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Michael Jackson Estate

Claims MJ's Manager

Royally Screwed Him

2/17/2012 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's Estate is going after Tohme Tohme, MJ's former manager, claiming he fleeced the singer out of millions of dollars.

TMZ has obtained legal docs filed by the Estate, claiming Tohme got Michael to sign agreements that earned him a fortune for doing nothing. 

According to the papers, Estate attorney Howard Weitzman claims Tohme got MJ to agree to pay him $35,000 a month plus expenses as a flat fee -- regardless of what work Tohme performed.  On top of that, Tohme inked a deal that gave him 15% of any money Michael made.

And there's more ...Tohme introduced Michael to a lender that refinanced Neverland.  In return, Tohme got Jackson to pay him $2.4 million -- just for the introduction.   And Tohme got MJ to promise him 10% of any profits if the Ranch was sold.

Tohme also got MJ to agree to pay him $100,000 a month for the "This Is It" tour.

Estate lawyers are anticipating a lawsuit by Tohme against the estate for the money he claims he's owed, and the Estate wants to shut him down before a suit is filed.

The Estate is also asking for damages.

BTW, Michael fired Tohme 3 months before he died.


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Awwww, poor Jacksons...... Everybodys trying to collect some of Michaels money. Don't y'all know it all belongs to them, every cent!!!.... regardless of any money he owed or contracts he signed or agreements he made or obligations he had. My heart just bleeds for them...... NOT !!!

980 days ago

mj fan forever    

The Estate is so right and is really doing a great job!!! Tohme has always been a disgusting / shady character, he had even the nerve of not allowing Michael to see his accounts and talk with his accountants, while he was robbing him, no surprise Michael finally fired him!!! And this clammy thief swindler had even the nerve to claim something???!! He has never had absolutely no right!!! They should slam him in jail and throw away the key!!!!

980 days ago


It's about time. Too many of Michael's workers/advisers were sub-par or of questionable reputation.

980 days ago


Didnt he have to give back a couple of million in cash he claimed he was holding on behalf of MJ also?
I think the estate is doing a great job:)

980 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

"Tohme got...". I counted this 5 times.

980 days ago


NOT ONE RED CENT. Another person that Michael could not trust. Mike complain to Gretha about this Thomme Thomme. So sorry you ever let him into your life Mike.You should have never let him in. Greed is written all over his face.R.I.P

980 days ago


Some people seems to be mix up Jackson family and the Estate.
MJ estate lawyers is taking care of Michael's business affairs, not Jackson family and thank God for that.

I would love to hear Jermy's comment. He bought Tohme to Michael's attention and to help him with his finances. Did he know that all along Tohme was helping himself?

980 days ago


some people take their comments a little too seriously,
trying so hard to say something mean and disrespectful
I don't get it

980 days ago


Michael Jackson Executors (Finally) Sue Singer's Final Manager
Michael Jackson‘s estate has finally filed a lawsuit against Tohme Tohme, who used to call himself “Doctor.” Tohme was Michael Jackson’s penultimate manager–meaning he was replaced just before Jackson’s death by Jackson’s longtime manager and friend, Frank DiLeo. But Tohme, the estate says in a complaint filed by attorney Howard Weitzman, ran amok during his short term between January 2008 and March 2009. It was Tohme, working for Thomas Barrack‘s Colony Capital, who pulled off the sale of Neverland to Colony. But according to the complaint, Jackson never understood that Tohme was also going to receive a finder’s fee for doing work for his own employer. Jackson had no lawyer representing him in his many signed agreements with Tohme, and so didn’t understand that when Colony came up with $24 million to bail out Neverland, Tohme would get $2.4 million.

Tohme, the complaint further reads, got Jackson to sign an agreement paying him $35,000 a month. He was also to receive 15% of all gross compensation Jackson received for anything he did in the entertainment field. Jackson signed not one but two Power of Attorney do***ents giving Tohme “extraordinary” powers. He also gave himself a $100,000 per month producers fee for the run of Jackson’s London concert dates–from July 2009 through at least March 2010. All of this Jackson signed without a lawyer, and despite numerous stories (many written by yours truly) about Tohme’s many assertions about his credentials being false.

It was during Tohme’s regime, for example, that the contents of Neverland were emptied and consigned to an auction house in Beverly Hills. The auction didn’t proceed when Jackson finally got a grip, and a lawyer, stopped the auction. Tohme then took back the contents and warehoused them. When Jackson died, the estate had to negotiate with him to get back the property. Out of luck was Julien’s Auction House, which published a now collectible catalog of everything that had been in Neverland.

“Tohme took possession and control of money and property that belonged to Jackson.Tomhe did not return to Jackson and refuses to deliver to the executors all of the property and cash belonging to Jackson that Tohme took possession and control of.”

On a side note, Tohme used to claim he was a doctor from Lebanon. But he could never prove to me that he was a doctor and when I questioned him about it in 2008, he told me wasn’t practicing. He did say he was Ambassador at Large to Senegal, but their Embassies denied it.

980 days ago


Jackson Estate Lawsuit: to Reclaim $900 Mil Art Collection

Part of the lawsuit filed today by Michael Jackson’s executors has to do with a $900 million art collection. It’s hard to believe, considering Jackson’s perilous fortunes when he waa alive, that such a collection existed. But last summer LA Weekly visited a Santa Monica airport hangar where Jackson was stowing his personal art collection–art he had created and a few other tchotckes. At one time, Star Magazine (ahem) got an appraisal of $900 million for all this stuff. More importantly, the estate says that in 2008, Tohme Tohme, Jackson’s then manager, simply gave the whole collection to a Los Angeles artist named Brett Livingston Strong. Strong — and Jackson– have called this man a “modern day Michelangelo.” Anyway, the estate claims in its suit againt Tohme that he improperly used Powers of Attorney to give Strong copyrights that Michael owned. The art remains in the hangar. A longer piece about this can be read at

980 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

I don't know what else went on, of course, but 15% of the pie in general for a manager isn't out of the ordinary or questionable in the business. Two examples: ABBA's manager took one fifth of everything they made, Depeche Mode's guy gets 50% but that's not in any way a standard artist / manager relationship! There must be more to the story or the estate is just "lawsuit trigger-happy" because of their recent financial successes.

980 days ago


There are a lot of people who royally screwed Michael Jackson. Get in line, mister.

980 days ago


Yeah, thought it was about time that the attention-seeking never-weres popped their heads up for another dose. Jackson Family: Just start a monthly newsletter with the latest lawsuits and save everyone the trouble.

980 days ago


Jermaine introduced Tohme to MJ and Tohme then got Colony Capital to help with the refinancing of Neverland, I wonder how much of a cut Jermaine received from Tohme's $2.4 million introduction?

Tohme filed a creditor's claim with the Estate in 2009 for $2.3 million but had no paperwork to substantiate his claim. Tohme wants the Estate to turn over MJ's accounting records to him so he can determine how much he was owed exactly. Tohme cannot hold MJ's possessions as hostage from the Estate either.

With Branca being one of the best entertainment lawyers in the world, he knows the going rate celebrity managers receive. Tohme was working for MJ when the AEG contract was first initiated and I doubt if he was concerned for MJ when it was written. It's obvious Tohme was taking financial advantage of MJ, especially giving MJ's airport art collection to Livingston-Strong. I hope the Estate runs a signature check for forgery of MJ's signature on all contracts during Tohme's reign as manager. If Tohme wouldn't allow MJ accesss to his own bank accounts, I doubt Tohme would give him access to contracts also.

980 days ago
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