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Dolly Parton

I Didn't Mean to Diss Whitney

'I Will Always Love You' Is OURS

2/17/2012 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dolly Parton
is eating her words after calling "I Will Always Love You" HER song -- despite it being made famous by Whitney Houston -- and now tells TMZ, she's happy to share it with the late R&B legend.

Dolly took a lot of flack after her previous statement following Whitney's death -- "I will always be grateful and in awe of the wonderful performance she did on my song."

But Dolly's loosening her grip on her country classic -- telling us, "I did not know Whitney, nor any of her family personally; but she will always be a part of my heart and I will always be grateful for her awesome performance and success with our song “ (emphasis hers).

Dolly adds, "My heart is with Whitney and her family as they lay her to rest ... I Will Always Love You."

Dolly's original version of the song was released in 1974. Whitney famously covered the track in 1992 for "The Bodyguard."


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This is B.S. It is Dollys song. But even Dolly has said over and over that no one sings this song as good as Whitney does... People need to stop all this drama!!!

981 days ago


It IS Dolly's song ... she wrote it ... so there's nothing wrong with calling its hers (as any songwriter would do). And Whitney didn't sing it any better than Dolly did - she just did a different rendition. It was a hit in Dolly's day and it was a hit in Whitney's - why make people choose one over the other? With all that is going on in the world, including Whitney passing away, why would you argue over this? If Dolly hadn't WRITTEN it Whitney would have been able to SING it. End of story.

981 days ago


The song IS Dolly's song. She wrote and recorded it at least 20 YEARS before Whitney covered it for her movie. The song had been played on the radio for many years before Whitney covered it for her movie. Just because none of Whitney's fans had heard it before the movie came out does not surprise me unless they listen to country/western radio. All you haters out there need to shut your freakin' mouths!

981 days ago


Who would get upset over her saying that???? She WROTE the song; it's hers!! Good God people have got to get over this obsession with all things Whitney ... I'm sick of it already.

981 days ago


oh no the woman who wrote and sung the song first said it was her the cops.

981 days ago


I don't really care for either of the individuals but the song is pretty though......

981 days ago


It is ABSOLUTELY Dolly's song. And nobody should have to send money to Whitneys charities just because they are bullied by some pc nonsense. Unfortunately, Whitney became a real charity herself, financially. And for her to fall so hard off the wagon, KNOWING FULL WELL that the people that were financially supporting her expected to make that money back by her keeping her **** together, shows exactly who she really cared about. She didn't care about her own daughter enough, while the kid was a baby even, to stay clean for her. Clive Davis has been financially supporting her for YEARS, hoping for her comeback to get reimbursed. But, just hearing her drunk/drugged up ass attempting to sing was abominable at best. She had a major gift that she just threw away. And people were depending on her comeback to get paid back. And as you can see, she just couldn't do it. Sad.

981 days ago


Good greif, Dolly Parton wrote the song, IT IS HER SONG.

981 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I remember hearing something about Whitney not giving Dolly a writing credit on the album. And it pisssed Dolly off, it would piss me off too.

Dolly doesn't have to act fake just because Whitney died.

981 days ago


It is Dolly's song. Sorry if Huston is dead, but Dolly doesn't need to burn herself by being pc. Huston got famous over someone else's song, and that would be Dolly. It is sad that Dolly had to recant or apologize for her statements.. she shouldn't have to.

981 days ago

el polacko    

the song was plenty "famous" before whitney screamed her way through it. dolly has always closed her shows with her signature song.

981 days ago


It's totally Dolly's song. She wrote it, she performed and recorded the original version. Whitney's is light year's better, in my opinion, but no disrespect should be inferred by anyone for Dolly calling it "her's". Ridiculous

981 days ago


I don't understand what moron has a problem with her saying her song! If someone covers your song then it doesn't belong to them. I'm sure she doesn't have a problem with it since she must have got some good cash to have it covered!!

981 days ago

who cares    

I guess TMZ had a problem with Dolly calling the song hers. Because I see nothing about this anywhere else in the media

981 days ago


Hellooooo - it was HER song!! This is what's wrong with our country!

981 days ago
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