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Whitney Houston's Family

Arrives for Private Viewing

2/17/2012 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_cissy_houston_splashnewsonlineCissy Houston (above) and several other members of Whitney Houston's family just arrived for the private viewing service in Newark, New Jersey -- one day before the singer's funeral.

The service is for close friends and family -- as we previously reported, the guest list is extremely small ... Dionne Warwick has also arrived (below).

0217_dionne_warwick_tmzBobbi Kristina just arrived as well (below).

0217-bobbi-kristina-infdaily_labledClive Davis briefly attended (below), but has since taken off -- leaving shortly after the services were scheduled to begin at 5PM EST.

4:08 PM PT: It looks like things are wrapping up -- limos are starting to pull out outside the Whigham Funeral Home.

According to sources, Whitney's casket is platinum from top to bottom with gold handles.


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OMG as i sit here reading this comments .. I can not believe how many people are sitting behind their pcs criticizing what Bobby Kristina is wearing. The poor girl is distraught and mourning .. so sorry she isnt dressed good enough for you people damn. Some of you people have never lost a loved one and know what its like to be totally lost and trying to make it day by day. Give this poor girl a break. Rest in Peace Whitney Houston.

977 days ago


Jeans to your Mom's viewing?? Really???

977 days ago

Dr. Dre    

I absolutely hate this...No mother should have to bury her child, no child should have their parent taken away so soon. I know that GOD makes no mistakes, and I'll never question him. I do thank him the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ, which will give hope to both the righteous & the unrighteous, hope of resurrection, we will see Whitney Houston again!!! Rest in peace Whitney!!!

977 days ago

who cares    

Almost all churches and mortuaries have a dress codes specially during funerals thats why it is best to be dressed appropiatley and not wearing jeans and t-shirt

977 days ago


Omg, bury her already and lets move on! The minute-by-minute coverage of the whole "Whitney thing" every day is borderline nauseating.

What the heck did she ever do to benefit this country in a meaningful way? Nothing. So she sang and acted in a few mediocre movies. Big freaking deal.

What a pathetic world we live in where the country suddenly turns inside out over some stupid singer who dies in a bathtub and doesn't give a hang about the men and women who lose their lives on a daily basis fighting for our freedom.

What screwed up losers you people are.

977 days ago


I don't care about Bobbi's jeans. If it were my viewing, I would hope that my kids would have the courage to come say goodbye wearing whatever made them comfortable. My mom would have a heart attack over jeans as an attire, but I don't think my mom would give a rat's behind if she had to bury my 49 year old butt. I feel quite sad because Bobbi looks so "alone" and she is supposed to be with her family. It breaks my heart to see Whitney's mom suffering so much. I'd apologize for being a voyeur into their lives, but I don't think now is the time to call "foul" for wanting to know more about folks that earned a living off of putting themselves out there. We are the people who purchased their success and I did so because, Whitney was the most amazing songstress. She could knock out a song and her voice would reach my soul.

I am very saddened for the loss of any loved ones. Rich or poor, life ain't easy. My heartfelt condolences to all.

977 days ago


My condolences to the entire family, including her ex Bobby Brown. I am sad for him as well because he has always been blamed for Whitney Houston's drug problems. The truth is that she was already a drug user when she hooked up with him. She might have been attracted to him because he was someone she could enjoy her drugs with, but HE DID NOT start her on drugs. I know this for a fact from my acquaintance with her brother who played basketball for DePaul Blue Demons.

Bobby Brown... I know that this is no less painful for you than the other family members. My prayers include you.

God Bless The Entire Family. RIP Whitney, We Will Always Love You!

977 days ago


We will miss you greatly, but oh, the Heavenly Choir just received another Angel to sing to her Lord..Welcome Home, Whitney.

977 days ago


Let's give the family the privacy they asked for. So sad.

977 days ago


Who cares what the kid is wearing. It's a viewing not a fashion show. One thing for sure Whitney Houston doesn"t care what her daughter is wearing, why should anyone else?

977 days ago


you are nothing but ghouls,you report any & all rumours It doesnt matter she was a star.imagine your loved one died & you were subjected to the same level of scrutiny.

977 days ago


I don't feel it's for us to critique what Bobbi K. is wearing to her "mothers" viewing. How do we not know that it could have been Whitneys favorite outfit on Bobbi, or that was the last things Whitney bought for her. It's none of our business what she is wearing to her "mothers" viewing. We don't know them personally there may be reasons she is wearing what she is wearing. Who cares.

977 days ago


Bobbi is wearing respestful to her mother.

977 days ago

Yunona monroe    

Well im very upset that people had to wait to she has pass, to say all the good about her and the bad, when they should have been saying those things while she was here to help her left her self up. To Withney family my heart really goes out ya'll. I know GOD got ya'll I know how you feel I have been there.

977 days ago


To us Whitney was an icon but to Bobbi she was Momma to Cissy she was her only daughter when we remember that we can drop the judging
somebody's momma died today and that should be enough for compassion and love. It didn't matter to Bobbi what Whitney did or didn't do she was her MOTHER and now she gone! I really wish the press would remember that in their comments.

977 days ago
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