'coveted invite' to a funeral? one gives a sh*t about whitney, they all just want to be 'seen'.......
our society has gotten so wonder the country is falling apart

948 days ago


As Ed Sullivan used to say...."It will be a really big show"!

948 days ago


What about the Jackson's?

948 days ago
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