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Nicki Minaj

The Biggest Lie Ever Told

2/17/2012 3:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing worse than Nicki Minaj's wretched Grammy performance -- is our camera guy shamelessly lying right to Nicki's face ... about said wretched Grammy performance.


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Creepy death connection six degrees of Whitney H (dead unknown how)...Mom Cissy H...background vocals Elvis P (dead drugs/heart attack)...Elvis girlfriend Linda Thompson...once married to Bruce Kim Kardashian married to Kris Jenner...once married to R Kardashian (dead /cancer)Lawyer to OJSimpson...Johnnie Cochran(dead/brain tumor) was his lawyer as well as Michael Jacksons (dead/drugs...longtime friends with Whitney.
What kind of creepy and dead connections can you create?


946 days ago


It was horrible and I was embarrassed for her. But truthfully, she sang on the red carpet at one of MTV's award shows a year or so ago and, sorry, but girl CANNOT sing.
It's why she looks the way she does - she's selling the gimmick, because she has no musical talent. It just took 2 years for the general public to catch on.
Nice trick record industry, nice trick.

946 days ago


TMZ wouldn't have the eggs to tell a celebrity the brutal truth. Their too busy kissing arse to try and get that all important pic! They also wouldn't have the integrity to put a public service message on their site or show informing today's youth that drugs kill. (Especically in light of recent events) Heaven forbid they upset the mass of celebrity users that bring them the almighty dollar of shame. S***!

946 days ago

King of TMZ    

She was always a lady Gaga wannabe from the moment I saw her at MTV awards performing with Will Iam... & then pretending to be empowering to Gays as well and calling her fans little something as well.... I guess Gaga thinks Nick is "Reductive" :D lol

946 days ago

King of TMZ    

& PS That Nicki Grammy Performance Background looked Like Lady Gaga's MTV Paparazzi performance background as well lol I was surprised blood didn't come out of her uterus this time lol

946 days ago


This woman is a total joke."Talking" to music does not make you a "singer"! It makes you look like an idiot. Adele is a SINGER, so take a lesson from her Gag-Gag & Minaj, neither of you dogs have any vocal talent at all! Take your undeserved money,buy an island, and stay there!

946 days ago


Your all a bunch of haters, her fans loved her performance and understood it. She could careless what you hater sheep like or dislike, a lot of people dislike Marilyn Manson but he is still a genius in my mind and in a lot of other peoples minds. Music is subjective and everyone needs to stop hating.

946 days ago


Everyone knows the paps are a bunch of gutless sleazeballs.

946 days ago


What? Such a slow news day that you come up with this? Good luck ever getting an interview with this nutjob ever again, LOL. TMZ readers have been truly blessed, I for one thank you.

946 days ago

mike maynard    

she truly does stink. she looks like patty labells after-birth.

946 days ago


No talent skank. Who cares if she lies or not.

946 days ago


Her performance was perhaps the worst example of pop "music" I've ever seen. It was a bad joke and painful to watch. It speaks volumes about a society that would legitimize such trash.

946 days ago


WHY are you guys still bashing this performance? it was a PERFORMANCE and she did exactly what she wanted.. she has all of the blogs talking about her with an album coming out in April. As a Nicki Minaj fan, I was not completely impressed with her new song, BUT if you guys read her interview she said the grammy people picked that song bcuz they heard her recording it and she wasnt allowed to play any other songs off of her CD for them just yet. she put on an AMAZING performance that none of you could have pulled off point blank...

946 days ago


he cant really say: "wow, that was really, really just sucked, nicki! u call urself a performer? how do you SLEEP at night?" ::rips her wig off and stomps on it:: ...right? i mean, that would be frowned upon, wouldn't it? so, i think that's a definite no, to the honest negative reaction with stars thing.

946 days ago


now now children, what is the big deal...i loved nicki's performance, maybe cuz i'm a huge fan, but i don't get all these hates though, if u don't like her music, then listen to something else. did u get her any of her cds? are u getting her new cd? if not shutttttt the ffffffffff uppppp

946 days ago
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