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Whitney Houston's Family

Searching for a Scapegoat

2/16/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Whitney Houston's family and friends are blaming everyone from Bobby Brown to Ray J for steering her down the wrong path. But is it time they face reality? Is Whitney ultimately responsible for her drug problems?

Plus, Charlie Sheen rips Ashton Kutcher and his old pals at "Two & a Half Men." Yeah, he thinks the show sucks now that he's gone ... but you gotta hear how Charlie puts it!

Also, is Hollywood bailing on President Obama? Harvey thinks the power players in town are fed up with Barry O, and he's got the guest list to prove it.


(2:20) Whitney's family blames Bobby for her past drug problems -- is it the ultimate cop-out?
(7:00) Mikes says Ray J is the new Bobby Brown.
(11:32) Dax and Harvey bump heads -- only one of them thinka J.Lo's latest photos with Casper are phony baloney.
(14:35) A caller makes Harvey's day.
(15:45) Reggie Bush denies he's hooking up with Kim Kardashian -- nobody's buying what he's selling.
(18:05) Charlie Sheen calls in -- he completely stands behind calling the new "Men" a "steaming pile of ass."
(23:00) Charlie and Mike share a special bond ... over Adidas track suits.
(24:00) Charlie talks about his new show "Anger Management" -- and hopes it goes toe-to-toe with "Men."
(33:00) Harvey and Charles are at war over Obama.
(39:00) Paul McCartney is giving up weed -- so what's worse ... weed or booze?

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Harvey you are right indeed..the calibre of celebs that were on the Obama ship sailing 3 plus years ago,has jump ship..they are just cowards.Some celebs will stand with you as long as the spotlight is shining in that direction...bunch of bandwagon bettys.

949 days ago


Harvey tries to intimidate people to answer the way he wants them to just by the tone in how he asks the questions.

949 days ago

K Luckey     

Chris brown wouldn't make a joke like that is so stupid the dude is in love with rihanna his love for her drove him crazy!

949 days ago


Oprah is probably not happy with Obama because he hasn't mention OWN network as yet.

949 days ago

Stan Giesea    

Drinking alcohol is infinitely worse than smoking pot.

949 days ago


Both are bad bad bad..people what is wrong with you all?.

949 days ago


Charlie need to STFU and concentrate on his new show. He f*cked up his job with "Men" all by himself so move on Charlie. He has enough money to buy his own photos to advertise his new show. He's using the old pic from Men to piss WB off because they fired him. Too bad Charlie but you will never get back on Men and the show is doing good even with Ashton Kutcher.

949 days ago


Haha..he can't remember how many hours he works...proof ..weed is bad

949 days ago

Renee Spears    

Pot, I am a user everyday. I dont drink anymore, but I do think that drinking is worse than smoking pot. I work 7 days a week over 120 hours ever 2 weeks. It never affects my duties at work, as a mother, or wife. My husband and I have 5 kids, maybe thats why I smoke. LMFAO!!!

949 days ago


Uh... Whitney is responsible for a 15 year marriage.

949 days ago


I get sick and tired of family's blaming everyone else for problems
Whitney was a drug abuser No one held a gun to her head She was a druggie pure and simple
May be the family are feeling guilty.

949 days ago


I hear it was Stephen Jones who found her body.

949 days ago


Ugh. I was all excited to watch this....then I read the summary and saw you would be getting into politics again. No's stressful when you guys talk politics, not fun!

949 days ago


Charlie must be off his meds again.

949 days ago


Are you telling me he couldn't even get Kathy Griffin???

949 days ago
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